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Chuyên đề câu bị động trong tiếng Anh

105 thành ngữ quan trọng trong tiếng Anh


1. If she __________rich, she would travel around the world.

A. would be B. is C. has been D. were

2. If you had taken my advice, you______ in such difficulties.

A. won't be B. hadn't been C. wouldn't be D. wouldn't have been

3. My cat would not have bitten the toy fish________ it was made of rubber.

A. if she has known B. if she should know

C. had she known D. if she knew

4.They will stay there for some days if the weather________ fine.

A. would be B. was C. is D. will be

5. If she__________ sick, she would have gone out with me to the party.

A. hadn't been B. weren't C. hasn't been D. wasn't

6. Jane_________ law for four years now at Harvard.

A. is studying B. has been studying

C. studies D. studied

7. Our industrial output__________ from $2 million in 2002 to $4 million this year.

A. rises B. has risen C. was rising D. rose

8. If everyone___________, how would we control the traffic?

A. could fly B. can fly C. flies D. had flown

9. It is blowing so hard. We_______ such a terrible storm.

A. have never known B. have never been knowing

C. never know D. had never known

10. "You'll recognize Jenny when you see her. She_________ a red hat."

A. will wear B. will be wearing

C. wears D. is wearing

11. If it___________ for the heavy storm, the accident would not have happened.

A. isn't B. hadn't been C. were D. weren't

12. Only one of our gifted students__________ to participate in the final competition.

A. has been chosen B. have been chosen C. were choosing D. chosen

13. The packages _________so that it would be easier to carry them.

A. are tied in a bundle B. are tied altogether

C. were tied in a knot D. were tied together

14. The boat was sailing north when a terrible storm__________.

A. had broken B. broke C. would break D. was breaking

15. Due to ever more spreading poaching, there________a dramatic decline in the number of elephants over the last decade.

A. was B. is C. has been D. had been

16. I___________ work last week, but I changed my mind.

A. have started B. was going to start C. had started D. would start

17. I_________ with my aunt when I am on holiday in Ho Chi Minh City next month.

A. will have been staying

B. will have stayed

C. stay

D. will be staying

18. "What__________ if the earth stopped moving?"

A. happened

B. would happen

C. happens

D. will happen

19. "Could you turn off the stove? The potatoes_______ for at least thirty minutes."

A. boiled B. were boiling C. are boiling D. have been boiling

20. The theory of relativity__________ by Einstein, who was a famous physicist.

A. was developed B. is developed C. develops D. developed

21.________ a few more minutes, we could have finished the task.

A. Unless we had B. If we had had C. If we have D. If we had

22. We could have caught the last train, but we_________ five minutes late.

A. were B. have been C. would be D. are

23. Students will not be allowed into the exam room if they_________ their student cards.

A. didn't produce B. don't produce C. produced D. hadn't produced

24. The headmaster has decided that three lecture halls_________ in our school next semester.

A. will build B. will be building C. are being built D. will be built

25. It is raining heavily with rolls of thunder. We___________ such a terrible thunderstorm.

A. would never see B. had never seen C. have never seen D. never see

26. Without your help, I_________ the technical problem with my computer the other day.

A. wouldn't solve B. couldn't have solved C. could solve D. can't solve

27. For the last 20 years, we__________ significant changes in the world of science and technology.

A. witness B. have witnessed C. witnessed D. are witnessing

28. I haven't met him again since we_________ school ten years ago.

A. have left B. leave C. left D. had left


1. Mary was the last applicant__________.

A. to be interviewed B. to be interviewing

C. to interview D. to have interviewed

2. The equipment in our office needs_______.

A. moderner B. modernizing C. modernized D. Modernization

3. Nowadays children would prefer history__________in more practical ways.

A. be taught B. to teach C. to be taught D. teach

4. The room needs__________ for the wedding.

A. decorating B. to decorate C. decorate D. be decorated

5. I am considering__________ my job. Can you recommend a good company?

A. to move B. moving C. to change D. changing

6. I'm sure you'll have no________ the exam.

A.difficulty passing B. difficulties to pass

C. difficulty to pass D. difficulties of passing

7. "I'd rather you__________home now."

A. going B. go C. gone D. went

8. Susan's doctor insists_______ for a few days.

A. that she is resting B. her resting

C. that she rest D. her to rest

9. "How many times have I told you________ football in the street?"

A. not playing B. do not play

C. not to play D. not to have played

10. Neil Armstrong was the first man_______ on the moon.

A. to walk B. walking C. walked D. has walked

11. I've warned you many times_______ the front door unlocked.

A. not leaving B. won't leave C. not to leave D. don't leave

12. It is imperative__________ what to do when there is a fire.

A. he must know about B. that everyone know

C. that he knew D. we knew

13. Our boss would rather_________ during the working hours.

A. we didn't chat B. we don't chat C. us not chat D. us not chatting

14. The restaurants on the island are expensive, so it's worth_________ a packed lunch.

A. to take B. taking C. taken D. take

15. The struggle for women's rights began in the 18th century during a period_______ as the Age of Enlightenment.

A.that knew B. knew C. known D. is knowing

16. It has been suggested that Mary________ a computer course in preparation for a steady job.

A. would have taken B. have been taken

C. take D. was taken

17. The Principal usually has his pupils________ waste paper for their mini-project.

A. collected B. collect C. to collect D. having collected

18. Geometry is a branch of mathematics_________ the properties of lines, curves, shapes, and surfaces.

A. that concerning with B. concerned with

C. that concerned with D. that it is concerned with

19.________ one of the most beautiful forms of performance art, ballet is a combination of dance and mime performed to music.

A. Being considering B. Considering C. Considered D. To consider

20. Michael looked deeply hurt and surprised when_________.

A. scolded B. scolding C. to scold D. having scolded

21. Connecticut was the fifth of the original thirteen states________ the Constitution of the United States.

A. to ratify B. ratify C. ratified D. have ratified

22. No one can avoid_______ by advertisements.

A. to be influenced B. having influenced C. influencing D. being influenced

23. The children ran away as if they_________ a ghost.

A. have seen B. had seen C. would see D. see

24. Books and magazines_________ around made his room very untidy.

A. that lie B. laying C. which lied D. Lying

25. "My secretary will book you an afternoon flight and have you________ at the airport."

A. picking up B. to pick up C. picked up D. pick up

26. Do you remember__________ to help us when we were in difficulty?

A. you offer B. being offered C. to offer D. once offering

27. Applications_________ in after 30 April will not be considered.

A. send B. which sent C. sent D. that is sent

28. "It's about time you_______ your homework, Mary."

A. must do B. did C. will do D. do

29. The girl was used_________ birthday presents from her brothers.

A. to receive B. to be receiving C. to being received D. to receiving

30. Although MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) spreads through close contact with sick people, not through the air, many people still avoid________ to crowded places.

A. having gone B. going C. to go D. gone

31. By the time their babies arrive, the Johnsons hope________ painting the nursery.

A. have finished B. finished C. to finish D. finish

32. In the wake of increasing food poisoning, many consumers have turned to vegetables_________ organically.

A. that grown B. grown C. which grows D. are grown

33. Most teenagers enjoy__________ the Internet for information and entertainment.

A. surfing B. surf C. surfed D. to surf

34. Richard, my neighbor,_______ in World War II.

A. says to fight B. says to have fought C. is said to fight D. is said to have fought

35. Her fiancé is said__________ from Harvard University five years ago.

A. having graduated B. to have graduated C. being graduated D. to be graduated

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