Đề kiểm tra 15 phút Unit 4 lớp 11 môn tiếng Anh

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I. Pick out the word has the stress differently from that of the other words
1. A. nation
B. remote
C. narrow
D. picture
2. A. handicapped
B. advantage
C. comedy
D. charity
3. A. operate
B. celebrate
C. donation
D. quality
4. A. misery
B. attitude
C. minority
D. gratitude
5. A. community
B. society
C. satisfy
D. identity
II. Choose the best answer
6. The students had no…………………. to their teacher’s plan on collecting waste paper.
A. objection B. purpose C. statement D. access
7. There have been more and more organizations taking part in ………….. activities to help the
A. cultural B. scientific C. local D. charitable
8. Helping victims of the flood is the …………….. of all people in the society.
A. ability B. task C. responsibility D. pride
9. People who live in ……..areas need the help from the government.
A. populous B. crowded C. wealthy D. remote
10. Her teaching experience gives her a(n)…….. when working with children
A. advantage B. disadvantage C. condition D. opportunity
11. Young volunteers go and work in the homes of……….
A. the old and the sick B. old and sick people
C. old and sick D. A&B are correct
12. There are one million………… in this city
A. population B. inhibitation C. inhabitants D. residential
13. She spent a very happy……….. in a small village
A. childless B. childhood C. childlike D. childish
14. A series of ……………. brought great damage to the crops
A. events B. droughts C. disasters D. accidents
15. Did you remember……….the letter? Yes, I posted it yesterday
A. to post B. posting C. having posted D. being posted
III. Find the mistake and correct it
16. My father stopped to smoke three years ago.
17. They are looking forward to meet their friends again.
18. I think it is a waste of time play computer games.
19. Helen suggested to go out for dinner tonight.
20. What are the rewards of helping disadvantage or handicapped children?
IV. Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers.
This is part of a report by the Chairman of the Charities Commitee of a Club.
By Match this year, we shall have raised enough money, we hope, to buy the equipment
for the Youth Club. When we have raised the money, we are planning to go back to the Youth
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Club leaders in order to discover exactly what is needed most. Plans have been made for the
Book Sale which will be held on 15th February, This means that many of us will be spending
the first two weeks of February collecting books. The event is likely to be held in the Town Hall.
If there are problems here, however, we hope that other Club members might come up with
some alternative suggestions.
As we are proposing to sponsor a student from Africa on a three-month language course
in this country, we also intend to hold a Charity Dance in the spring. Such events are apt to be
difficult to organize, so all members of the Club are invited to contribute or help in any way they
The moment I was asked if we could possibly help in some way with the new Club for
the Disabled. I said yes. As Chairman, lam bound to say that this is the sort of social work many
Club members would like to do, other than simply raising money. We are therefore planning to
ask members if they can perhaps help out 'on one Saturday every month (on a rota basis).
Finally, by January next year the Club will have been going for twenty years, and the
Committee intend to mark this anniversary with some kind of dinner, a dance or a party. We
have already been offered (unofficially) the use of the dance all at 'The Forest Hotel'. However,
we shall be devoting one of our meetings in the near future to full discussion on the form of the
event, etc. Any suggestions will be welcome.
21. The Committee will be going back to the Youth Club leaders ______.
a. to ask for money in March b. to tell them about the equipment
c. to find out what the Club needs d. to collect old books from them
22. The Committee does not yet know ______.
a. when books will be collected b. when the Book Sale will be held
c. how to get the book to the Town Hall d where the Book Sale will take place
23. Every Club member has been asked ______.
a. to help with the Charity Dance b. to sponsor a foreign student
c. to write to an African student d. to organize something for the Dance
24. In order to help the new Club for Disabled, members will be asked ______.
a. to raise some money b. to make a contribution
c. if they can plan a Club program d. to help at the Club one a month
25. There will be an event next January ______.
a. because the Club has been offered 'the Forest Hotel'
b. to celebrate the Club's twentieth birthday
c. to raise money for a student from Africa
d. which will take the form of a discussion evening
V. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
26. The missing children were last seen ______________ (play) near the river.
27. _________________(complete) the book, he had a holiday.
28. _________________(find) only in the Andes, the plant is used by local people to treat skin
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29. Marta doesn't like to have her picture ___________ (take). She avoids
_____________________ (photograph).
30. The book ______________________ (publish) last week is his first novel.
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