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Exercise 1
1. She hasn't seen her family________ three years ago.
a. since b. for c. from d. before
2. Just put your coat in________
a. the hall closet b. the closet of the hall
c. the hall's closet d. hall closet
3. Bill came to work at the University thirty years__________
a. strongly b. so strong c. from d. ago
4. This drink tastes a little_______ to me.
a. strongly b. so strong c. strong d. too much strong
5. I like these dishes but___________ is a little too small.
a. the tea cup b. the cup of tea c. the tea's cup d. the cup for the tea
6. My sister has a ________ baby.
a. two- months-old b. two-month- olds c. two-months-olds d. two-month-old
7. The one in the window was_____ expensive that I couldn't afford it.
a. so b. too c. too much d. very
8. We used to go skiing in Michigan every winter, but________ for the past five seasons.
a. I don't go b. I haven't gone c. I'm not going d. I didn't go
9. It is______ day that travel advisories have been issued for most of the major highways.
a. such snowy b. so snowy c. such a snowy d. such snowy a
10. Our reservations are for________
a. sixth June b. six June c. the sixth of June d. the six of June
11. They listened______ while the examiner gave them the directions for Part I.
a. attentive b. attentively c. attentiveness d. attention
12. The cookies that you sent over were_________ that I ate them all.
a. very good b. too good c. so good d. good
13. Jacobson's is one of the most expensive_______ in the city.
a. department store b. departments stores
c. departments store d. department stores
14. I don't understand how John could have made________ in judgment.
a. such big mistake such a big mistake c. so a big mistake d. so big mistake
15. You can give me a receipt if you want to, but your word is_________ for me.
a. enough good b. good as enough c. good enough d. good than enough
16. Beriberi had long beena________ disease.
a. seriously b. serious c. commonly d. community
17. God is present under the sea in ________ concentratins that it is difficult to extract it.
a. very minute b. quite minute c. such minute d. so minute
18. Lightning currents ________ to the interior of an airplane.
a. seldom penetrate b. penetrate seldom c. rare penetrate d. penetrate in rarity
19. This animal extracfts _________ from food to sustain itself.
a. calories enough b. calories for enough
c. enough for calories d. enough calories
20. The machine careated _______that I couldn't sleep.
a. so a noise b. so much noise c. so noisy d. so many noises
Exercise 2
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1. Sam usually does his work very_____ and well, but today he seemed a little
a. careful b. careful manner c. carefully d. care
2. Besides being expensive, the food in the cafeteria tastes________
a. badly b. too badly c. too much bad d. bad
3. ____ here since 1976 when her parents moved from New York.
a. She's lived b. She's living c. She was living d. She'd live
4. We'll get________ by train if we leave tonight
a. fast enough there b. there fast enough
c. there enough fast d. enough fast there
5. If the cab arrives_______ you will miss you flight.
a. lately b. lateness c. more later d. late
6. It was________ that we went camping in the mountains last weekend.
a. such nice weather b. so nice a weather
c. too nice weather d. nice weather
7. The homecoming football game will be played on_________
a. two September b. the second of September
c. September two d. the two of September
8. Mary overslept and was ________ late that she missed her bus.
a. so b. too c. much d. very
9. Could you please tell me the____ for Biology 457 and Chemistry 610?
a. rooms numbers b. rooms number c. room's number d. room numbers
10. I think it's ________ to take a few more pictures.
a. enough light b. light as enough c. light enough d. enough as light
11. Last Sunday was ________ that we took a drive in the country.
a. so beautiful day b. such a beautiful a day
c. such a beautiful weather d. so beautiful a day
12. The conference was organized for all of the________ in the state.
a. mathematic teachers b. mathematics teachers
c. mathematics teacher d. mathematic's teachers
13. It is difficult to finda________ in the Washington area for less than $300 a month.
a. two- bedroom apartment b. two-bedrooms apartment
c. two- bedrooms apartments d. two- bedroom apartments
14. I am expecially glad that Bod decided to come to the party because we hadn't seen
him_____ several months.
a. since b. until c. before d. for
15. John and I like to watch the games on TV because we can see more______ than we
could from a seat in the stadium.
a. clear b. clearness c. clearly d. clearer
16. The woman appeared _______ after her surgery.
a. week b. weakly c. in a weak way d. in a weak manner
17. The student will have_______ tomorrow morning 18.
a. a two- hours class b. a class of two hour
c. two hours of class d. a two- hour class
18. There has been _______ little rain that the grass is yellow.
a. such b. very c. so d. quite
19. He spoke for________ that they thought he would never stop.
a. long time such b. so a long time c. a such long time d. such a long time
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Exercise 1
Exercise 2
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