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Exercise 1
1. _______ Paul bring the money for our lunch, we'll go right down to the cafeteria.
a. Since b. As soon as c. Now that d. Until
2. My mouth is burning! This is_______ spicy food that I don't think I can finish it.
a. such b. so c. very d. too
3. Both my books _______ from my room last night.
a. were stolen and my wallet b. and my wallet were stolen
c. and my wallet was stolen d. were and my wallet was stolen
4. When______ a dictionary, you need to be able to understand the symbols and
abbreviations it contains.
a. having used b. use c. to use d. using
5. Bats are fascinating_______ have many interesting and amazing qualities.
a. animals. Therefore, they b. animals, they
c. animals. They d. animal. Because they
6. While_____ to help Tim with his math, I got impatient because he wouldn't pay
attention to what I was saying.
a. I am trying b. having tried c. I try d. trying
7. _______ extremely bad weather in the moutains, we're no longer considering our skiing
a. Due to b. Because c. Since d. Due to the fact that
8. Emily is motivated to study____ she knows that a good education can improve her life.
a. therefore b. because of c. because d. so
9. Sonia broke her leg in two place ______, she had to wear a cast and use crutches for
three months.
a. Inasmuch as b. Consequently c. For that d. Because
10. Our village had______ money available for education that the schools had to close.
a. so little b. such little c. so much d. such much
11. Hundred of species of Hawaiian flowers have become extinct or rare _______ land
development and the grazing of wild goats.
a. now that b. due to c. because d. for
12. Tom Booth is one the best players in the country. We have won al of our games_____
he joined our team.
a. when b. the first c. since d. due to
13. Joe seemed to be in a good mood, _______ he snapped at me angrily when I asked him
to join us.
a. yet b. so c. for d. and
14. ________ Jan arrives, we will have finished this group project.
a. By the time b. Until c. Now that d. Since
15. For the most part, young children spend their time playing, eating, and _______ a lot.
a. they sleep b. sleeping c. sleep d. they are sleeping
16. Joan worked in a vineyeard last summer ________ money for school expenses.
a. because to earn b. so she earns
c. for she earned d. so that she could earn
17. __________ unprepared for the exam, I felt sure I would get a low score.
a. Being b. Having c. Because d. Upon
18. Ever since_______ Ted the bad news, he's been avoiding me.
a. telling b. told c. I told d. having told
19. ________ my daughter reaches the age of sixteen, she will be able to drive.
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a. Having b. Since c. one d. Because
20. Matt will enjoy skiing more the next time he goes to Mr. Baker _____ he was had
skiing lessons.
a. so that b. before c. now that d. and
Exercise 2
1. Some people are tall, whereas others are________
a. intelligent b. thin c. short d. large
2. A box is square, whereas_______
a. a rectangle has four sides b. my village has a town square in the centre
c. we use envelopes for letters d. a circle is round
3. While some parts of the world get an abundance of rain, others________
a. are warm and humid b. are cold and wet
c. get little or none d. get a lot
4. In some nations coffee in the favourite beverage, while_________
a. I like tea b. in has caffeine c. in others it is tea d. tea has caffeine too
5. Some people like cream and sugar in their coffee, while_______
a. others drink hot coffee b. others like it black
c. milk is good in coffee, too d. sugar can cause cavities
6. Jack is an interesting storyteller and conversationalist. His brother, on the other hand,
a. is a newspaper reporter
b. bores other people by talking about himself
c. has four children
d. knows a lot of stories, too
7. I can't ride my bicycle ______ there isn't any air in one of the tires.
a. despite b. because c. although d. but
8. I got to class on time_______ I had missed by bus.
a. even though b. nevertheless c. because d. despite
9. Brian used to bean active person, but now he has to limit his activities_______
problem with his health.
a. nevertheless b. because of c. although d. in spite of
10. It should be easy for Bod to find more time to spend with his children_______ he no
longer has to work in the evenings and on weekends.
a. even though b. now that c. due to d. but
11. Jake is a very good student of languages. His brother Michael, _________ has never
been able to master another language.
a. therefore b. even though c. whereas d. on the other hand
12. The ancient Aztecs of Mexico had no technology for making tools from metal ____,
they had sharp knives and spears made from a stone called obsidian.
a. Whereas b. Although c. Nevertheless d. Despite
13. Roberts missed the meeting without a good reason. She had been told that it was
critical that she be there. I couldn't want to be in her shoes at work tomorrow.
a. despite b. despite the fact that c. even d. however
14. I usually enjoy attending amateur productions in small community theaters. The play
we attended last night, _______ was so bad that I wanted to leave after the first act.
a. therefore b. however c. whereas d. even though
15. Some snakes are poisonous, _______ other are harmless.
a. but b. so c. for d. despite
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16. Most 15th century Europeans believed that the world was flat and that a ship could
conceivably sail off the end of the earth__________ many sailors of the time refused to
venture forth with explorers into unknown waters.
a. due to the fact that b. Nevertheless c. Therefore d.
17. ________ the secret of how to make silk remained inside Asia, Europeans were forced
to pay incredibly high sums of money for this mysterious material to be brought over
land to Europe.
a. Although b. Only if c. Due to d. As long as
18. Ancient Egyptians mummified their dead through the use of chemicals, ______ ancient
Peruvians mummfied their dead through natural processes by putting dead bodies in
extremely dry desert caves.
a. whereas b. because c. even though d. whether or not
19. Some people really enjoy swimming, ________ others are afraid of water.
a. while b. or c. despite d. in spite of
20. I was cold and wet________ Bob put on is swimming suit and went to the beach.
a. Therefore b. Despite c. Although d. Nevertheless
Exercises 3
1. The sky was gray and cloudy________, we went to the beach.
a. Consequently b. Nevertheless c. Even though d. In spite of
2. I turned on the fan_______ the room was hot.
a. due to b. despite c. even though d. because
3. Sam and I will meet you at the restaurant tonight________ we can find a babysitter.
a. although b. unless c. otherwise d. only if
4. Carol showed up for the meeting______ I asked her not to be there.
a. even though b. despite c. provided that d. because
5. You must lend me the money for the trip________, I won't be able to go.
a. Consequently b. Nevertheless c. Otherwise d. Although
6. The road will remain safe_______ the flood washes out the bridge.
a. as long as b. unless c. providing that d. since
7. The roles of men and women were not the same ancient Greece. For example, men
were both participants and spectators in the ancient Olympics. Women ________, were
forbidden to attend or particpate.
a. nevertheless b. on the other hand c. therefore d.
8. The window were all left open_____, the room was a real mess after the windstorm.
a. Nevertheless b. However c. Consequently d. Otherwise
9. ______ I can't make the presentation myself, I've asked my assistant to be prepared to
do it for me.
a. For b. In the event that c. Only if d. On the other hand
10. It looks like they're going to succeed_______ their present difficulties.
a. despite b. because of c. even though d. yet
11. ________ Marge is an honest person, I still wonder whether she's telling the truth about
the incident.
a. In spite of b. Since c. Though d. In the event that
12. The professor told me that I was doing well, ______ my final grade was awful!
a. so b. therefore c. in spite of d. yet

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