Bài tập ở nhà môn tiếng Anh lớp 4 trong thời gian nghỉ dịch Corona Đợt 2

Đề ôn tập ở nhà lớp 4 môn tiếng Anh trong thời gian nghỉ

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Ex1: Put a word under each picture: Vegetables, lemonade, noodles, apple, orange, rice, fish, bread, water, milk, chicken, banana

Bài tập ở nhà môn tiếng Anh lớp 4 trong thời gian nghỉ dịch Corona Đợt 2

Ex 2: Odd one out:

1. a. fish b. pork c. beef d. fruit juice
2. a. bread b. nurse c. noodles d. food
3. a. doctor b. worker c. rubber d. teacher
4. a. clerk b. field c. factory d. office
5. a. drink b. milk c. water d. apple
6. a. banana b. apple c. fruit d. tailor
7. a. drink b. noodles c. bread d. fish
8. a. lemonade b. fruit jucie c. lunch d. chicken
9. a. vegetable b. breakfast c. lunch d. dinner
10. a. rice b. orange c. banana d. apple
11. a. orange juice b. milk c. water d. fish
12. a. bread b. noodles c. hungry d. fish
13. a. thirsty b. banana c. apple c. lemonade
14. a. math b. teacher c. history d. music
15. a. subject b. pencil c. rubber d. shapener
16. a. England b. American c. Japan d. China
17. a. nationality b. his c. her d. your
18. a. get up b. go home c. name d. sing
19. a. PE b. IT c. On d. Art
20. a. eat b. pork c. chicken d. bread

Ex 3: Put the words in correct order:

1. like/ I / apple juice/ would/ some/.

2. what/ your/ drink/ favourite/ is/?

3. Mary’s/ food/ is/ what/ favourite/?

4. drink/ is/ juice/ favourite/ my/ orange/.

5. parents/ fish/ rice/ like/ my/ and/

6. have/ you/ breakfast/ do/ what/ for/?

7. mother/ home/ late/ goes/ evening/ the/ in/my/.

8. her/ factory/ worker/ works/ in/, / he/ is/ father/ a/ a/.

9. she/ some/ like/ water/ would/ and/ apple/.

Ex 4: Read and match:

1. What’s your favourite drink? a. Yes, please
2. Does she like her job? b. Yes, you can.
3. Would you like some lemonade? c. In a factory.
4. What does she do? d. Yes, please. I love noodles.
5. May I come in, sir? e. It’s apple juice.
6. Do you like your job? f. No, she doesn’t.
7. Would you like some noodles? g. She’s a clerk.
8. Where does he work? h. Yes, I do.
9. What time do you go to school? i. On Tuesday and Thursday.
10. Where are you from? j. No, she’s American.
11. What did you do last night? k. It’s two fifty six.
12. Did you go to school yesterday? l. I did my homework and watched TV.
13. Is she Malaysian? m. At a quarter to seven.
14. What time is it now? n. Yes, I did.
15. When do you have English? o. Tokyo, Japan.

Ex 5: Choose the correct answer:

1. Would you like ................. beef? (an/ a/ some/ any)

2. My father ................. his job. (like/ loves/ do/ have)

3. What ................. Lan do? (is/ am/ do/ does)

4. Our friends ................. to school in the morning. (goes/ when/ go/ did)

5. What ................. you do yesterday? (do/ does/ did/ doed)

6. Lan ................. at the zoo last weekend. (is/ was/ beed/ am)

7. My ................. drink is lemonade. (like/ favourite/ love/ drink)

8. I go to ................. at 10 p.m. (school/ work/ bed/ the zoo)

9. My grandfather is a farmer. He works in the ................. . (factory/ school/ office/ field)

10. Every day I get ................. at 6 o’clock. (up/ in/ to/ next)

11. His favourite drink is ................. . (chicken/ beef/ fruit juice/ beef)

12. Sometimes I have some bread with milk for ................. . (school/ breakfast/ class/ friend)

13. I am hungry. I would like some ................. . (water/ milk/ coffee/ noodles)

14. Mr. Tuan is a doctor. He works in a ................. . (field/ factory/ hospital/ police stattion)

15. My uncle is a ................. in a primary school. (tailor/ singer/ teacher/ driver)

16. My grandparents are working in the rice ................. now. (field/ office/ hospital/ school)

17. What ................. does your brother get up? (colour/ time/ food/ drink)

18. ................. does she work? – in an office. (what/ who/ when/ where)

19. My school starts at 7 o’clock and ................. at 11.15. (does/ teaches/ finishes/ watches)

20. ................. dinner, I do my homework or listen to music. (at/ after/ before/ in)

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