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Bài tập trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp và từ vựng Tiếng Anh có đáp án

Bài tập trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp và từ vựng Tiếng Anh

Bài tập trắc nghiệm ngữ pháp và từ vựng Tiếng Anh có đáp án bao gồm 50 câu hỏi bao quát đầy đủ các dạng câu trong mẫu đề thi THPT Quốc gia giúp các bạn chuẩn bị kiến thức về vốn từ vựng cũng như nắm bắt ngữ pháp trước khi bước vào kì thi chính thức sắp diễn ra.

105 thành ngữ quan trọng trong tiếng Anh

300 câu trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh theo chủ đề

Từ đồng nghĩa cho ôn thi THPT Quốc gia môn tiếng Anh

1. He failed in the election just because he_________ his opponent.

A. overestimated B. underestimated C. understated D. undercharged

2. They__________ because it is a national holiday.

A. don't work B. won't work C. haven't worked D. aren't working

3. She's finished the course,__________?

A. isn't she B. hasn't she C. doesn't she D. didn't she

4. "Would you like a beer?" "Not while I'm_________"

A. in the act B. in order C. on duty D. under control

5. Some friends of mine are really fashion-conscious, while__________ are quite simple.

A. some other B. some others C. anothers D. the other

6. According to some historians, If Napoleon had not invaded Russia, he________ the rest of the world.

A. had conquered B. would conquer

C. would have conquered D. conquered

7. Is that the man__________ has been stolen?

A. the car of whom B. the car of his

C. whose car D. the car of who

8. When someone answers the phone, you say, "Can I_______ Elsie, please?"

A. talk to B. say to C. tell D. speak to

9. "How much do you earn, Mary?" "I'd_________"

A. rather don't say B. better not to say C. rather not say D. prefer not say

10. Captain Scott's__________to the South Pole was marked by disappointment and tragedy.

A. excursion B. visit C. tour D. expedition

11. The teacher made a difficult question, but at last, Joe________ a good answer.

A. came up with B. came up to C. came up against D. came up for

12. There are a lot of___________ buildings in the centre of the city.

A. many – floored B. many story C. multi – storied D. multi – storey

13."Make yourself at home." "__________"

A. Yes, can I help you B. Thanks. Same to you

C. Not at all. Don't mention it D. That' very kind. Thank you.

14.Olypiakos___________ 0 – 0 with Real Madrid in the first leg of the semi-final in Athens.

A. drew B. equalled C. equalised D. shared

15. The pop star_________ when the lights__________.

A. sang – were going out B. was singing - went out

C. was singing – were going out D. sang – went out

16. It was not until she had arrived home_________ remembered her appointment with the doctor.

A. when she B. that she C. and she D. she

17.__________ a novelty in American retailing, fixed prices are now universal in sales.

A. It was once B. Once it was C. That once D. Once

18. Jane will have to repeat the course because her work has been____________.

A. unpleasant B. unnecessary C. unusual D. unsatisfactory

19. I don't know if__________ in my essay.

A. is there a mistake B. there a mistake is C. a mistake is there D. there is a mistak

20.________ you ever___________ the U.S. before your trip in 2006?

A. Have – been B. Would – be

C. Would – have been D. Had – been

21. "We're going to the seaside." "Can__________?"

A. I come as well B. also I come

C. I too come D. I as well come

22. The old man is both deaf and dump. He can________understand us.

A. harder B. hard C. hardly D. best

23. Does that name___________ to you?

A. ring a bell B. break the ice C. foot the bill D. fall into place

24. It was a great______________ to have a doctor living near us.

A. convenient B. convenience C. conveniently D. conveniences

25. "Thanks for your help." "________"

A. With all my heart B. It's my pleasure

C. Never remind me D. All it is for you

26. The greater the demand, ___________the price.

A. higher B. high C. the higher D. the high

27. In the 1960s, pop art___________ to discover artistic significant in the commercial artifacts of the consumer culture.

A. seeking B. to seek C. has sought D. sought

28. What is a__________ like that cost?

A. clothing B. clothes C. garment D. clothe

29. "I think women should not go to work." " I__________"

A. quite agree B. a little agreed C. so agree D. rather agreed

30. Put your shoes on properly or you'll___________ over.

A. get B. turn C. fall D. bend

31. Barney and friends gave children________pleasure.

A. a great deal of B. a large quantity C. a large deal of D. a great number of

32. Do you have any objections________ this new road scheme?

A. at B. with C. to D. for

33. Despite a lot of hardship, the Green City Project will go__________.

A. before B. forward C. advance D. ahead

34. I'm sorry! I didn't break that vase on__________.

A. my mind B. time C. purpose D. intention

35. I don't feel like__________ to the cinema now.

A. go B. to have gone C. going D. to go

36. He has_________ money in the bank.

A. a large number of B. a lots of C. a lot of D. lot of

37. There's a good film_________ town.

A. at B. over C. on in D. in on

38. He isn't going to learn Spanish and___________.

A. so isn't she B. neither is she C. she isn't too D. either she isn't

39. The policeman explained to us________ get to the market.

A. how B. how could C. how we could D. how could we

40. He's always trying_________ me.

A. to avoid to meet B. avoiding meeting C. to avoid meeting D. avoiding to meet

41. Mr. Brown__________ in the army from 1960 to 1980.

A. had served B. has served C. had been serving D. served

42. Would you please_________ him speak about the new plan.

A. let B. allow C. ask D. tell

43. Although she is unkind, I can't help_________ her.

A. like B. liked C. to like D. liking

44. Although Vicky looked pretty much the same after all those years, I noticed_________ changes which made her look even more beautiful than I remembered.

A. fair B. sensitive C. subtle D. joint

45. After hours of bargaining with the salesman, Jake bought the jacket for a________ of the original price.

A. fraction B. piece C. part D. spot

46. The football match tomorrow evening will be broadcast________ on TV and radio.

A. simultaneously B. communally C. uniformly D. jointly

47. Please fill in your employment history, including your__________ employer as well as any previous ones you might have had.

A. private B. daily C. constant D. current

48. Most museums in the city__________ Day Passes at special rates for both pupils and students.

A. issue B. transmit C. print D. project

49. The woman__________ someone had stolen her purse, but although they searched everyone in the shop, it wasn't found.

A. accused B. enforced C. claimed D. warned

50. As I was_______of the change in the program, I arrived half an hour late for the rehearsal.

A. unaware B. unconscious C. unable D. unreasonable


1. B 2. D 3. B 4. C 5. B 6. C 7. C 8. D 9. C 10. D

11. A 12. D 13. D 14. A 15. B 16. B 17. D 18. D 19. D 20. D

21. A 22. C 23. A 24. B 25. B 26. C 27. D 28. C 29. A 30. C

31. A 32. C 33. D 34. C 35. C 36. C 37. C 38. B 39. C 40. C

41. D 42. A 43. D 44. C 45. A 46. A 47. D 48. A 49. C 50. A

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