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Exercise 1
1. He doesn't get up early on Sundays. He gets up_______
a. late b. lately c. slowly d. hardly
2. The write can't see aunt Licy_______ He's having breakfast.
a. still b. now c. often d. always
3. He was a friendly waiter. He spoke to the writer_______
a. friendly b. as friends c. like friends d. in a friendly ways
4. He spent the whole day in his room. He was in his room _______
a. the whole b. the all c. all day d. all of
5. Bill is a harder worker. He works_______ than Joe.
a. harder b. more hard c. more hardly d. hardier
6. Every year the writer_______ enters for the garden competition.
a. every b. also c. and d. to
7. The writer had_______ reached the town when the young man spoke.
a. often b. almost c. sometimes d. just as
8. She couldn't find her bag. It wasn't _______
a. their b. theirs c. they're d. there
9. Do you still want them? Do you_______ want them?
a. yet b. even c. now d. more
10. Both girls write to each other regularly. They write_______
a. frequently b. occasionally c. sometimes d. now again
11. They will travel faster. They will travel_______
a. sooner b. more quickly c. hurriedly d. shorter
12. Why did they kick the ball so_______?
a. hardly b. hard c. hardy d. hardly
13. That was all she remembered. She couldn't remember_______
a. some more b. any more c. no more d. none more
14. Ted has been worried all week and he's_______ worried.
a. even b. still c. yet d. any more
15. The car was easy to recognize so it wasn't _______ difficult for the police to catch the
a. much b. very c. many d. too
16. He got such a fright. He was_______ frightened.
a. so b. such c. such as d. a so
17. It was more than he could bear. he couldn't bear it_______
a. more b. longer c. any longer d. no more
18. He had hardly had time to settle down_______ he had settled down.
a. no sooner b. as soon as c. scarcely d. hardly
19. We were very much surprised. We were_______ surprised.
a. more b. many c. most d. the most
20. He brought almost everything in the window. He brought_______
VnDoc - Ti tài liu, văn bn pháp lut, biu mu min phí
a. nearly b. scarcely c. hardly d. already
Exercise 2
1. Disguises can be too perfect. This means they can be_______
a. perfect b. quite perfect c. more perfect than is necessary
d. almost perfect
2. It was too small. It wasn't_______
a. enough big b. big enough c. fairly big d. rather big
3. It was not long before a helicopter arrived. It arrived_______
a. after b. soon afterwards c. behind d. much later
4. They haven't decided yet. They are_______ undecided
a. even b. yet c. more d. still
5. Everybody around him was smoking; _______ smoking.
a. they was all b. they all was c. they were all d. all of them was
6. I used to travel a great deal. I used travel_______
a. every many b. a great number c. very much d. how much
7. He was rather elderly. He was_______
a. very old b. quite old c. too old d. old enough
8. It has slowed down considerably. It had slowed down_______
a. much b. many c. very d. a lot
9. _______ Mendoza met Humphries, he lost again.
a. on a second occasion b. for the second time
c. at a later date d. the next time
10. She went_______ to fetch the porter.
a. down to the basement b. below to his basement
c. from his basement d. along to the basement
11. _______ every industry in our modern world requires the work engineers.
a. Wholly b. Hardly c. Only d. Virtually
12. He used to live five kilometers from school and ride a bicycle to school everyday. Last
month his family moved to the school neighbourhood. He now walks to school.
He_______ rides a bicycle to school.
a. still b. no longer c. not yet d. not again
13. _______ of the two boys went on a picnic yesterday. They _______ stayed home and
watched the Omlypic games on TV.
a. Both/ either b. Neither/both c. Both/ neither d. Neither/ either
14. Indicate the two same sentences.
a. He works hard in the factory b. He works hardly in the factory
c. He is at hard work in the factory d. a and c
15. Mary sang_______
a. goodly b. good c. beautiful d. beautifully
16. A terrible fire spread_______ through the old house.
a. quick b. more quick c. rapid d. rapidly
17. A small child cried_______ in the third row of the theatre.
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a. noisily b. noisy c. noisier d. noisiest
18. He responded to my question_______
a. in polite b. polite c. politely d. impolite
19. A breeze_______ touched my face.
a. gentle b. gently c. gentler d. in gently
20. Mr. Brown comes to the store_______ for cheese and bread.
a. regular b. regulation c. regulating d. regularly
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
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