205 câu chia động từ Tiếng Anh lớp 8

Tenses Ex:

1. My father (plant) some fruit trees in the garden now

2. What your father (do) in the evening? He usually (watch) TV but sometimes he (read) book.

3. Hoa's brother (be) an engineer, but now he (not work) at the moment.

4. We (not go) to the zoo very often.

5. Lan and Phong (be) in the kitchen. They (cook) dinner.

6. What about (play) soccer this afternoon?

7. My sister (be) in the garden. She (water) the flowers.

8. Be quiet! I (study)

9. Look! The plane (fly) toward the airport. It (land).

10. What you (feel) now? - I (feel) hot.

11. We'll go out when the rain (stop)

12. I (stay) here until he (answer) me

13. Wait until I (watch) you.

14. I (send) you some postcards as soon as I (arrive) in London.

15. Listen! Birds (sing).

16. She (not come) until you (be) ready.

17. Bears (like) honey.

18. What you (do) now? - We (play) soccer.

19. Mr. Thanh (teach) me English.

20. Where your mother (be)? She (be) in the bathroom. May be, she (have) a bath.

21. My father (jog) every morning.

22. Look! The bus (come). It (stop) here.

23. The birds (build) their nests when the spring (come)

24. We (visit) Huong pagoda next week.

25. She (have) a meeting tonight.

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