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Soạn Unit 4 lớp 11 Volunteer work


A. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

1. a. wholyb. wrapc. writed. who
2. a. floodb. goodc. footd. look
3. a. mountainb. countryc. droughtd. hour
4. a. universityb. studentc. volunteerd. museum
5. a. handicappedb. advantagedc. organized d. raised


A. Choose the one word or phrase -a, b, c, or d -that best completes the sentences.

6. The boys were taken ______ a fishing trip last weekend.

a. in

b. to

c. on

d. for

7. She frequently volunteers ______ extra work because she really likes her job.

a. to

b. for

c. with

d. in

8. We hope that students themselves will enjoy taking part ______ the projects.

a. in

b. on

c. at

d. for

9. He volunteered his ______ as a driver.

a. job

b. work

c. service

d. help

10. All the teachers work on an entirely ______ basis.

a. volunteer

b. volunteered

c. voluntary

d. voluntarily

11. They volunteer to take care of children who have been ______ by the AIDS epidemic.

a. supported

b. suffered

c. left

d. orphaned

12. It's filthy' in here! Are there any volunteers to help ______?

a. light up

b. clean up

c. clear up

d. take up

13. He eventually ______ his disability to achieve some business success.

a. overcame

b. destroyed

c. overwhelmed

d. suffered

14. The new law allows school districts to spend more money on less ______ children.

a. advantageous

b. disadvantageous

c. advantaged

d. disadvantaged

15. A lot of children participated in ______ performances.

a. raising-fund

b. fundraising

c. fundraise

d. funding-raise

B. Choose the word or phrase -a, b, c, or d -that best completes the sentence.

16. I'm sure it's not my fault that Peter found out what we were planning.

I don't remember ______ anyone about it.

a. to tell

b. being told

c. having told

d. to be told

17. The charity is appealing for volunteers ______ elderly patients to and from hospital.

a. to take

b. taking

c. taken

d. who take

18. The building ______ the earthquake but then by a fire.

a. was survived - destroyed

b. survived - was destroyed

c. survived - destroyed

d. was survived - was destroyed

19. ______ by the boys' behaviour, she complained to the head teacher.

a. She annoyed

b. Annoyed

c. She was annoyed

d. Annoying

20. 'Wait a minute,' said Frank, ______ through the door.

a. run

b. runs

c. running

d. ran

21. ______ a hotel, we looked for somewhere to have dinner.

a. Finding

b. We found

c. Found

d. Having fauna

22. The children enjoyed ______ on fishing . trips.

a. taking

b. to be taken

c. being taken

d. having taken

23. Stacey seems like a bright student. She's always the first ______ her work.

a. to finish

b. finishing

c. being finished

d. to be finished

24. We were shocked to hear the news of your ______.

a. having fired

b. to be fired

c. having been fired

d. to have been fired

25. I think I hear someone ______ the back window. Do you hear it, too?

a. trying open

b. trying to open

c. try opening

d. try to open

C. Identify the one underlined word or phrase - A, B, C or D -that must be changed for the sentence to be correct.

26. When I was sick with (A) the flu (B), my mother made me to eat (C) soup and rest in (D) bed

27. Having lived (A) here for (B) seven years, my friend is used to speak (C) English with all her (D) classmates.

28. To grow (A) well, a tree must be (B) well-suited (C) to the area where is it (D)

29. Despite (A) modern medical technology, many diseases causing (B) by viruses I are still (C) not (D) curable.

30. We should have been informed (A) Janis about (B) the change in plans regarding (C) our weekend trip (D) to the mountains.


A. Fill in each blank with one appropriate word from the box.

governments worldwide sufferred communities enable

emergency nutrition developing services quality

UNICEF means the United Nations Children's Fund. It serves children in (31) ______ all over the world. It helps children of all races, nationalities, religions, and political systems in more than 140 (32) ______ countries. The purpose of UNICEF is to help provide better life for children and their mothers. UNICEF gives both long-term assistance and (33) ______ help.

UNICEF was created in 1946 to help bring food and medicine to children who (34) ______ during World War II in Europe. It began as a temporary agency, but became a permanent part of the United Nations in 1953 due to the need for its (35) ______ around the world. UNICEF's primary concern is to help governments of developing countries improve the (36) ______ of life for almost one billion children. UNICEF's main office is in the United Nations offices in New York City, but it also has more than 40 offices and 100 programs (37) ______. In 1965, UNICEF won the Nobel Peace Prize for its work helping children and building brighter futures.

UNICEF works with (38) ______ to provide three kinds of services. First, UNICEF plans and develops programs in developing countries. These programs serve the community by providing health care, information about (39) ______, basic education, and safe water and sanitation. Then UNICEF trains people to work in these programs. UNICEF also provides supplies and equipment that (40) ______ the programs to work.

B. Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers.

This is part of a report by the Chairman of the Charities Commitee of a Club.

By Match this year, we shall have raised enough money, we hope, to buy the equipment for the Youth Club. When we have raised the money, we are planning to go back to the Youth Club leaders in order to discover exactly what is needed most. Plans have been made for the Book Sale which will be held on 15th February, This means that many of us will be spending the first two weeks of February collecting books. The event is likely to be held in the Town Hall. If there are problems here, however, we hope that other Club members might come up with some alternative suggestions.

As we are proposing to sponsor a student from Africa on a three-month language course in this country, we also intend to hold a Charity Dance in the spring. Such events are apt to be difficult to organize, so all members of the Club are invited to contribute or help in any way they can.

The moment I was asked if we could possibly help in some way with the new Club for the Disabled. I said yes. As Chairman, lam bound to say that this is the sort of social work many Club members would like to do, other than simply raising money. We are therefore planning to ask members if they can perhaps help out 'on one Saturday every month (on a rota basis).

Finally, by January next year the Club will have been going for twenty years, and the Committee intend to mark this anniversary with some kind of dinner, a dance or a party. We have already been offered (unofficially) the use of the dance all at 'The Forest Hotel'. However, we shall be devoting one of our meetings in the near future to full discussion on the form of the event, etc. Any suggestions will be welcome.

41. The Committee will be going back to the Youth Club leaders ______.

a. to ask for money in March b. to tell them about the equipment

c, to find out what the Club needs d. to collect old books from them

42. The Committee does not yet know ______.

a. when books will be collected b. when the Book Sale will be held

c, how to get the book to the Town Hall d where the Book Sale will take place

43. Every Club member has been asked ______.

a. to help with the Charity Dance b. to sponsor a foreign student

c. to write to an African student d. to organize something for the Dance

44. In order to help the new Club for Disabled, members will be asked ______.

a. to raise some money b. to make a contribution

c. if they can plan a Club program d. to help at the Club one a month

45. There will be an event next January ______.

a. because the Club has been offered 'the Forest Hotel'

b. to celebrate the Club's twentieth birthday

c. to raise money for a student from Africa

d. which will take the form of a discussion evening


From the four words or phrases - a, b, c or d - choose the one that best completes the sentences.

46. ______ the promotion of health and to helping people avoid injury and disease.

a. To commit the Red Cross

b. The Red Cross to commit

c. Committed to the Read Cross is

d. The Red Cross is committed to

47. Although most cats hate to swim, ______ if necessary.

a. cap they do so

b. they can do so

c. they do so can

d. so they can do

48. ______, all matter is formed of mole cutes.

a. No matter how complex

b. It doesn't matter if the complex

c. How complex is not a matter

d. It's not a complex matter

49. With a television audience of 25 billion, World Cup Soccer has ten times the ______ Olympic Games.

a. more viewers

b. the most viewers

c. the most viewers

d. more viewers than

50. ______ all citrus fruit originated with the Chinese orange.

a. That the belief

b. It is believed that

c. To believe that

d. The belief that

B. Choose the best sentence- a, b, c, or d- made from the given cues.

51.I/ strong/ advise/ you/ take part/ volunteer works//

a. I am strong advise that you should take part in volunteer works.

b. I strongly advise that you might take part for volunteer works.

c. I strongly advise that you should take part in volunteer works.

d. I am strong in advising you to take part in volunteer works.

52.Only when/ general's personal diaries/ publish/ truth/ come out//

a. Only when the general's personal diaries were published did the truth come out.

b. Only when the general's personal diaries had been published the truth come out.

c. Only when the general's personal diaries were published had the truth come out.

d. Only when the general's personal diaries were published the truth came out.

53.Since/ beginning/ course/ I/ never/ be late/ class//

a. Since the beginning of the course I had never .been late for class.

b. Since the beginning of the course I never have been late for class.

c. Since the beginning of the course I have never been late for class.

d. Since beginning the course I had never been late for class.

54.Be/ doctor/ she/ know/ what/ side-effects/ medicine/ have//

a. Be a doctor, she knows what side-effects the medicine can have.

b. Being a doctor, she knew what side-effects the medicine could have.

c. Having been a doctor, she had known what side-effects the medicine could have.

d. To be a doctor, she knows what side-effects the medicine might have.

55.young people/ fed/ queue/ unemployment benefit//

a. The young people fed with queuing for their unemployment benefit.

b. The young are fed with queuing for their unemployment benefit.

c. Young people have fed up with queuing for their unemployment benefit.

d. Young people are fed up with queuing for their unemployment benefit.

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