Ôn thi vào lớp 10 chuyên đề Chia dạng đúng của từ Tiếng Anh

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Choose the correct answer.

1. How many ___________ took part in the 22 nd SEA Games?

A. competitors

B. competitive

C. competes

D. competitions

2. Boys often enjoy doing things in a ___________ way.

A. create

B. creative

C. creativity

D. creatively

3. The problem of ________ among young people is hard to solve.

A. employment

B. employees

C. employers

D. unemployment

4. Some people are concerned with physical___________ when choosing a wife or husband.

A. attractive

B. attraction

C. attractiveness

D. attractively

5. He can’t hear because of his ___________

A. deaf

B. deafness

C. deafen

D. deafened

6. These countries are ___________ in exporting shrimps.

A. prefer

B. preference

C. preferential

D. preferentially

7. The children ___________ high grade at school.

A. achieve

B. achievement

C. achievable

D. achieving

8. His pronunciation causes me a lot of ________.

A. difficulties

B. difficult

C. difficulty

D. difficultly

9 . She was the first in her family to enjoy the privilege of a university ________.

A. educated

B. educational

C. educating

D. education

10. Buckingham Palace is a major tourist ________ in London.

A. attract

B. attraction

C. attractive

D. attractiveness

11. Is pointing at someone ________ rude in your country?

A. consider

B. to consider

C. considered

D. considering

12. Some species of rare animals are in ________ of extinction.

A. danger

B. dangerous

C. dangerously

D. endanger

13. Electronic music is a kind of music in which sounds are produced __________ .

A. electron

B. electric

C. electronic

D. electronically

14. He has been very interested in doing research on _______ since he was at high school.

A. biology

B. biological

C. biologist

D. biologically

15. Are you sure that boys are more _______ than girls?

A. act

B. active

C. action

D. activity

16. These quick and easy _______ can be effective in the short term, but they have a cost.

A. solve

B. solvable

C. solutions

D. solvability

17. Can you tell me about the ________ process to tertiary study in Vietnam?

A. apply

B. applicable

C. application

D. applicant

18. Housework is ________ shared between them.

A. equally

B. equal

C. equality

D. equalizing

19. Mrs. Tam has never lost her _________ for teaching.

A. enthusiastic

B. enthusiasm

C. enthusiast

D. enthusiastically

20. Don't forget to say goodbye to the ___________ before leaving the office.

A. interviewer

B. interviewing

C. interviewee

D. interview


1. The ao dai is the _____ dress of Vietnamese women. TRADITION

2. Tet holiday is the most important _____ for Vietnamese people. CELEBRATE

3. We have to be _____ when riding our bikes on the streets. CARE

4. The old man walked _____ to the park. SLOW

5. The author's _____ is communicated through his song. HAPPY

6. We find Huong very _____. COMMUNICATE

7. They went to see most of the __________places. INTEREST

8. His sudden _____ must be a shock to her and her family. DIE

9. The other _____ admired him. COMPLETE

10. We can only get their by plane. There is no _____. CHOOSE


1. Sony is a big firm which is _____ in Vietnamese's market. COMPETE

2. Doctors and _______ have reported on how we are all affected by the noise around us. SCIENCE

3. The __________ between Vietnam and China is recovered. FRIEND

4. The boss refused to meet the Union's _____. DELEGATE

5. Many _____________ activities will be held tomorrow. CULTURE

6. She _____________ with me for an hour about the future job yesterday. REASON

7. The _____ of the moon for the earth causes the tides. ATTRACT

8. Our team played _____. We lost. SUCCESS

9. It is said that Hue is a _____ city. PEACE

10. He came first in the _____. COMPETE


1. Good _____were the keys to the success of the 23th Sea Games. PREPARE

2. We are _____ interested in AIDS. ESPECIAL

3. Women have to keep their _____. GENTLE

4. We all have our _____. WEAK

5. His _____ makes him jobless. SHY

6. Your answer is _____ right. EXACT

7. Everyone admires her _____ to help the poor. READY

8. Dick becomes _____ because of his laziness. JOB

9. I put my book near the desk for _____. CONVENIENT

10. She has one of the biggest stamp _____ in Britain. COLLECT


1. The gas from the chemical factory was extremely _____. HARM

2. D. E. Huges was the _____ of microphone. INVENT

3. There are a lot of _____festivals in Vietnam. TRADITION

4. They work hard in order to _____ good crops from poor soil. PRODUCT

5. I hope there won,t be too much _____ in getting a work permission. DIFFICULT

6. The children are more _____ in cartoon. INTERST

7. Many tourists have been attracted by the _____ of Ha Long Bay. BEAUTIFUL

8. Designers have _____ the ao dai for ages. MODERN

9. She divorced him because of his _____ to the children. KIND

10. They love Thanh Lam because of her _____ voice. BEAUTY


1. His _____ made him jump out of his seat. EXCITE

2. I like him because he always talks to his parents _____. POLITE

3. Many _____ choose to go to this part of the seaside. SWIM

4. Those boys and girls were _____ by the performance of the clown. FASCINATE

5. Money can't buy _____. HAPPY

6. Islam is one of the great world _____. RELIGIOUS

7. He learns very well and his parents are very _____ of him. PRIDE

8. They hate being _____ on their parents. DEPEND

9. If you want to attend the course, you must pass the _____ examination. WRITE

10. The weather was fine yesterday. It was _____ and sunny. CLOUD


1. Polluted water can _____ do harm to people's health. DIRECT

2. She broke the vase because of her _____. CARE

3. I think English is an _____ subject. IMPORTANCE

4. Trinh Cong Son is one of the most well-known _____ in Vietnam. MUSIC

5. Many people enjoy the pleasure and _____ of living downtown. COVENIENT

6. It is a _____ to meet you. PLEASE

7. He wants to make a good _____ on everyone he meets. IMPRESS

8. It is my great _____ to meet you at this important meeting. PLEASE

9. There were two _____ between the two programs. DIFFER

10. There are many _____ programs at the Festival in Hue. CULTURE


1. That _____ has composed a lot of beautiful songs. MUSIC

2. Lucy got _____ quickly and went for work. DRESS

3. He drives so _____ that he often has accidents. CARE

4. The computer is one of the most marvelous _____ in our modern age. INVENT

5. Housework has _____ been regarded as women's work. TRADITION

6. You must write your _____ form clearly. APPLY

7. He was very _____ of the work he had done. PRIDE

8. The children are playing _____ on the beach. HAPPY

9. The children are more _____ in cartoons. INTEREST

10. We started our trip on a beautiful _____ morning. SUN


1. You have to keep your _____ from that snake. DISTANT

2. They are _____ greeted by the native. WARM

3. The _____ by the little girl was a great hit. PERFORM

4. Some young people today have a very strange _____. APPEAR

5. You don't have to do that work. In other words, it's _____ for you. NECESSITY

6. Although she is rich, she lives _____. UNHAPPY

7. They went to see most of the _____ places. INTEREST

8. Air _____ makes us unhealthy. POLLUTE

9. They have made careful _____ for the demonstration. PREPARE

10. We all looked _____ after the summer holiday. HEALTH


1. I find that this magazine is very _____. INFORM

2. It was an _____ day. ENJOY

3. Thanks to television, people can get the latest _____ around the world quickly. INFORM

4. The Internet has _____ developed and became part of our daily life. INCREASE

5. Because of his _____ driving, she caused an accident. CARE

6. In recent years, there has been many _____ in science. DEVELOP

7. The plane arrived _____ after a violent storm. SAFE

8. _____ air does a lot of harm to our life. POLLUTE

9. I had a good _____ on this film. IMPRESS

10. His result was _____ excellent. AMAZE


1. Wearing casual clothes helps students have freedom of _____. CHOOSE

2. Telephone is one of the greatest _____ in 19th century. INVENT

3. Van Cao is one of the most famous _____ in Vietnam. MUSIC

4. I think the Internet is a _____ device to get information. USE

5. I sent her a letter last month but I have received no _____ from her. RESPOND

6. Food and clothing are _____ of life. NECESSARY

7. She can find no _____ to her financial troubles. SOLVE

8. All _____ to Washington are delayed because of the bad weather. FLY

9. The _____ of their house left them no place to live. DESTROY

10. We all looked _____ after the summer holidays. HEALTH


1. The ______________ of people prefer TV to radio. MAJOR

2. The next stage in the ______________ of television is interactive TV. DEVELOP

3. The country,s official ______________ of Malaysia is Islam. RELIGIOUS

4. I like this website because it is ______________ for me. USE

5. I hope to speak English as ______________ as my teacher. GOOD

6. The ______________ of the new guest caused trouble to my aunt. ARRIVE

7. He learns very well and his parents are ______________ of him. PRIDE

8. Many ______________ have made lots of changes to The ao dai. DESIGN

9. Thousands of people have been made ______________ by the flood. HOME

10. She was ______________ because her mother was sick. HAPPY


1. We take _____ in being students of one of the most famous schools in this city. PROUD

2. What is the _____ between the ao dai nowadays and the one 100 years ago? DIFFERENT

3. The government has plans to ___________________ this city. MODERN

4. Those boys are ________________ to talk to. INTEREST

5. The earthquake in Kobe in 1995 caused ______________ damage. DISASTER

6. ________________, people eat sticky rice cakes at Tet. TRADITION

7. He is an ___________________ of this newspaper. EDITION

8. This book is not ___________________. AVAIL

9. It's an ________________ day. ENJOY

10. He _______________ answered these questions. EXACT


Choose the correct answer.

1 - A; 2 - B; 3 - D; 4 - C; 5 - B;

6 - B; 7 - A; 8 - A; 9 - D; 10 - B;

11 - C; 12 - A; 13 - D; 14 - A; 15 - B;

16 - C; 17 - C; 18 - A; 19 - B; 20 - A;

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