Bài tập trắc nghiệm về các thì trong tiếng Anh

Bài tập trắc nghiệm thì trong tiếng Anh

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Tổng hợp các thì trong Tiếng Anh: công thức, cách sử dụng, dấu hiệu nhận biết

Tổng hợp bài tập trắc nghiệm về các thì trong tiếng Anh

Bài tập chuyên đề Các thì trong Tiếng Anh có đáp án

Choose the correct answer.

1. This is the second time I _____________that song.

A. am hearing B. have heard C. hear D. heard

2. Hello, I___________ about your advertisement in the newspaper.

A. Have been calling B. am calling C. call D. have called

3. John___________ on a bit of weight lately, and he is trying to lose it.

A. Puts B. is putting C. has put D. has been putting

4. The new neighbors_________ their house. It looks nice.

A. Paint B. had painted C. were painting D. have painted

5. Fred__________ me yesterday that they're professional athletes.

A. Told B. has told C. was telling D. had told

6. Apparently, he_________ them since he was a child.

A. Knows B. is knowing C. has known D. has been knowing

7. I__________ for my sunglasses since noon, but I can't find them.

A. Am looking B. looked C. have looked D. have been looking

8. When the children_________home, it was obvious that they had been playing in mud.

A. Arrived B. were arriving C. had arrived D. had been arriving

9. Michael___________in the queue to buy a ticket for the train when he heard a strange voice.

A. Waited B. was waiting C. had waited D. was going to wait

10. The thieves_______ houses for two years before they were finally caught.

A. Broke into B. were breaking into C. had been breaking into D. have been breaking into

11. As time goes by, he__________more and more eccentric.

A. Becomes B. is becoming C. has become D. has been becoming

12. Kathy can't go shopping with me next Saturday morning. She_________a French lesson.

A. Has B. is going to have C. will have D. will be having

13. I__________ the living room by the time Dad comes home. He__________ so surprised.

A. Will paint/will be B. will be painting/is C. will have painted/will be D. will have painted/is

14. It's the coldest winter we__________ in Greece.

A. Ever experience B. ever experienced C. were ever experiencing D. have ever experienced

15. When he___________ was younger, he the cinema every week.

A. Was used to going B. used to go C. was going D. had gone

16. They________for a mile when they___________that someone___________missing.

A. Had walked/ had realized/ was B. had been walking/ realized/ had been

C. had been walking/ realized/ was D. had walked/ had realized/ had been

17. As part of my job, I_________ abroad a lot, so I_______ to improve my English.

A. Travel/ need B. am travelling/ need C. am travelling/ am needing D. travel/ am needing

18. I_________ at my mother's house this week because I__________ my house painted.

A. Sleep/ have B. am sleeping/ have C. sleep/ am having D. am sleeping/ am having

19. I you should buy him a tie. He___________to dress formally.

A. Am thinking/ likes B. think/likes C. think/ is liking D. am thinking/ has liked

20. As a teenager, I_________ things my parents__________ of.

A. Would do/ didn't approve B. used to do/ weren't approving

C. used to do/ didn't approve D. would do/ weren't approving

21. "Hurry up! We're waiting for you. What's taking you so long?"

"I________ for an important phone call. Go ahead and leave without me."

A. Wait B. will wait C. am waiting D. have waited

22. Robert is going to be famous some day. He_________in three movies already. ~ I'm sure he'll be a star.

A. Has been appearing B. had appeared C. has appeared D. appeared

23. Where's Polly? ~She_________.

A. Is in her room studying B. in her room is studying

C. studies in her room D. has in her room studied

24. Hello? Alice? This is Jeff. How are you? ~ Jeff? What a coincidence! I_________ about you when the phone rang.

A. Was just thinking B. just thought C. have just been thinking D. was just thought

25. What___________ about the new simplified tax? ~It's more confusing than the old one.

A. Are you thinking B. do you think C. have you thought D. have you been thinking

26. When is Mr. Fields planning to retire? ~ Soon, I think. He________ here for a long time. He'll probably retire next year or the year after that.

A. Worked B. had been working C. has been working D. is working

27. Why did you buy all this sugar and chocolate? ~ I_________a delicious dessert for dinner tonight.

A. Make B. will make C. am going to make D. will have made

28. Let's go! What's taking you so long? ~ I'll be there as soon as I__________my keys.

A. Found B. will find C. find D. am finding

29. Next week when there______ a full moon, the ocean tides sill be higher.

A. Is being B. is C. will be D. will have been

30. While I______TV last night, a mouse ran across the floor.

A. Watch B. watched C. was watching D. am watching

31. Fish were among the earliest forms of life. Fish__________ on earth for ages and ages.

A. Existed B. are existing C. exist D. have existed

32. The phone ________constantly since Jack announced his candidacy for president this morning.

A. Has been ringing B. rang C. had rung D. had been ringing

33. The earth_________on the sun for its heat and light.

A. Is depend B. depending C. has depended D. depends

34. I don't feel good. I________ home from work tomorrow.

A. Am staying B. stay C. will have stayed D. stayed

35. Today there are weather satellites that beam down information about the earth's atmosphere. In the last two decades, space exploration_________ great contributions to weather forecasting.

A. Is making B. has made C. made D. makes

36. On July 20th, 1969, Astronaut Neil Armstrong_________ down onto the moon, the first person ever to set foot on another celestial body.

A. Was stepping B. stepped C. has stepped D. was step

37. The plane's departure was delayed because of mechanical difficulties. When the weary passengers finally boarded the aircraft, many were annoyed and irritable because they___________ in the airport for three and a half hours.

A. Are waiting B. were waiting C. have been waiting D. had been waiting

38. If coastal erosion continues to take place at the present rate in another fifty years, this beach_______anymore.

A. Doesn't exist B. isn't going to exist C. isn't existing D. won't be existing

39. Homestead High School's football team_______a championship until last season, when the new coach led them to take first place in their league.

A. Has never won B. is never winning C. had never been winning D. had never won

40. To be able to qualify as an interpreter, many years of intensive language study are required for non-native speakers. By the end of this year, Chen________English for three years, but he will still need more training and experience before he masters the language.

A. Will be studying B. has studied C. will have been studying D. has been studying

41. In our hospital, patients________ every morning.

A. Are examined B. have examined C. can examine D. were examining

42. I_________ in Can Tho for 18 years, but now I'm living in Ho Chi Minh city.

A. Have lived B. live C. lived D. have been living

43. I wondered why he_________ his job.

A. Has changed B. changes C. used to change D. had changed

44. The department store__________ by the Johnson for many years.

A. Has been run B. is run C. runs D. has run

45. Kate________ 10 comedies this summer.

A. Has watched B. had watched C. will have watched D. watched

46. The number of footballers________ for the last ten years.

A. Has increased B. was increasing C. have increased D. were increasing

47. Don't worry! We_______for you at 6 o'clock tomorrow.

A. Will wait B. will be waiting C. wait D. are waiting

48. Mary__________the country by the time this letter reaches her.

A. Is going to leave B. will leave C. is leaving D. will have left

49. By this time next year, my father________here for 25 years.

A. Are going to work B. will be working C. will have been working D. will work

50. Tim_________in three movies already. I think he'll be a star some day.

A. Had appeared B. has appeared C. was appearing D. is appearing

51. They_________the door. No one can get in now.

A. Have locked B. had locked C. locked D. lock

52. The existence of many stars in the sky__________ us to suspect that there may be life on another planet.

A. Have led B. leads C. lead D. leading

53. They___________ the town hall for the past three years in fact, but they it yet.

A. Built/ hadn't finished B. had built/ didn't finish

C. have been building/ haven't finished D. have built/ weren't finishing

54. When I met Jim, he__________ from his university already.

A. Graduated B. has graduated C. had graduated D. was graduating

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