Anh Vân Tiếng Anh lớp 9

1.If he sun ( stop)_____shinning, there (be)____no light on earth

2.If I (be)____a millionaire, I (live)____on Mars

3.I wish I (be)____an astronaut in the future

4.I can’t swim. I wish I (cam)____swim

5.I wish I (meet)____her yesterday

6.she wishes she (be)____there last year

7.I wish you (not give)_______them my phone number yesterday

8.Tom wishes someone (give)_____him a job next month

9.If They (invite)______yesterday,I (be)____is a good day tomorrow

10.We (go)___swimming if it (be)___a good day tomorrow

11. if the weather (be)____nice last day,I (go)____for a walk

12.My dog always barks if he (hear)___anything unusual

13.Iff he (not/do)____come soon , I’m not going to wait

14.If the phone (ring)____,can you answer it?

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  • Chít

    1. If the sun stopped shinning, there would be no light on earth

    2. If I were a millionaire, I would live  on Mars

    3. I wish I would be an astronaut in the future

    4. I can’t swim.I wish I could swin

    5. I wish I had met her yesterday

    6. She wishes she had been there last year

    7. I wish you hadn't given them my phone number yesterday

    8. Tom wishes someone would give him a job next month


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    • Bé Cún
      Bé Cún

      1. stopped - would be

      2. were - would live

      3. would be

      4. could

      5. had met

      6. had been

      7. hadn't given

      8. would give

      9. had invited - be is

      10. will go

      11. were - could go

      12. hears

      13. don't come

      14. rings

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      • Cún Con
        Cún Con

        9. If They had invited yesterday,I will be is a good day tomorrow

        10. We will go swimming if it is a good day tomorrow

        11. If the weather were nice last day, I could go for a walk

        12. My dog always barks if he hears anything unusual

        13. If he don't come soon , I’m not going to wait

        14. If the phone rings can you answer it?

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