Đề thi giữa kì 2 lớp 5 môn tiếng Anh năm 2019 - 2020

Đề thi giữa kì 2 môn tiếng Anh lớp 5 năm 2019 - 2020

Đề thi giữa kì 2 lớp 5 môn tiếng Anh năm 2019 - 2020 nằm trong bộ đề thi giữa học kì 2 lớp 5 trên VnDoc.com. Đề thi tiếng Anh lớp 5 giữa học kì 2 là đề trực tuyến với các trọng tâm kiến thức thuộc Unit 11 - 15 giúp các em kiểm tra kiến thức Từ vựng - Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh trọng tâm hiệu quả.

Nhằm mang đến cho các em học sinh nguồn tài liệu ôn thi giữa kì 2 hiệu quả, VnDoc giới thiệu bộ đề thi giữa kì 2 lớp 5 với đầy đủ các môn học cho các em ôn tập, chuẩn bị kĩ lưỡng cho các bài thi sắp tới đạt kết quả cao. 

Đề thi tiếng Anh giữa kì 2 lớp 5 có đáp án

  • I. Find one word that has different pronunciation from others.
  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.
  • II. Choose the correct form of the verbs.
  • 1. Look! The bird (fly) ______________________
    is flying
  • 2. It rains very much in the summer. It (rain)________________ now.
    is raining
  • 3. She always (go) ____________ shopping on the weekend.
  • 4. We (learn) ____________________ English at present.
    are learning
  • 5. Don't (throw)_______________ waste away.
  • III. Rearrange the sentences.
  • 1. Tam/ gentle./ beautiful/ and/ was
    Tam was beautiful and gentle.
  • 2. My/ often/ grandma/ in/ works/ the garden/ her/ in/ free/ time.
    My grandma often works in the gardern in her free time.
  • 3. you / what / doing / are / stove / with / the ?
    What are you doing with the stove?
  • 4. shouldn’t / cream / you / ice / eat
    You shouldn't eat ice cream.
  • 5. like / would / future / the / you / to / what / be / in ?
    What would you like to be in the future?
  • IV. Read and write (True) or F (False).

    My name is Mary. I’d like to be a nurse in the future. I’d like to look after patients and work with other people in a hospital. It is an important and very exciting job. I’d also like to meet a lot of people. I’m studying hard at school. I hope my dream will come true one day.

  • 1. Her name is Mary.
  • 2. She would like to be a nurse.
  • 3. She would like to travel around the word .
  • 4. She would like to meet a lot of people.
  • V. Match
    1. What does Lan often do in her free time? a. You may be blind.
    2. Is he the main character in this fairy tale? b. He needs to see the doctor
    3. What would you like to be in the future? c. No, he isn’t
    4. Do not look directly at the Sun! d. She often plants tree
    5. Mr Quang had a backache e. I would like to be an artist
  • 1 -
  • 2 -
  • 3 -
  • 4 -
  • 5 -
  • VI. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions.

    David and Lucy live in London, in England. They have a big house near a park. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms in their house. David and Lucy have two children: a boy and a girl. David works in a bank and his wife is a doctor. They usually leave home at eight o'clock. Lucy drives to school with her two children. Then she drives to works at the hospital. In the evening, Lucy always cooks dinner. After dinner, they sometimes watch TV.

  • 1. Where do David and Lucy live?
    They live in London, England.
  • 2. Is their house near a hotel?
    No, it isn't.
  • 3. What does Lucy do?
    She is a doctor.
  • 4. What time do they leave home?
    They usually leave home at eight o'clock.
  • 5. What do they sometimes do after dinner?
    They sometimes watch TV.
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