Đề luyện thi học sinh giỏi lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2019 - 2020

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MÔN TIẾNG ANH NĂM 2019 - 2020
A. LISTENING (15 points)
Part 1. Listen to a conversation between an optometrist and a patient and fill in the form.
Write no more than 3 words or numbers for each blank
Patient record
Time of appointment
Given name
Simon Anthony
Family name
Date of birth
(3)………………………….., 1989
(4)………………………….., Adam Terrace,
Name of insurance
Date of last eye test
September 2006
Patient’s observations Problems
seeing the distance
Part 2:
You are going to hear a travel agent discussing the holiday booking with 2 customers. Listen
to their conversation and decide whether the statements are True (T), False (F) or Not given
6. They want to book a holiday for July
7. They have decided where to go for the holiday.
8. Both customers are free to travel in the first week.
9. Last year, both of them visited France
10. They would like to go to the mountains for skiing this year
11. They don’t want to go to Italy because the dates don’t suit
12. They don’t like to go to Sweden because there are no beaches
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13. It would be 385 pounds for them to visit Portugal.
14. The customers prefer to visit Portugal by flight from London.
15. The flight stops at Manchester on the way to Portugal.
B. PHONETICS (5 points).
Choose the word that has a different stress pattern from the others.
16. A. community B. developing C. conditioner D. interested
17. A. continue B. importance C. different D. directed
18. A. medicines B. opposite C. pollution D. capable
19. A. preservation B. inspiration C. disposable D. popularity
20. A. exhausted B. atmosphere C. suspect D. computer
I. Choose the word, phrase or expression which best completes each sentence (15 points).
21. Hoa: “Are you going to buy a new computer or just continue using the old one?”
Mary: “_________”
A. Yes, I am. B. Yes, I’d like one. Thank you.
C. That’s impossible. I can’t afford a new one. D. Neither. I’m going to lease one.
22. Mr. Black: “What a lovely house you have!”
Mr John: “_________”
A. No problem B. Thank you. Hope you will drop in.
C. Of course not, it’s not costly D. I think so.
23. You have never been to Italy, ________?
A. have you B. haven’t you C. did you D. had you
24. You can’t tell what someone is like just from their ________.
A. character B. looking C. appearance D. personality
25. “How is it going?” - “________”
A. By bike B. Not much C. It sounds better D. Mustn’t grumble
26. ________ a dentist, Mike is very concerned about having healthy teeth.
A. Because B. He is C. As D. That he is
27. ________, you need to achieve a score of 60% or more.
A. To pass this test B. For being passed this test
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C. In order pass this test D. So that to pass this test
28. As a famous person ________ many children admire, it is important for her to act
A. whose B. whom C. which D. when
29. The brochure says that the hotel has a great ________ of the sea.
A. appearance B. look C. sight D. view
30. Our new coach is popular ________ the whole team.
A. with B. to C. by D. for
31. As soon as you ________ that, I’d like you to go to bed.
A. have done B. did C. will do D. will have done
32. Margaret was slow at school, but she went on ________ Prime Minister.
A. being B. to be C. having been D. to have been
33. In 1870, ________, John D. Rockefeller and others created the Standard Oil Company.
A. in spite of oil prices fluctuated B. despite fluctuating oil prices
C. but the oil prices fluctuated D. oil prices were fluctuating
34. They’re staying in rented accommodation for the time ________.
A. going B. making C. doing D. being
35. “I have an idea. Let’s go for a swim on Sunday afternoon”. - “________
A. OK, what time? B. You’re kidding C. I know D. I’m sure
II. Give the correct form of the words in brackets (10 points).
36. We found it ____________ (thrill) to your wonderful news.
37. He left the room without any ____________ (explain).
38. He didn’t feel happy because he worked ____________ (success).
39. Many people expressed ____________ (disagree) with the whole idea.
40. There was a ____________ (wide) dissatisfaction with the government’s policies.
41. Her health has ____________ (bad) considerably since we last saw her.
42. A lot of plants and animals could be used as medicines against cancer, AIDS, heart
diseases and other ____________ (sick).
43. He was ____________ (information) of the consequences in advance.
44. I was kept ____________ (wake) last night by the noise from a party in the flat above.
45. This road is so bad that it needs ____________ (surface).

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