Trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh về Danh động từ và Động từ nguyên thể có đáp án

Danh động từ và Động từ nguyên mẫu

Danh động từ và Động từ nguyên mẫu là những phần ngữ pháp tiếng Anh cơ bản mà các bạn học sinh cần nắm chắc để có sự phân biệt đúng khi gặp dạng bài điền từ. Các bạn hãy tải về Bài tập trắc nghiệm Danh động từ và Động từ nguyên thể trong tiếng Anh có đáp án để luyện tập cho nhuần nhuyễn.

Exercise 1

1. I enjoy_______ alone.

a. be b. being c. to be d. to have been

2. Would you like_______ to the party?

a. to come b. come c. coming d. to have come

3. Do you mind_______ such a long way to work everyday?

a. to travel b. travel c. to have traveled d. traveling

4. I don’t like that house. I would hate_______ there.

a. live b. living c. to live d. to have lived

5. Sometimes I'd like_______ to play the piano.

a. to learn b. learn c. learning d. to have learned

6. Please remember_______ this letter.

a. to post b. post c. posting d. to have posted

7. We tried_______ the fire out but we were unsuccessful. We had to call the fire-brigade.

a. putting b. put c. to put d. to have put

8. When you see John, remember_______ it by the window and now it has gone.

a. to have given b. giving c. give d. to give

9. Someone must have taken my bad. I clearly remember_______ it by the window and now it has gone.

a. leave b. leaving c. to leave d. to have left

10. Jane needed some money. She tried_______ Harry but he couldn't help her.

a. to have asked b. ask c. to ask d. asking

11. I think they are now accustomed to _______ 12 hours a day.

a. work b. to work c. worked d. working

12. He tried_______ the shelf but he wasn't tall enough.

a. reach b. reaching c. to reach d. to have reached

13. Alice didn't expect_______ to Bill's party.

a. asking b. being asked c. to ask d. to be asked

14. I finally finished_______ at 7:00 pm and served dinner.

a. cooking b. being cooked c. to cook d. to be cooked

15. Sam always remembers_______ in the garage so that the driveway in free for other cars.

a. parking b. being parked c. to park d. to be parked

16. The nurse suggested_______ two aspirins.

a. taking b. being taken c. to take d. to be taken

17. Would you mind not_______ the radio until I've finished with this phone call?

a. turning on b. being turned on c. to turn on d. to be turned on

18. They were fortunate_______ from the fire before the building collapsed.

a. rescuing b. to have rescued c. to rescue d. to have been rescued

19. The mouse family avoided_______ by coming out only when the house was empty and the two cats were outside.

a. catching b. being caught c. to have been caught d. to be caught

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