Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 11 mới Unit 1, 2, 3

Đề thi giữa kì 1 lớp 11 môn tiếng Anh có đáp án

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I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

1. A. architect

B. cheese

C. church

D. chat

2. A. change

B. mango

C. again

D. forget

3. A. house

B. hot

C. honest

D. holiday

4. A. bank

B. any

C. now

D. money

5. A.around


C. only

D. mouse

6. A. teacher

B. other

C. together

D. term

7. A. Germany

B. garden

C. gate

D. gas

8. A. scholarship

B. Christ

C. school

D. chicken

9. A. house


C. hour

D. husband

10. A. sing

B. morning

C. any

D. hang

11. A. hundred

B. exhausted

C. however

D. heat

12. A. head

B. ready

C. mean

D. weather

13. A. choir

B. cheap

C. child

D. chair

14. A. charge

B. child

C. teacher

D. champagne

15. A. reason

B. clear

C. mean

D. each

16. A. motion

B. question

C. mention

D. fiction

17. A. gather

B. good

C. large

D. again

18. A. change

B. children

C. machine

D. church

19. A. hand

B. bank

C. sand

D. band

20. A. future

B. mature

C. pasture

D. nature

21. A. invited

B. attended

C. celebrated

D. displayed

22. A. removed

B. washed

C. hoped

D. missed

23. A. looked

B. laughed

C. moved

D. stepped

24. A. wanted

B. parked

C. stopped

D. watched

25. A. laughed

B. passed

C. suggested

D. placed

26. A. believed

B. prepared

C. involved

D. liked

27. A. lifted

B. lasted

C. happened

D. decided

28. A. collected

B. changed

C. formed

D. viewed

29. A. walked

B. entertained

C. reached

D. looked

30. A. watched

B. stopped

C. pushed

D. improved

II. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest:

31. A. sneaky

B. floppy

C. icing

D. embrace

32. A. loyalty

B. constancy

C. acquaintance

D. confidence

33. A. gossip

B. interest

C. between

D. friendship

34. A. unselfish

B. sympathy

C. quality

D. principle

35. A. mutual

B. advantage

C. possible

D. generous

36. A. helpful

B. sincere

C. pleasant

D. earning

37. A. floppy

B. idol

C. cotton

D. decide

38. A. extremely

B. excited

C. personal

D. imagine

39. A. birthday

B. reply

C. schoolbag

D. money

40. A. celebrate

B. together

C. family

D. special

41. A. successful

B. beautiful

C. humorous

D. difficult

42. A. couple

B. wedding

C. quiet

D. receive

43. A. begin

B. silver

C. dinner

D. people

44. A. celebrate

B. attitude

C. refreshments

D. restaurant

45. A. problem

B. enough

C. listen

D. summer

III. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences.

1. The teacher made them __________ silent.

A. to keep

B. keeping

C. keep

D. kept

2. She was able __________ English when she was very young.

A. to sing

B. sing

C. singing

D. sang

3. Please let me __________ my result as soon as possible.

A. to know

B. know

C. knew

D. knowing

4. I want __________ the film that you told me yesterday.

A. see

B. seeing

C. saw

D. to see

5. Could you please stop __________ so much noise?

A. make

B. to make

C. made

D. making

6. Have you finished __________ on this project?

A. working

B. work

C. worked

D. to work

7. Remember__________ the letter for me tomorrow.

A. posting

B. to post

C. post

D. will post

8. She said that she had talked to me but I didn’t remember __________ her before.

A. seeing

B. to see

C. not seeing

D. see

9. Let your name__________ in the sheet of paper.

A. write

B. be written

C. written

D. to write

10. I think the old woman was very angry because she _____ when she saw the rubbish in front of her house.

A. made a fuss

B. made a decision

C. made a choice

D. made a move

11. I was very__________ when my mom kept calling me “honey” in front of my friends.

A. embarrassing

B. embarrassed

C. embarrassment

D. embarrassingly

12. We don’t mind __________ photographs of your wedding party.

A. to take

B. take

C. taking

D. took

13. We hoped __________ by our teacher.

A. to help

B. helping

C. to be helped

D. being helped

14. Nick didn’t expect __________ to Caroline’s party.

A. to invite

B. to be invited

C. inviting

D. being invited

15. They decided __________ their old house.

A. to not sell

B. not selling

C. not sold

D. not to sell

16. When I __________ home, my parents __________ T.V in the sitting room.

A. went/ watched

B. was going/ watched

C. went/ had watched

D. went/ were watching

17. In "Everyone has a number of acquaintances, but no one has many friends" acquaintances means ____.

A. people whom you know well and whom you like a lot.

B. people that you have met but do not know well.

C. people who work in the same company.

D. people with whom you share a room for a period of time

18. He was sure that the boy was a __________because he had stolen her money.

A. student

B. thief

C. customs officer

D. journalist

19. A good marriage is based on __________.

A. secret

B. loyalty

C. trust

D. B & C

20. Steve thought his __________with Helen was changing.

A. relation

B. relationship

C. relate

D. relative

21. To do the work for a humane society is __________.

A. friendly

B. mutual

C. thoughtless

D. voluntary

22. You can't prevent him from__________ his own money.

A. spending

B. spent

C. to spend

D. spend

23. He is __________for his elderly parents.

A. paying attention

B. looking

C. caring

D. taking care

24. We should take care of war invalids and family of martyrs.

A. look after

B. look for

C. look into

D. look at

X. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions.

1. I am looking forward to seeing you.

A. I don't have time to see you. B. I will try to find some time to see you.

C. I should find some time to see you. D. I am expecting to see you.

2. I haven't got used to Indian food although I have lived here for three months.

A. I still find it strange to eat Indian food though I have lived here for three months.

B. Eating Indian food is one of the habits when I lived in Indian three months ago.

C. Because I still live in India, I find Indian food strange to eat.

D. I have to eat Indian food to get used to eat as I have to live in India.

3. “Don't touch the hot cooker," my mother said.

A. My mother promised me to touch the hot cooker.

B. My mother warned me not to touch the hot cooker.

C. My mother suggested me not touching the hot cooker.

D. My mother reminded me of touching the hot cooker.

4. Stop giving me a hard time, I could not do anything about it.

A. Don't make me feel guilty because I couldn't do anything about it.

B. I could not do anything about it because I am going through a hard time.

C. Going through a hard time doesn't help me do anything about it.

D. I couldn't do anything about it so I would stop.

5. I hope you stay in touch with me even when you are back to the U.S.A.

A. I want you to stay with me and not to come back to the U.S.A.

B. I hope to meet you in the U.S.A.

C. I want us to be connected even if you are in the U.S.A.

D. I want to stay close to you so I will come to the U.S.A.

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