Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 15 SPACE CONQUEST có đáp án (3)

Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 15 SPACE CONQUEST có đáp án

Khi ôn tập bằng cách giải các dạng bài tập có trong Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 15 SPACE CONQUEST có đáp án này, các em học sinh sẽ nhanh chóng hệ thống lại nội dung bài học, biết cách vận dụng các cấu trúc ngữ pháp, từ vựng vừa được học. BST còn hỗ trợ tích cực cho quý thầy cô trong việc hướng dẫn học sinh học tập, ôn luyện. Mời quý thầy cô và các em tham khảo.

Giải bài tập SGK tiếng Anh lớp 11 Test Yourself E (Trang 163-164-165)

Giải bài tập SGK tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 15 SPACE CONQUEST

Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 15 SPACE CONQUEST có đáp án (1)

Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 15 SPACE CONQUEST có đáp án (2)


Choose the word that has the main stress placed differently from that of the others.

1. a. scientist b. president c. engineer d. astronaut

2. a. conquest b. venture c. technical d. artificial.

3. a. biography b. psychological c. approximate d. congratulate

4. a. aspiration b. gravity c. challenge d. fortunate

5. a. success b. cosmonaut c. extreme d. appoint


A. Choose the word or phrase - a, b, c or d - that best completes the sentence or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.

6. The Cosmonaut Training Center at Star City, Russia was named ______ him.

a. of b. on c. for d. after

7. China became the third country in the, world to be able to independently carry ______ manned space flights.

a. on b. out c. off d. over

8. Yuri Gagarin is the first human to fly ______ space.

a. in b. to c. into d. around

9. Man has witnessed a great many significant ______ of science and technology in the past few decades.

a. achieves b. achieved c. achievers d. achievements

10. He was pulled off an extraordinary ______ in completing the voyage single-handedly.

a. feast b. feat c. feature d. fervour

11. Sputnik was the first ______ satellite made by the USSR.

a. manned b. natural c. artificial d. live

12. From his window in space, Gagarin had a view of the Earth that no human beings had done before.

a. discription b. vision c. recognition d. attention

13. The successful flight marked a milestone in China's space project.

a. landmark b. record c. break-up d. progress

14. His flight was in ______ around the Earth at the speed of more than 17,000 miles per hour.

a. orbit b. travel c. circuit d. revolve

15. The use of computer aids in teaching, ______ the role of teachers is still very important.

a. yet b. unless c. despite d. where

B. Choose the word or phrase - a, b, c or d - that best completes the sentence.

16. I think he will join us, ______?

a. doesn't he b. won't he c. will he d. don't I

17. Tom wasn't at the party last night. He must not ______ a ride. I know he wanted to come, but he didn't have a ride.

a. be able to have gotten b. have been able to get

c. to have been able to get d. be able to get

18. Robert ______ a new car for a very good price. He paid 30 percent less than the regular retail cost.

a. could buy b. was supposed to buy c. had to buy d. was able to buy

19. Since they came, we ______ able to work on the project.

a. are b. have been c. have to be d. were

20. After I ______ at the bus terminus, I found a crowd of schoolboys.

a. had arrived b. arrived c. have arrived d had been arriving

21. Seldom ______ such a beautiful sight.

a. have I seen b. I have ever seen c. I saw d. did I ever see

22. No one is indifferent to praise, ______ ?

a. is one b. isn't one c. is he d. are they

23. Somebody has left these socks on the bathroom floor, ______ ?

a. have they b. haven't they c. has he d. hasn't he

24. Despite the bad weather, he ______ get to the airport in time.

a. could b. was able to c. couldn't d. might

25. The existence of many stars in the sky ______ us to suspect that there may be life on another planet.

a. lead b. leads c. leading d. have led


A. Choose the word - a, b, c or d - that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

Is there life on Mars? Many people have (36) _____ about this question. Some writers of science-fiction think of people from Mars (37) _____ little green creatures. Others imagine 'Martians' as monsters with many eyes.

In studying this planet, astronomers have found that life may be possible on Mars. The first (38) _____ of this is that Mars has seasons, just like Earth. In other words, Earth's seasons, such as spring or summer, occur on Mars too. Because these seasons exist, it may be possible for (39) _____ and other higher (40) _____ forms to be found on Mars.

Astronomers also think that perhaps a small (41) _____ of water vapor could be found on Mars. In 1887, an Italian astronomer, Giovanni Schiaparelli, discovered markings on Mars' surface. These markings looked like canals. This finding (42) _____ astronomers to believe that since water exists on Mars, life forms could exist as well.

However, there are (43) _____ who feel that life on mars is not possible. This is because there is little or no (44) _____ of oxygen on the planet. In 1965, the Mariner IV capsule managed to take photographs of the planet. It discovered that the only forms of life found are vegetation like fungi and mosses. (45) _____, people remain fascinated by the idea that there could one day be life on Mars.

36. a. puzzled b. asked c. wondered d. confused

37. a. like b. to be c. as being d. as

38. a. indication b. print c. mark d. trace

39. a. vegetables b. vegetation c. vegetarian d. veterinary

B. Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answer.

There is one planet that still fascinates and teases scientists mainly because it doesn't have an atmosphere to 9bscure observation, yet it is not big enough for sufficiently accurate telescopic observation. The fact that it is also very close to the sun also makes it difficult for astronomers.

However, space telescopes have told us a lot more about Mercury. It is rather similar to Earth's moon and to Mars. There are mountainous areas dotted with craters and large valleys which are uncratered. The moon's valleys have fewer cracks and the ridges are smoother. Mercury's valleys are filled with volcanic rocks, similar to on the moon, yet there is no evidence of volcanoes, even extinct ones, on Mercury, as there is on the both Mars and the moon, and of course here on Earth.

So, scientists presume the valleys on Mercury were caused by different things, that is to say not by volcanoes, but by very large meteorites, which also caused the cracks in the terrain and left the ridges rough and uneven. More and better photos of Mercury are needed to prove what are at present at best only hypotheses.

46. What is the topic of this passage?

a. The planet, Mercury b. Observation of planets

c. The Earth's moon d. Astronomers' difficulties

47. Why does Mercury still tease scientists?

a. Because it has an atmosphere which obscures observation:

b. Because it is too close to the sun;

c. Because it is too small.

d. Because it is difficult for space probes to get close to.

48. What is true about Mercury but not true about the moon or Mars?

a. The valleys are filled with volcanic rocks. b. There are no volcanoes.

c. The valleys are uncratered d. There are hilly regions.

49. What does the author imply space telescopes can do better than land-based telescopes?

a. Show, the volcanoes on Mercury.

b. Show the meteorites which hit Mercury.

c. Show what caused Mercury's valleys.

d. Show more of the planet, Mercury.

50. What can we infer from the passage that astronomers still need to get more detailed observation of Mercury?

a. Better and more space telescopes b. More hypotheses.

c. Larger space telescopes d. More ways to prove hypotheses.

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