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545 câu viết lại ôn thi THPT Quốc gia môn tiếng Anh năm 2018 là tài liệu ôn tập cực kỳ bổ ích dành cho các em học sinh ôn luyện và củng cố kiến thức hiệu quả để sẵn sàng cho kỳ thi THPT Quốc gia, kỳ thi Đại học sắp tới. Mời các bạn tham khảo và chuẩn bị tốt nhất cho kỳ thi THPT Quốc gia môn tiếng Anh diễn ra sắp tới nhé.

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Rewrite the following sentences that keep the same meaning:

1. You should take the train instead of the bus.

--> If ______________________________________________________________________________

2. I'm sure that someone forgot to lock the door.

--> Someone must ____________________________________________________________________

3. They bought this house ten years ago.

--> They have ________________________________________________________________________

4. The course finished with a big party.

--> At the end ________________________________________________________________________

5. We invited a pop star onto the chat show, but he didn't turn up.

--> The pop star ______________________________________________________________________

6. Although she said that she would come, I don't think she ever will.

--> Despite __________________________________________________________________________

7. The plane had hardly left the airport when the accident happened.

--> No sooner ________________________________________________________________________

8. You feel tired now because you didn't sleep very well last night.

--> Had _____________________________________________________________________________

9. When did you start the project?

--> How long ________________________________________________________________________

10. Their wedding will be held in a lovely church.

--> The church _______________________________________________________________________

11. My father used to play football when he was young.

--> My father doesn't __________________________________________________________________

12. Jane gave me a present on my last birthday.

--> I was ____________________________________________________________________________

13. "Let's go swimming"

--> She suggests ______________________________________________________________________

14. "Would you like a cup of coffee?"

--> He ______________________________________________________________________________

15. We got lost in the jungle because we didn't have a map.

--> If we had ________________________________________________________________________

16. I last saw Bob when I was in Ho Chi Minh City.

--> I haven't seen _____________________________________________________________________

17. It is a three-hour drive from Hanoi to Namdinh.

--> It takes __________________________________________________________________________

18. It's a pity you didn't tell us about this.

--> I wish ___________________________________________________________________________

19. They think the owner of the house is abroad.

--> The owner _______________________________________________________________________

20. The children couldn't go swimming because the sea was very rough.

--> The sea was too ___________________________________________________________________

21. When did you first know him?

--> How ____________________________________________________________________________

22. Their trip lasted three day.

--> They had ________________________________________________________________________

23. It may rain hard this afternoon, so take the rain coat with you.

--> In case _________________________________________________________________________

24. She had to do the washing up but she didn't.

--> She forgot________________________________________________________________________

25. English is easy to learn.

--> It ______________________________________________________________________________

26. Don't leave the lights on all night, you will waste electricity.

--> If ______________________________________________________________________________

27. The furniture was too old to keep.

--> It was ___________________________________________________________________________

28. Gary is the best guitarist in her class.

--> No one else ______________________________________________________________________

29. Since the invention of computer, people have saved a lot of time.

--> Since the computer was _____________________________________________________________

30. It's necessary for everybody to clean up their neighborhood once a week.

--> Everybody _______________________________________________________________________

31. The doctor told him that he work too hard.

--> You _____________________________________________________________________________

32. Those pictures are beautiful.

--> How ____________________________________________________________________________

33. It was an interesting film.

--> What ____________________________________________________________________________

34. What is the weight of your suitcase?

--> How ____________________________________________________________________________

35. How tall is Peter's father?

--> What ___________________________________________________________________________

36. He can't afford to buy the car.

--> The car __________________________________________________________________________

37. Shirley didn't begin to read until she was eight.

--> It wasn't _________________________________________________________________________

38. Mrs.Taylor regretted buying the second –hand washing-machine.

--> Mrs.Taylor wished ________________________________________________________________

39. Jane is the tallest girl in her class.

--> Nobody _________________________________________________________________________

40. Their teacher is making them study hard.

--> They ___________________________________________________________________________

41. As I get older, I want to travel less.

--> The older _______________________________________________________________________

42. I have never been to Liverpool in my life.

--> Never __________________________________________________________________________

43. This mobile phone is not as cheap as I thought it would be

--> This mobile phone is_______________________________________________________________

44. My brother likes to go swimming better than to play computer games

--> My brother would_________________________________________________________________

45. She speaks English very well

--> She is ___________________________________________________________________________

46. The food in France is famous

--> France is ________________________________________________________________________

47. John could not find the way to the hotel

--> John was not _____________________________________________________________________

48. My motorbike is going to be checked next Sunday

--> I'm _____________________________________________________________________________

49. I intend to come over to pick you up

--> I'm _____________________________________________________________________________

50. Nam has difficulty in studying English

--> It is_____________________________________________________________________________

51. The boy threw the ball through the window

--> The ball _________________________________________________________________________

52. The stamps are so beautiful that all of us want to buy them

--> They are such ____________________________________________________________________

53. I don't clean up the apartment today. I'm busy.

--> I'm too __________________________________________________________________________

54. Although he is intelligent, he doesn't do well at school.

--> In spite of _______________________________________________________________________

55. The window was broken by a cricket ball


56. I will never forget the day I heard I'd got into my chosen university

The day on___________________________________________________________________________

57. Glynn became a social worker to help people less fortune than himself

The reason___________________________________________________________________________

58. The driver didn't see the motorcyclist

What happened_______________________________________________________________________

59. Christopher Columbus discovered America

The person___________________________________________________________________________

60. Seeing Patricia cry like that made me feel guity


61. What we had to do first was decide where to meet

The first thing ________________________________________________________________________

62. There are lots of facilities where we go camping

The place____________________________________________________________________________

63. I had to clear the spare room before I could start decorating

Only when___________________________________________________________________________

64. The phone rang again as soon as I put it down

Hardly _____________________________________________________________________________

65. The Watsons moved to London and very soon after they decided to get divorced

No sooner___________________________________________________________________________

67. I was told about the website by Charlie

It __________________________________________________________________________________

68. Buying a plane ticket at the last minute isn't often possible


69. They didn't ask me anything about my plans for the summer


70. There is no situation in which we will allow the management to lower wages


71. Mr.Holton only operated because he knew the rumour was malignant

Mr.Holton wouldn't ___________________________________________________________________

72. Immediately after their arrival, things went wrong.

No sooner ___________________________________________________________________________

72. He was so tired that he fell asleep before the end of the film

He was too __________________________________________________________________________

74. Hearing that an earthquake had occurred was a great shock to us.

We were ____________________________________________________________________________

75. The decorators have finished our first floor.

We have ____________________________________________________________________________

76. Her hobby is one thing that she does not intend to give up.

She has _____________________________________________________________________________

77. That is the best meal I have ever eaten.

I have never _________________________________________________________________________

78. Home computers used to be much more expensive.

Home computers aren't ________________________________________________________________

79. It was a mistake of mine to park outside the police station.

I shouldn't __________________________________________________________________________

80. She knows a lot more about it than I do.

I don't know _________________________________________________________________________

81. Let's go abroad for our holiday this year.

Why _______________________________________________________________________________

82. During dinner, the phone rang.

While I _____________________________________________________________________________

83. Your hair needs cutting.

It's time you _________________________________________________________________________

84. If you run a lot, you'll become healthy.

The ________________________________________________________________________________

85. They regret ever doing business with him.

They wish ___________________________________________________________________________

86. We didn't finish the work because of his carelessness.

If _________________________________________________________________________________

87. If you followed my advice, you'd be successful.

Were _______________________________________________________________________________

88. He left without saying a single word, which is very impolite.

It was impolite _______________________________________________________________________

89. Working for this travel agency will not be possible without a good command of English.

Unless ______________________________________________________________________________

90. I simply fail to understand some of my friends' attitudes to work.

I have some friends ___________________________________________________________________

91. He didn't study his lessons very carefully, so he gets bad marks now.

If he _______________________________________________________________________________

92. Although Judy was severely disabled, she took part in many sports

Despite _____________________________________________________________________________

93. The film was so interesting that I couldn't go to bed.

It was such __________________________________________________________________________

94. "Why didn't you go to the club last night?" the girl said to Jim.

The girl asked ________________________________________________________________________

95. The keepers feed the lions at 3 pm every day.

The lions ____________________________________________________________________________

96. I would prefer you to deliver the sofa on Friday.

I would rather________________________________________________________________________

97. The bridge was so low that the bus couldn't go under it.

It was ______________________________________________________________________________

98. That was a silly thing to say.

What _______________________________________________________________________________

99. We've run out of tea.


100. I last saw him when I was a student.

I haven't ____________________________________________________________________________

101. Susan was too excited to sleep.

Susan was ___________________________________________________________________________

102. Robert has not had a job for two years.

Robert has been ______________________________________________________________________

103. She will complete the work only she is paid extra.

She will not _________________________________________________________________________

104. I am sorry I don't have time to come and help you with your homework.

I wish ______________________________________________________________________________

105. Let's visit the museum this afternoon..

Why don't __________________________________________________________________________

106. The school keeper cleans the classrooms every day.

The classrooms ______________________________________________________________________

107. "Why don't we go out for a while?"

He suggested ________________________________________________________________________

108. He forgot his umbrella, so he got wet.

He got ______________________________________________________________________________

109. At the weekend I get up later than during the week.

During the week I ____________________________________________________________________

110. Yesterday morning my friend Marco arrived before I finished breakfast.

Yesterday morning I was _______________________________________________________________

111. Marco told me not to forget my tennis racket.

Marco said: "_________________________________________________________________________

112. That girl's mother used to work with mine.

That's the girl ________________________________________________________________________

113. They think the thief got in through the bathroom window.

The thief ____________________________________________________________________________

114. I haven't got any siblings to play with

She wishes __________________________________________________________________________

115. My brother used to smoke.

My brother has _______________________________________________________________________

116. Without your help, I shouldn't have been able to find my way.

If you _____________________________________________________________________________

117. Her step-mother made her do chores all day.

She ________________________________________________________________________________

118. Did anybody see him come down the lane?

Was ________________________________________________________________________________

119. I haven't enjoyed myself so much for years.

It's _________________________________________________________________________________

120. Turn off all the switches before leaving the workshop.

All the switches ______________________________________________________________________

121. Although the traffic was heavy, I arrived on time.

In spite _____________________________________________________________________________

122. The last time Henry smoked a cigarette was in 2005.

Henry hasn't _________________________________________________________________________

123. Jack is stopped by the police because he passes the speed limit.

If __________________________________________________________________________________

124. Bill and Peter are too young to ride motor-cycles.

Bill and Peter are not __________________________________________________________________

125. The flood was so high that they had to live on the roofs.

It was such __________________________________________________________________________

126. This winter is colder than the last winter.

The last winter _______________________________________________________________________

127. People all over the country have helped the poor people in the flood region.

The poor people ______________________________________________________________________

128. It's cold in the morning, so the children go to school in heavy clothes.

Because of __________________________________________________________________________

129. David has read a lot of books, however, he cannot find a good solution.

Although ___________________________________________________________________________

130. I have never read such a romantic story.

This is ______________________________________________________________________________

131. He has never behaved so violently before.

He is behaving _______________________________________________________________________

132. I've warned you not to go near that dog.

I've warned you about _________________________________________________________________

133. She can meet him if he arrives before eleven.

So _________________________________________________________________________________

134. Although he had a good salary, he was unhappy in his job.

In spite _____________________________________________________________________________

135. I'm sorry that I didn't finish my homework last night.

I wish ______________________________________________________________________________

136. Reading scientific books is one of my interests.

I'm ________________________________________________________________________________

137. I've never seen a girl as beautiful as that girl.

That is ______________________________________________________________________________

138. I don't have any hats as cheap as this hat.

This hat is ___________________________________________________________________________

139. They are growing many trees in the school garden.

Many trees __________________________________________________________________________

140. I and Hoa are the same weight.

I am _______________________________________________________________________________

141. She isn't as intelligent as he.

He is _______________________________________________________________________________

142. I am not to be disturbed under any circumstances.

Under no ___________________________________________________________________________

143. I'd rather you didn't go.

I'd prefer ___________________________________________________________________________

144. She never seems to succeed, even though she works hard.

However ____________________________________________________________________________

145. A new flu vaccine has been on trial since the beginning of the year.

They have ___________________________________________________________________________

146. I took little notice of the girl standing at the gate.

I didn't pay__________________________________________________________________________

147. It was easy for us to find the house.

We had _____________________________________________________________________________

148. You can leave only when I tell you.

Until _______________________________________________________________________________

149. The rain in Ha Noi last October was the biggest one since 1984.

No rain _____________________________________________________________________________

150. An aerial is not required with this radio

You don't ___________________________________________________________________________

151. When he stops smoking, he'll feel better.

The sooner __________________________________________________________________________

152. These young men became doctors after six years training.

After these young men _________________________________________________________________

153. People believe that the Chinese invented paper in 105 A.D.

Paper _______________________________________________________________________________

154. A man I don't know told me about that.

I was _______________________________________________________________________________

155. It takes six hours to drive from here to London.

It is ________________________________________________________________________________

156. It was the goalkeeper that saved the match for us.

Had ________________________________________________________________________________

157. I don't really like her, even though I admire her achievements.

Much ______________________________________________________________________________

158. The Pacific Ocean is on average deeper than the Atlantic.

The average _________________________________________________________________________

159. Under no circumstances should you phone the police.

The last _____________________________________________________________________________

160. We couldn't find George anywhere.

George was __________________________________________________________________________

161. Although Nam was the stronger of the two, his attacker soon overpowered him.

Despite _____________________________________________________________________________

162. The council rarely allows appeals against its decisions.

Hardly _____________________________________________________________________________

163. If you want my advice, I would forget about buying a new house.

If I ________________________________________________________________________________

164. I applied for the job but was turned down.

My ________________________________________________________________________________

166. Although he seems friendly, he's not to be trusted.

Friendly ____________________________________________________________________________

167. "Whatever you do, don't give up hope" they said.

They urged __________________________________________________________________________

168. My boss works better when he's pressed for time.

The less _____________________________________________________________________________

169. It is expected that the company can get more profit this year.

The company ________________________________________________________________________

170. I was astonished by her confidence.

What _______________________________________________________________________________

171. Someone told me my flight was cancelled when I got to the airport.

Arriving ____________________________________________________________________________

172. Someone has stolen the boss's car.

The boss has _________________________________________________________________________

173. The last time we were here was in 1980.

We haven't __________________________________________________________________________

174. Mrs. Wilson says she is sorry she didn't attend the meeting yesterday.

Mrs. Wilson sends her apologies _________________________________________________________

175. It's almost nine months since I stopped subscribing to that magazine.

I cancelled __________________________________________________________________________

176. The north west of Britain has more rain each year than the southeast.

The annual rainfall ____________________________________________________________________

177. When I arrived in Canberra, I wrote a letter home.

On _________________________________________________________________________________

178. I'd like to visit Singapore more than any other countries in the world.

Singapore is _________________________________________________________________________

179. She listens more sympathetically than anyone else I know.

She is the person ______________________________________________________________________

180. I have never seen such a mess in my life!

Never ______________________________________________________________________________

181. The hurricane blew the roof off the house.

The house ___________________________________________________________________________

182. I didn't see her again for five years.

Five years ___________________________________________________________________________

183. People no longer smoke so many cigarettes as they used to.

The smoking _________________________________________________________________________

184. If you find it necessary, you can contact me on this number.

Should _____________________________________________________________________________

185. Mary is so young that she can't join our club.

Mary is _____________________________________________________________________________

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