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Write a letter for friend to tell him/her about you language programs.


b. Write a letter for friend to whoduce him/her a website for studying.

c. Write a letter for friend to tell him/her about the role of internet in studying.

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  • Trang Nguyễn
    Trang Nguyễn

    Question 1:

    Dear Nga,

    I am writing to tell you about my language programs. I'm currently enrolled in an English-US program, which is designed to help me develop a comprehensive understanding of the English language and its many nuances. Through this program, I'm improving my reading proficiency, understanding of grammar and syntax, knowledge of proper spelling and punctuation, as well as my ability to communicate effectively in professional scenarios. The courses also provide me with the opportunity to practice speaking English through pronunciation drills and dialogue exercises. My goal is to be able to communicate accurately and confidently in any situation related to the English language. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my language program!

    Best wishes


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    • Bảo Ngân
      Bảo Ngân

      Question 2:

      Dear Hoang

      I am writing to introduce you to a great website for studying. This website offers a range of learning materials and resources, helping you to better understand the subject matter. It features lectures, videos, tutorials, and study guides that can help you increase your knowledge in any area of study. In addition, it also provides tips on how to approach exams and assessments so that you can get the best grades possible. With this website, you can learn at your own pace and benefit from all the support it offers. I'm confident that this will be a great resource for your studies.

      Best wishes

      Bao Ngan

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      • Bạch Dương
        Bạch Dương

        Question 3:

        Dear Tra

        The internet has become an essential tool for studying. It provides access to a vast array of information, from online textbooks to study guides and tutorials. This makes it easier than ever before to research topics and efficiently gain knowledge. In addition, the internet allows students to collaborate with peers across the globe on various projects or assignments, facilitating a more interactive learning experience. Furthermore, it is an effective platform for taking virtual classes and lessons from knowledgeable instructors in specialized subjects or disciplines. Taking advantage of these features can dramatically improve one's educational progress and help stay motivated during tough times.

        Best wishes


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