Một số bài văn mẫu ôn thi tốt nghiệp lớp 12

Một số bài văn mẫu hay ôn thi tốt nghiệp lớp 12

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5 đề thi thử Tiếng Anh lớp 12 chọn lọc

Tổng hợp toàn bộ từ vựng và ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh lớp 12

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1. Write a paragraph of about 140 words to talk about the subject (s) you like most. State your reasons.

In my opinion, there are a lot of subjects that interest me, but the one I like most is English because of many reasons. First of all, English helps me communicate with people from other countries easily. Therefore, I am sure I will not face any difficulty if I study abroad. Besides, I can widen my knowledge of the world because of lots of books and newspapers written in English on the Internet. Finally, I may get a good job in the future thanks to this language. In reality, a large number of big companies have the tendency to employ those speaking English well. To sum up, English is my favorite subject due to the reasons mentioned above.

2. Write a paragraph of about 140 words to talk about the sport (s) you like most. State your reasons.

To my mind, there are a lot of sports that interest me, but the one I like most is swimming because of plenty of reasons. First of all, swimming helps me to have good health. Therefore, I can study long hours and this may lead to a good result. In addition, thanks to this sport, I can relax my mind after a hard-working day at school. As a result of this, I can avoid being stressed. Last but not least, when I practice swimming, I can make friends with others who have the same interest as I do. In general, swimming is my favorite sport due to the reasons mentioned above.

3. Write a paragraph of about 140 words to state the reasons for many species extinction.

In my opinion, there are a lot of reasons for species extinction. First of all, the habitats of animal and plant species are being destroyed. This leads to the fact that animals have no place to live in. As a result, they die. Besides, lots of species have become extinct because of pollution. Finally, human beings keep hunting animals illegally for fur, skins, food and other valuable body parts. Because of this, the number of these animals is getting smaller and smaller day by day. To sum up, habitat destruction, pollution and illegal hunting are primary causes of species extinction.

4. Write a paragraph of about 140 words to suggest measures/solutions to protect rare and endangered species from extinction.

From my point of view, there are a lot of measures to protect rare and endangered species from extinction. First of all, we should protect wildlife habitats by planting more trees or establishing more reserves. This helps these species have safe places to live in. Besides, we should raise people's awareness of the conservation need so that they will be willing to contribute to protecting the species that are in danger. Last but not least, governments should enact laws to prevent these from being illegally hunted. In general, we can take a large number of measures to protect rare and endangered species from becoming extinct.

5. Write a paragraph of about 140 words to state the reasons why you enjoy reading books.

As I see, there are lots of reasons why I enjoy reading books. The first reason is that books are a cheap way to get information. I can know many things through reading books. For example, I may know what Dalat is like without going there. Another reason is that books help me get more experience not only in life but also in the field of study. For instance, I get the knowledge of how dangerous AIDS is and how it spreads. Therefore, I try to avoid this deadly disease. The last reason is that they help me relax my mind after a hard-working day at school. This enables me to avoid stress and other health problems. To sum up, I am interested in reading books for many reasons as mentioned above.

6. Write a paragraph of about 140 words to talk about the international organization you would like to work for.

I believe that there are many international organizations that I would like to work for and among them is World Wildlife Fund, or WWF, because of many reasons. First of all, when I am employed by this organization, I will travel to lots of places in the world. This is what I have been dreaming about for years. Besides, I will have much chance to improve my English, especially my speaking skill as I have to use this language most of the time at work. Finally, it is high salary that interests me much. To the best of my knowledge, the average wage of a WWF employee is about 2,000 US dollars. In general, working for World Wildlife Fund is of great interest to me due to reasons mentioned above.

7. Write a paragraph of about 140 words to talk about your family rules.

Every family has its own family rules and so does mine. First of all, in my family, we are not allowed to watch TV until we have finished studying our lessons or doing our homework. In addition to this, everyone in the family must share the household chores after school or work. This helps not only raise the sense of responsibility of each family member but also make our relationship closer. Moreover, we mustn't go out at night without our parent's permission because of security reasons. Finally, we will be punished if we argue with our parents no matter what they say. To sum up, it is necessary for each family to have family rules and mine is not an exception.

8. In about 140 words, write a paragraph about your favorite celebration in Vietnam.

Of all the celebrations in Vietnam, I like Vietnamese Teachers' Day best. Every year, on November 20th, all schools throughout our country celebrate the Day. It is a good time for students to show their love, respect and gratitude towards their teachers. Schools are usually decorated with colorful flags and banners. On the morning of November 20th, all the students and teachers dress up and go to school. They are at school to attend the celebration and enjoy the music show played by their school music band. After that, the principal has a speech about the significance of the Day. Next, the students give their teachers beautiful flowers, cards, gifts and best wishes. Usually, they take many photos. The students also pay a visit to their former teachers in the afternoon. I like Vietnamese Teachers' Day very much because it is very funny and meaningful.

9. In about 140 words, write a paragraph about the differences between a traditional Vietnamese family and a modern Vietnamese family.

These are the differences between the traditional family and the modern one. Firstly, the typical size of traditional family has more than two generations living together. For example, a married couple could live with their relatives under one roof whereas the modern family almost has from three to four people. Secondly, the role of family members is different from each other. For instance, in traditional family, the man is always the bread winner while the woman is the housewife. The woman has to do the housework, take care of their children and serve her parents-in-law. Next, the role of the man and woman in modern one is equal. To illustrate, they both work outside. They share their housework and their thoughts. Likewise, children are brought up by their parents. Finally, the relationship of the traditional family is different from modern family. In particular, the family lives and works together so the family relationship is attached whereas the modern family has no time together. The parents work all day and the children learn whole day. They rarely spend time for other members. In short, the traditional family differs from the modern one on many aspects. There are both good and bad differences between the families.

10. Write a paragraph on the formal school system in VN.

The formal school system in Vietnam is composed of two levels of education: primary and secondary education. First, primary school begins when a child turns six, and lasts for four years; that is, he or she finishes his or her primary education at the age of ten. Then secondary education opens up. The child starts their lower secondary with grade 6 when he or she is eleven years old, and stays on until the age of 14 (grade 9). At the end of grade 9, the child say goodbye to lower secondary school and moves on with upper secondary school as long as he or she passes a grade 10 entrance exam. Success in this exam will guarantee him or her a place at an upper secondary school, which is supposed to last three years. In other words, upon finishing Grade 12, the child completes his formal education.

11. In about 140 to 150 words, write a paragraph to tell about "what are the most important qualities for a friendship?" You should write at least 80 words.

A friend is very important to everyone.In fact, it's impossible to live without friends.In my opinion, there are three basic qualities that lay the firm foundation for friendship. Firstly, mutual help. A good friend is always ready to give us a hand in any situations. A friend in need is a friend indeed. We shouldn't be too deliberate in helping. Secondly, mutual confidence. Friends must feel safe when telling each other the most secrets. Obviously, liars and talkative people can never have good friends. Thirdly, talking about true friendship, I can't help mentioning the faithfulness and sharing. A true friend is the one who will cheer to our happiness and share our sorrows in adversity. In short, the value of friendship is that gives us a source of happiness and comforts our sufferings and a true friendship will be forever although we are rich or poor.

12. Write a short paragraph about either the advantages or disadvantages of computers.

Computers have brought about beneficial changes to human life. However, they also have some disadvantages. First of all, face to face communication have been lost because people spend too much time at their computers. For example, children spend hours playing games, chatting and emailing on the net, and adults doing their own things on computers. As a result, family members rarely talk to each other as they used to in the past. In addition, computers make people have health problems. As people spend too much time sitting at computers, they tend to be inactive. This inactiveness has caused obesity and many other diseases. Finally, immediate access to information on the net can be spiritually harmful and counter-educational. For example, within just a few seconds, children watch or read bad websites that are too violent or not intended for their age. Consequently, more and more children tend to misbehave because they are misguided by poor-quality information. To sum up, we should be aware of these downsides so as to use computers to our great benefits.

13. Write a paragraph about your best friend.

My best friend classmate is Nga. The first reason why I like her most is her nice appearance. She has long black hair and beautiful eyes. She is tall and thin enough to participate in Vietnam Next-top model. Not only does she have a pretty appearance but she also has good characteristics. When I feel sad, nervous or stressful, she is always by my side and encourage me to overcome difficult challenges in my life. I'm so grateful for it. Moreover, she once said that: "If one day you feel like crying, call me... I don't promise that I will make you laugh... but I can cry with you". In addition to that, we have unforgettable experience. In 1997, I was drowning when she appeared and secured me from the death and since then, we have become closed friends. We share a lot of things such as dreams, jobs, hobbies, etc. I strongly believe that our relationship is lasting forever.

14. Do you agree with the idea that marriage should be based on love or not and why? (in English textbook 12 - about 140 words).

Nowadays, almost all of people experience love and then reach marriage. However, I partly agree with the idea that marriage should be based on love because only love is not enough. Here the following reasons are. First, there is no denial that love makes people happy in life and helps them overcome severe difficulties and build a warm family. It is love that joins a man and a woman together. When these above supposed things become true, I call it true love, in other words, forgiveness and sacrifice contribute to true love. Moreover, future home's finance also affects the family happiness. For example, your child can't study at school without money, you even have no wonderful moment when both of wife and husband's inconsistency related to money turns up and so on. In conclusion, marriage should be built on love and serious attitude of two sides who accept specific characters each other and fulfill the gaps.

15. Write about your hobby.

Of all the interesting free time activities as well as entertainments, I like reading book most because of its good aspects it brings to me.First and foremost, reading book not only helps widen my knowledge but also makes me love my life more. As you know reference books provide us with a lot of information of every field of our life. Besides, novels, stories which contain many romantic and touching plots controlling my feeling a great deal.Moreover, enjoying books regularly gives me a good habit as I am more and more patient. Especially, my ability to express words fluently is better and better.Therefore,I will be confident of communicating with others.In short, reading books is my main hobby and I will make best use of its advantages to have a happy lifestyle.

16. What kind of job would you like to do after you finish your education? (about 140 words).

Marketing seems to be the kind of career I would like to choose after I leave from university. I like this work in view of some following reasons. First of all, marketing position is well-paid job. The more you help your company sell more products, the higher your salary is. Of course, you need to have effective strategies to attract customers. Secondly, working as a marketer gives me many opportunities of improving my persuading skill and ability to converting idea into words. There is no denial that this kind of job requires different skills, but if you meet these requirements, you will be more and more professional. On the whole, it is simply my hobby. Needless to say "you will do something best when you like it".

17. Write about the kind of book you like best.

I am usually in habit of reading books. Addition to books that offer me much useful information, I also like comic book. I am in fond of it for some following reasons. To begin with, comic books bring me a great deal of relaxation. One of them is Doraemon story, which tells many funny short stories about 2 main characters, Doraemon and Nobita, who are close friends. The author of that comic creates so many amusing situations among characters that I can't help laughing. It's actually a hard-to-put-down book. It attracts not only children but also adults as me. Another good point of it I want to mention about is creative imagination. I mean children need to have imaginative mindset, which helps them be more active in life. By and large, comic book is worth reading after hard work. It is nice for everyone.

18. Write a paragraph about the advantages (benefits) of using the Internet.

In my opinion, the internet is playing an important role in our modern life for some reasons. Firstly, it is used as a source of information. If you want to know different countries or you want to see the weather forecast, news, you only surf the net in some minutes. The information of the Internet is not only various but also very update. Secondly, the Internet is a world of entertainment. There are a lot of interesting films, famous stories that we can see on the internet. Moreover, we can listen to music, play our favorite games, thank to net. It helps us to relax after a hard working day. Finally, the internet is a large school. We can learn in an famous university at home by surfing the web. In conclusion, the internet is a wonderful invention in our life, we should use it more and more.

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