Đề thi TOEFL năm 1995

Đề thi TOEFL mẫu có đáp án

Đề thi TOEFL năm 1995 gồm đề thi của tháng 08 và tháng 10 năm 1995. Đây là tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích với các bạn có ý định hoặc sắp thi TOEFL, với hai đề thi này, các bạn có thể ôn tập và làm quen với cách ra đề của TOEFL, từ đó có hướng ôn tập tốt nhất.

Đề thi TOEFL năm 1995


1. (A) He makes a lot of money.
(B) He has just been left some money.
(C) He doesn't believe three hundred dollars is enough.
(D) He can't afford to spend that much.

2. (A) He knows what is wrong with the watch.
(B) The woman doesn't need to buy another battery.
(C) The woman should get a new watch.
(D) The jewelry store can probably repair the woman's watch.

3. (A) He has another meeting to attend on that day.
(B) He's available either day.
(C) He can't attend a two-day conference.
(D) Not everybody will go to the same meeting.

4. (A) Go to the beach with her friends.
(B) Postpone her meeting with Professor Jones.
(C) See Professor Jones after class.
(D) Give a speech in Professor Jones's class.

5. (A) She isn't a very good student.
(B) She hasn't gotten her grades yet.
(C) She shouldn't worry about her grades.
(D) She doesn't like to talk about grades.

6. (A) The classes have improved his health.
(B) His new glasses fit better than the old ones.
(C) He's thinking of taking exercise classes.
(D) He's unhappy about his life.

7. (A) She also found the book difficult.
(B) She has learned a lot about names.
(C) She doesn't remember the title of the novel.
(D) She read a different book.

8. (A) They'll have to go to a later show.
(B) The people in line all have tickets.
(C) She doesn't want to go to the second show.
(D) They won't have to wait much longer.

9. (A) If it's too late for her to drop the course.
(B) If she sympathizes with him.
(C) If she apologized for what she did.
(D) If she regrets taking the course.

10. (A) She'll be traveling during winter break.
(B) She'll be working during vacation.
(C) She's looking forward to going home.
(D) She wants to hire another research assistant.

11. (A) He's glad he called the doctor.
(B) He wants to change the appointment.
(C) He can't come until 4:15.
(D) He was confused about the date of the appointment.

12. (A) No one believes he won the scholarship.
(B) He's surprised that he got the scholarship.
(C) It isn't true that he won the scholarship.
(D) He's glad to award the woman the scholarship.

13. (A) During economics class.
(B) Before economics.
(C) In about an hour.
(D) The next day.

14. (A) The nurse wasn't able to help her.
(B) She's going to help the nurse.
(C) She thinks she should ask the nurse for a pill.
(D) She feels sleepy because of the medicine she took.

15. (A) Whether she can make a proposal.
(B) Whether Bill needs her help.
(C) Whether she can review Bill's summary.
(D) Whether she can speak for Bill.

16. (A) He can't wear the shirt right now.
(B) He can't find the shirt.
(C) He doesn't like the shirt.
(D) He thinks the shirt is inappropriate for the occasion.

17. (A) He has three classes in a row.
(B) His class begins at one o'clock.
(C) His class meets for three hours.
(D) He will be in class all afternoon.

18. (A) The team won despite poor play.
(B) The team has to play at least one game.
(C) At least the football team played well.
(D) The team should have won the game.

19. (A) She needed warmer clothing than in previous summers.
(B) She knitted two sweaters in August.
(C) August was warmer than the rest of the summer.
(D) She was unusually busy all summer.

20. (A) If the man is going to the store.
(B) How the man feels about the news.
(C) If the man is going to lose his job.
(D) Where the man heard the news.

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