Đề thi TOEFL năm 1998

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Đề thi TOEFL năm 1998 gồm các đề thi TOEFL tháng 01, tháng 05, tháng 08 và tháng 10 năm 1998. Bộ đề thi giúp các bạn ôn tập Tiếng Anh hiệu quả và làm quen với đề thi TOEFL, mời các bạn tham khảo.

Đề thi TOEFL năm 1998


1. (A) Each person will be allowed to buy only one ticket.
(B) The tickets will sell out quickly.
(C) The rock concert will probably be rescheduled.
(D) There will be extra tickets at the rock concert.

2. (A) Board the train.
(B) Send a fax.
(C) Change his departure time.
(D) Have breakfast.

3. (A) The woman should cut his hair again.
(B) He wants the woman to cut his hair extremely short.
(C) He's bald and doesn't need a haircut.
(D) The woman previously cut off too much of his hair.

4. (A) The manager took the man's keys.
(B) The man has too many keys.
(C) The man often misplaces his keys.
(D) The same thing happened to her.

5. (A) She has to practice her speech.
(B) She doesn't like seafood.
(C) She thinks the restaurant is too expensive.
(D) She will accompany the man to the restaurant.

6. (A) Try to find out who the wallet belongs to.
(B) Keep the wallet until someone comes looking for it.
(C) Leave the wallet where she found it.
(D) Get the attention of the person who dropped the wallet.

7. (A) The program begins on Sunday.
(B) He'll meet the woman on Saturday.
(C) They could watch the program on Sunday.
(D) His cousin arrives on Sunday.

8. (A) She can't help the man look for another platter.
(B) She forgot the platter had been broken.
(C) She didn't realize the platter had been broken.
(D) She doesn't want the man to replace the platter.

9. (A) The woman can take a bus to the museum.
(B) The woman should wait in front of the museum.
(C) He doesn't know where the museum is.
(D) There's only one bus that travels down Main Street.

10. (A) She'd like to take a later flight.
(B) They should leave for the airport immediately.
(C) They won't arrive late.
(D) She isn't afraid to travel alone.

11. (A) Look for owls with the man.
(B) Meet the man at the owl exhibit.
(C) Call the radio station.
(D) Listen to the broadcast.

12. (A) There is a charge for overdue materials.
(B) He'll return the videotapes tomorrow.
(C) He'll pay someone to return the videotapes.
(D) The media center is probably already closed.

13. (A) What lie can do about the woman's problem.
(B) Whether the woman can take care of his pets.
(C) Whether the woman has any cats.
(D) Where the woman is going.

14. (A) She left the library at 12:30.
(B) She canceled the meeting unexpectedly.
(C) She has already arrived at the library.
(D) She is consulting with the reference librarian

15. (A) He does not know who Michelle is.
(B) He has gotten a job as a messenger.
(C) He does not want to deliver the note.
(D) He waits to tell the woman what Michelle said.

16. (A) The woman should have been more considerate.
(B) He probably won't do well on Friday's test.
(C) The woman hasn't caused a problem.
(D) The woman should help him study for the test.

17. (A) Complain to the student government about her professor.
(B) Take trigonometry instead of calculus.
(C) Offer to tutor other math students.
(D) Get a math tutor to help her out.

18. (A) She's usually busy working.
(B) She moved out in the middle of the term.
(C) She doesn't have time to go to the newspaper office.
(D) She's looking for a new roommate.

19. (A) He has already finished his assignment.
(B) He's bothering the woman.
(C) He forgot to attend class.
(D) He's willing to help the woman.

20. (A) Get a good night's sleep so she'll feel better.
(B) Apply for a job at the jazz club.
(C) Listen to his recordings of jazz music.
(D) Go out for some entertainment.

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