2 Đề thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh có đáp án năm 2021 - 2022

2 Đề thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh có đáp án nằm trong bộ đề đề luyện thi chuyên Anh lớp 10 có đáp án mới nhất trên VnDoc.com. Đề thi chuyên Anh vào lớp 10 có đáp án gồm nhiều dạng bài tập nâng cao tiếng Anh 9 mới khác nhau được biên tập bám sát chương trình học giúp học sinh lớp 9 rèn luyện những kỹ năng làm bài thi hiệu quả và đạt điểm cao trong kì thi vào 10 chuyên Anh năm 2021 - 2022 sắp tới đây.

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Đề thi tiếng Anh chuyên vào 10 có đáp án - Đề số 1

Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

1. A. overhead

B. teammate

C. beacon

D. reader

2. A. challenge

B. snatch

C. brochure

D. chocolate

3. A. forward

B. steward

C. coward

D. award

4. A. teenager

B. sugar

C. ginger

D. giant

5. A. jolly


C. army

D. crystal

Read each of the following lists of four words and choose one word that dot belong in each list.

6. A. earthquake

B. tornado

C. typhoon

D. famine

7. A. English

B. physics

C. institute

D. linguistics

8. A. light

B. bulb

C. lamp

D. fire

9. A. shoes

B. shorts

C. jeans

D. trousers

10. A. hurt

B. tight

C. injured

D. bleeding

Choose the correct answer to complete each of the following sentences.

11. My mother is________ in her use of gas when cooking.

A. economical

B. economizing

C. economized

D. economic

12. It is not very easy to study a foreign language by___________ .


B. himself

C. itself

D. herself

13.- “Shall I put the books on the floor?”

“No, I want to keep the_______

A. tidy room

B. room tidily

C. room is tidy

D. room tidy

14.Our form teacher couldn’t come to the party, ___ was a pity.


B. which

C. what

D. this

15.There’s somebody behind us. I think we______________ .

A.are following

B. follow

C.have followed

D. are being followed

16.Their washing machine was out of________ , so they couldn’t wash any clothes.


B. work

C. order

D. condition

17.Could you____ me how to use this new telephone?


B. show

C. say

D. remember

18.His wife’s death was a terrible shock and it took him a long time to__________it.

A.get round

B. come through

C. go over

D. get over

19.They’d like to move to London, but their children will never agree__________ .

A.with going

B. to go

C. with go

D. going

20.When she looked in her purse she found she had been _________.


B. thieved

C. stolen


21.I have told him never______ here again.


B. comes

C. came

D.to come

22.A good friend will____ . you when you’re having problems.

A.stand by

B. stand out for

C. stand against

D.stand in

23.The fruit tasted sweet, rather_______ a peach.


B. like

C. as

D. similar

24.Her car’s outside so I suppose she________ have arrived.


B. can

C. should


25.My sister is an expert on wildlife and its______________ .


B. preserve

C. reservation

D. conservation

26.A lot needs______ to the house before anyone can move in.


B. be done

C. to do

D. done

27.We had so many problems with the car that____________ we sold it and bought a new one.

A.at the end

B. in the end

C. by the end

D. to the end

28.I’ve never been______ insulted in my life.


B. such

C. quite

D. much

29.She had changed so much that______ anyone recognized her.


B. hardly

C. not

D. nearly

30.As well as__________in an office he used to have a part-time job as a waiter.

A.to work

B. he worked

C. he was working

D. working

31.This is______ the most difficult job I’ve ever had to do.

A.by far

B. by chance

C. by heart

D. by myself

32.His parents think it’s time he______married.

A.will get

B. gets

C. got

D. would get

33.They are___________their house because they need more bedrooms.


B. extending

C. adding

D. growing

34.The taxi drew_____ at the gate promptly at six o’clock.


B. along

C. outside

D. over

35.The road was_____ away during the storm last night.


B. flowed

C. washed

D. rained

36. _______many times I tell him, he always forgets to pass on phone messages.



C. However

D. Whenever

37.This sort of music was very_______ in the 1960s.



C. favourite

D. popular

38.They’ll never_____ to get here by six; the roads are quite busy today.



C. succeed

D. able

39.The instructor warned the students______ swimming alone in the pool.



C. about

D. out of

40.Sam was accused of stealing some_________ documents from the safe.



C. confiding

D. confided

There is a mistake in the four underlined parts of each sentence. Find the mistakes (A, B, C, or D).

41. If there were no alternative (A ) we will (B) try to get (C) enough people interested (D) to charter the bus.

42. Dew usually disappeared (A) by (B) seven o’clock in the (C) morning when (D) the sun comes up.

43. If one does not (A) have respect for himself, you (B) cannot expect others (C) to respect him (D).

44. The governor, with his (A) wife and children, are (B) at home watching (C) the election returns (D) on television.

45. We solved (A) the problem by using (B) a computer rather than to do (C) it all by hand (D).

46. Ice skating (A) and to go skiing are (B) popular winter sports (C) in the (D) Northern United States.

47. The surgeon examined the (A) patient quickly (B), and (C) then the operation was begun (D).

48. In recent years (A) great advances forwards (B) have been made (C) in the field of genetic research (D).

49. World hunger it is (A) one of the most (B) urgent problems (C) that we face (D) today.

50. If the water level (A) had raised (B) any higher (C), the dam would probably have broken (D).

Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each question.

Long ago a lot of people thought the moon was a god. Other people thought it was just a light in the sky. And others thought it was a big ball of cheese!

Then telescopes were made. And men saw that the moon was really another world. They wondered what it was like. They dreamed of going there.

On July 20, 1969, that dream came true. Two American men landed on the moon. Their names were Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin.

The first thing the men found was that the moon is covered with dust. The dust is so thick that the men left footprints where they walked. Those were the first marks a living had ever made on the moon. And they could stay there for years and years. There is no wind or rain to wipe them off.

The two men walked on the moon for hours. They picked up rocks to bring back to earth for study. They dug up dirt to bring back. They set up machines to find out things people wanted to know. Then they climbed back into their moon landing craft.

Next day the landing craft roared as the two men took off from the moon. They joined Michael Collins in the spaceship that waited for them above the moon. Then they were off on their long trip back to earth.

Behind them they left the plains and tall mountains of the moon. They left the machines they had set up. And they left footprints that may last forever.

51.This story tells____________ .

A.about the first men to walk on the moon

B.how men found footprints on the moon

C.what the men brought back from their trip to the moon

D.who had left footprints on the moon before the two men landed there

52.A telescope___________ .

A.makes balls of light seem brighter

B.turns the moon into another world

C.makes many of men’s dream come true

D.makes faraway things seem closer

53.The men brought rocks and dirt from the moon because________________________ .

A.they wanted something to show they were there

B.people wanted to use them to learn about the moon

C.they wanted to keep them as souvenirs

D.they might sell them to scientists

54.The American machines will most likely stay on the moon until______________ .

A.someone takes them away

B.a storm covers them with dust

C.rain and wind destroy them

D.they become rusty and break to pieces

55.The next people who go to the moon most likely could______________ .

A.find that the machines have disappeared

B.leave the first set of footprints on the moon

C.find the places where Armstrong and Aldrin walked

D.find that dust has wiped off the two men’s footprints

Read the passage and choose the correct answer to complete each of the following questions.

The bee, like the ant, is a social insect. Bees live in groups in a hive, and every bee does certain work that helps the other members of the group. In a beehive there are three kinds of bees: the queen bee, the drones, and the workers. The worker bees go from flower to flower collecting nectar, or juice, which is composed mostly of sugar mixed with water. Bees draw this nectar into the honey sacks of their bodies, and enzymes in their bodies turn the nectar into honey. This newly made honey oozes from the underside of the bees and is stored in cells in the hive to be used as food during the winter months. Some people are in the honey business and keep hundreds of hives. Beekeepers remove honey from the hives and pack it in bottles or jars. Honey usually appears as a clear golden-colored liquid, but this depends on the kind of flower from which the bees have taken the nectar.

56.Bees are called social insects because they___________ .

A.live in groups B.live near people

C.need beekeepers D.work hard

57.What do bees do with nectar?

A.it into sugar.

B.Convert it into honey.

C.Give it to the queen bee.

D.Use it to build their hives.

58.From the passage, we know that honey is sold in___________ .

A.beehives B.golden-colored packs

C.honey sacks D.bottles or jars

59.The word “oozes” in the passage mostly means____________ .

A.shows clearly

B.flows slowly

C.is used

D.is stored

60.The color of honey in its final stage depends on the___________ .

A.type of flower from which the nectar was taken

B.amount of sugar the beekeepers give the bees

C.quantity of water available to the bees

D.season in which the nectar was collected

Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D fits each space.


Nathan Hall is the most superstitious athlete I (61)__________ . I (62)____ him at the first international race. Just before the race started, I saw him take a silver ring out of his pocket, (63)_________ it for a moment, kiss it, and put it on one of his fingers.

Nathan (64)_____ the race, so I interviewed him and asked about the ring.

“It’s my lucky ring,” he said, “I always (65)_______ it with me to races, I (66)_______ it in my pocket before the race start, and I (67)_________ it on this finger during the race. It always (68)______ .

I just smiled. Nathan is a great athlete, and he doesn’t need to (69)______________ magic to be successful. Even if he (70)_______ his ring one day, he will still be one of the fastest runners I have ever known!

(By Gabriel Linton)

61. A.know

B. meet

C. befriend

D. see

62. A. knew

B. met

C. acquainted

D. saw

63. A. watch

B. observe

C. look at

D. stare at

64. A. earned

B. achieved

C. triumphed

D. won

65. A. take

B. bring

C. carry

D. wear

66. A. place

B. put

C. carry

D. use

67. A. place

B. bring

C. carry

D. wear

68. A. does

B. succeeds

C. works

D. makes

69. A. hold

B. fetch

C. use

D. wear

70. A.loses

B. misses

C. forgets

D. leaves

Choose one sentence that has different meaning to the root one.

71.lt isn’t necessary for you to finish the work by Saturday.

A.You don’t have to finish the work by Saturday.

B.You needn’t finish the work by Saturday.

C.It is unimportant for you to finish the work by Saturday.

D.It is not essential that you finish the work by Saturday.

72.My brother finds driving on the left difficult.

A.My brother hardly has any difficulty driving on the left.

B.My brother doesn’t find it easy to drive on the left.

C.My brother isn’t used to driving on the left.

D.My brother isn’t accustomed to driving on the left.

73.What a pity you failed your driving test!

A.I wish you had passed your driving test.

B.I wish you hadn’t failed your driving test.

C.If only you had managed to pass your driving test.

D.If only you had attempted to pass your driving test.

74.Although he had a good salary, he was unhappy in his job.

A.In spite of his good salary, he was unhappy in his job.

C.He was not happy in his job because of getting a poor salary.

D.Despite the fact that he got much money, he was not happy in his job.

C.He was discontented with his job in spite of getting much money.

75.I advise you to put your money in the bank.

A.You’d better put your money in the bank.

B.If I were you, I’d put money in the bank.

C.You should put your money in the bank.

D.It’s not much good putting your money in the bank.

Choose the right phrase or clause to complete each of the following sentences.

76.Captain Henry,________ , crept slowly through the underbrush.

A.being remote from the enemy

B.attempting not to encounter the enemy

C.trying to avoid the enemy

D.not involving himself in the enemy

77.Tommy was one_______ .

A.of the happier children of his class

B.of the happiest child in the class

C.child who was the happiest of all the class

D..of the happiest children in the class

78._____ he began to make friends more easily.

A.Having entered school in the new city, it was found that

B.After entering the new school

C.When he had been entering the new school

D.Upon entering into the new school

79.Many of the current international problems we are now facing_________ .

A.linguistic incompetencies

B.are the result of misunderstanding

C.are because of not understanding themselves

D.lacks of the intelligent capabilities of understanding each other

80.Mr. Davy is a noted chemist_______ .

A.as well as an effective teacher

B.and too a very effective teacher

C.but he teaches very good in addition

D.however he teaches very good also

Đáp án










































41.B (would)

46.A (To go ice skating)

42.A (disappears)

47.D (began the operation)

43.B (he)


44.B (is)

49.A (is)

45.C (doing)

50.B (risen)
































Đề thi vào chuyên Anh lớp 10 có đáp án - Đề số 2

Choose the word with the underlined part pronounced differently from the others’ in each line.

1. A. heir B. hour C. how D. exhibit

2. A. parachute B. chorus C. scheme D. choir

3. A. season B. television C. pleasure D. decision

4. A.closed B. marked C. believed D. travelled

5. A. thirsty B. health C. thoughtful D. smooth

Decide the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others ineach line.

6. A. recording B. luxury C. interval D. valueless

7. A.elude B. approach C. receive D. answer

8. A. arrival B. avoidance C. researcher D. calorie

9. A. business B. understand C. seventeen D. engineer

10. A. Considerate B. astrology C. calculator D. interpreter

Choose the right option for each gap in the following sentences.

11. Thank you for your help.l___________ able to finish my thesis without it.

A. was never

B. would never be

C. would have never been

D. had never been

12. I really need__________ . Can we have a talk?

A. advices

B. an advice

C. some advices

D. some advice

13. My uncle's main__________ for going abroad was his poor health.

A. reason

B. cause

C. desire

D. ground

14. Under no circumstances___________ give up hope

A. you should

B. can you

C. must you

D. are you to

15. Is English used by a __________s a number of speakers than any other language?

A. bigger

B. larger

C. more enormous

D. more massive

16. After her father’s death, she came into__________of a great fortune.

A. possess

B. possession

C. possessive

D. possessively

17. The American government is__________ to ease the problem of limited income of their senior citizens.

A. putting an end

B. taking steps

C. ringing a bell

D. making a fuss

18. You want to buy a paper but only have a note. You need some__________ .

A. small money

B. little money

C. change

D. exchange

19. This painting has been in the family over a(n) __________.

A. epoch

B. generation

C. era

D. age

20. Many of the jobs which have been created in this area can be directly__________to tourism.

A. supported

B. dedicated

C. attracted

D. attributed

21. I’m afraid Grandfather’s writing is becoming more and more__________ .

A. illegible

B. illiterate

C. eligible

D. incoherent

22. Your progress will be__________ in six months’ time.

A. counted

B. evaluated

C. valued

D. enumerated

23. The girl packed the vase in polyester foam __________ it would not break in the post.

A. So as

B. so long as

C.with a view

D. in order that

24. It is very difficult to decide__________ is better, Nam and Minh.

A. who

B. whom

C. whoever

D. which

25. Computers will act as judges__________ they are programmed with all the information.

A. once

B. so that

C. before

D. even if

One of the four underlined parts marked A, B, C, D in each sentence is not correctin standard English. Define them.

26. Medical research indicates what (A) large amounts (B) of histamines can be responsible (C) for colds (D), hay fever, and other respiratory reactions.

27. Tropical forests exist (A) close (B) the equator, where (C) both high temperatures and abundant rainfall occur year-round (D).

28. The ease with which (A) houseplants can grown (B) causes them to be (C) popular among (D) amateur horticulturists.

29. Paintings of a religious, ceremonial, or history (A) character (B) tend (C) to elevate their subjects above the level of ordinary (D) existence.

30. The discovery (A) of magnetic (B) effects of coils made possible (C) to measure an (D) electric current.

Give the correct forms of the verbs in brackets to complete the following sentences.

31. I’ve got a job in Korea so I (live) __________ there for the next two years.

32. By the time I got back to the bathroom, the bath (overflow) __________ .

33. Our computer was broken and we hoped the new one (arrive) __________ soon.

34. Plants and vegetables (disappear) __________ from my garden since we had new neighbours.

35-36. Helen (break) __________ her leg while she (ski) __________ in Switzerland.

37. I hope that I (finish) __________ my report by dinner time.

38. She (suffer) __________ from flu when she was interviewed.

39. A great deal (happen) __________ since I last spoke to you.

40. The guests (arrive) __________since about 6 o’clock.

Choose the best word or phrase from the box to complete each sentence.

cover was going commonplace economical result support sum turning outcame oases capital distinctive

41. I __________over my essay when the bell rang.

42. She has lost her handbag with the considerable __________of $5,000 in it.

43. The land loses its protective ___________ of vegetation and soon turns into desert.

44. Overpopulation tends to create conditions which may ______ in famine afterthe failure of a single crop.

45. Our civilization is so__________ to us that rarely do we stop to think about itscomplexity.

46. It is usually__________ to buy washing powder in large quantities.

47. Most developing countries are in need of__________ and technical assistance.

48. One of the most__________ features of humans ts surely the ability to makeand use sophisticated tools.

49.When I was _________ my cupboard I came across this photograph of Uncle Kim.

50. These Sundays were the __________ of human contact in the desert of my loneliness.

Read the following passage and choose the correct answer to each question.

Accustomed though we are to speaking of the films made before 1927 as "silent", the film has never been, in the full sense of the word, silent. From the very beginning, music was regarded as an indispensable accompaniment; when the Lumiere films were shown at the first public film exhibition in the United States in February 1896, they were accompanied by piano improvisations on popular tunes. At first, the music played bore no special relationship to the films; an accompaniment of any kind was sufficient.

Within a very short time, however, the incongruity of playing lively music to a solemn film became apparent, and film pianists began to take some care in matching their pieces to the mood of the film.

As movie theaters grew in number and importance, a violinist, and perhaps a cellist, would be added to the pianist in certain cases, and in the larger movie theaters small orchestras were formed. For a number of years the selection of music for each film program rested entirely in the hands of the conductor or leader of the orchestra, and very often the principal qualification for holding such a position was not skill or taste so much as the ownership of a large personal library of musical pieces. Since the conductor seldom saw the films until the night before they were to be shown (if, indeed, the conductor was lucky enough to see them then), the musical arrangement was normally improvised in the greatest hurry.

To help meet this difficulty, film distributing companies started the practice of publishing suggestions for musical accompaniments. In 1909, for example, the Edison Company began issuing with their films such indications of mood as "pleasant, "sad", "lively". The suggestions became more explicit, and so emerged the musical cue sheet containing indications of mood, the titles of suitable pieces of music, and precise directions to show where one piece led into the next. Certain films had music especially composed for them. The most famous of these early special scores was that composed and arranged for D.W. Griffith's film Birth of a Nation, which was released in 1915.

51. The passage mainly discusses music that was__________ .

A. performed before the showing of a film

B. played during silent films

C. specifically composed for certain movie theaters

D. recorded during film exhibitions

52. What can be inferred about the majority of films made after 1927?

A. They were truly "silent".

B. They were accompanied by symphonic orchestras.

C. They incorporated the sound of the actors’ voices.

D. They corresponded to specific musical compositions.

53. The word "solemn" in the passage is closest in meaning to__________ .

A. simple

B. serious

C. short

D. silent

54. It can be inferred that orchestra conductors who worked in movie theatersneeded to __________.

A. be able to play many instruments

B. have pleasant voices

C. be familiar with a wide variety of music

D. be able to compose original music

55. The word "them" in the passage refers to__________ .

A. years

B. hands

C. pieces

D . films

56. According to the passage, what kind of business was the Edison Company?

A. It produced electricity.

B. It distributed films.

C. It published musical arrangements.

D. It made musical instruments.

57. It may be inferred from the passage that the first musical cue sheets appeared around __________.

A. 1896

B. 1909

C. 1915

D. 1927

58. Which of the following notations is most likely to have been included on a musical cue sheet of the early 1900's?

A. "Calm, peaceful"

B. “Piano, violin"

C. "Key of C major"

D. "Directed by D.W. Griffith"

59. The word “composed” in the passage is closest in meaning to__________ .

A. selected

B. combined

C. played

D. created

60. The passage probably continues with a discussion of __________.

A. famous composers of the early twentieth century

B. other films directed by D.W. Griffith

C. silent films by other directors

D. the music in Birth of a Nation

Insert a suitable word in each blank to complete the following passage.

When you want to book a flight to a certain place, visit your nearest travel agent. Tell the travel agent the (61) __________ when you want to travel and the destination to which you want to go. The travel agent will then type this information (62) __________a small computer. After checking everything on the computer screen, he/ she will (63) __________this information to a central computer. This central computer contains all information about bookings and destinations, and sends a reply, showing which are the (64) __________ suitable flights. It also shows whether the flights are fully booked or not. The information (65) __________ is now shown on the small computer screen is continually changing as other bookings are (66) __________ in other parts of the world.The travel agent now types in your booking. Then the computer will ask for your name and address as (67) __________ as for other information. It will also ask (68) __________ you will pay for your tickets (in cash or by credit card). Next the computer confirms the booking and makes a request for payment. When you have paid (69) __________ for your ticket, the travel agent types this information into the computer as well. Finally, some computers print out a ticket before you (70) __________ the travel agent's.

Write a complete paragraph, using the following suggestions.

71. When a plane from London/ arrive/ Sydney airport/ workers/ begin/ unload/wooden boxes/ contain clothing


72. No one/ account for/ the fact/one /boxes / extremely heavy.


73.One / the workers / happen / open up/ the box.


74. He/ astonish / at / what / he find.


75. A man / lie/ in box/ on top / a file / woolen goods.


76. The man / so surpied /being discovered /did not /even try / run away.


77. He / admit /hide / the box / before / the plane / leave London.


78. Have / long and uncomfortable trip / confined /the box /over ten hours.


79. The man / ordered / pay £345/ the cost / the trip.


80. Normal price/ a ticket/ £230!



1.C 2.A 3.A 4.B 5.D

6.A 7.D 8.D 9.A 10. C

11.C 12.D 13.A 14.D 15.B

16. B 17.B 18.C 1 9. B 20. D

21.A 22.B 23.D 24. A 25.A

26. A 27.B 28.B 29.B 30.C

31. will be living; 32. had overflowed; 33. would arrive;

34. have been disappearing; 35-36. broke — was skiing;

37. will have finished; 38. had been suffering;

39. has happened; 40. have been arriving;

41. was going; 42. sum;

43. cover; 44. result;

45. commonplace; 46. economical;

47. Capital; 48. distinctive;

49. turning out; 50. oases;

51.B 52.C 53. B 54.C 55.D

56. B 57.B 58. A 59.D 60. D

61. date/time 62. into 63. send 64. most 65. which

66. made 67. well 68. how 69. for 70. leave

71. When a plane from London arrived at Sydney airport, workers began tounload the wooden boxes that/ which contained clothing.

72. No one could account for the fact that one of the boxes was extremely heavy.

73. One of the workers happened to open up the box.

74. He was astonished at what he found.

75. A man was lying in the box on top of a file of woolen goods.

76. The man was so surprised at being discovered and did not even try to run away.

77. He admitted hiding in the box before the plane left London.

78. He had a long and uncomfortable trip being confined in the box over ten hours.

79. The man was ordered to pay £345 for the cost of the trip.

80. The normal price of a ticket/ was (only) £230!

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