Bài tập giao tiếp tiếng Anh trong đề thi THPT Quốc Gia

Bài tập giao tiếp tiếng Anh thường gặp trong đề thi THPTQG 2023 môn tiếng Anh là tài liệu tiếng Anh cực hay dành cho các em học sinh ôn thi THPT Quốc gia đạt kết quả tốt như mong muốn. Sau đây mời các em cùng làm bài và tham khảo đáp án cụ thể nhé!

I. Bài tập giao tiếp tiếng Anh 12 có đáp án

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the most suitable response to complete each of the following exchanges.

1. “Can I carry these suitcases into the room for you?” - “________”
A. You can't, I think!

B. No, you can’t.

C. Yes, you can.

D. Can you? That’s very kind.

2. A: “I think it is a good idea to have three or four generations living under one roof.

B: “________. Family members can help each other a lot.”

A. It’s not true

B. That’s wrong

C. I couldn't agree more

D. I don’t agree

3. Jennifer: “I believe that supermarkets are much better than traditional markets.”

Katherine: “________. Each has its own features.”

A. I couldn’t agree with you more.

B. That’s completely true.

C. I disagree with you.

D. I can’t help thinking the same.

4. Ann: How well you are playing, Peter!

Peter: ________

A. Say it again. I like to hear your words.

B. Thank you too much.

C. I think so. I’m proud of myself.

D. Many thanks. That’s a nice compliment.

5. Lan: Let’s go to the cinema this evening.

Susan: ________

A. We don't have any film.

B. You went to the theater.

C. Let’s take the seat.

D. I’ve seen the film already.

6.  “How lovely your pets are!”

- “________”

A. Thank you. It’s nice of you to say so.

B. Really? They are always very nice.

C. Can you say that again?

D. I love them, too.

7. Daisy: “What an attractive hair style you have got, Mary!”

- Mary: “________”

A. Thank you very much. I’m afraid.

B. You’re telling a lie.

C. Thank you for your compliment!

D. I don’t like your sayings.

8. “Shall I wait for you?” - “________”

A. Why ask such a question?

B. No need to ask.

C. No, don’t bother.

D. No, of course.

9. Tom: “Can I have another cup of tea?”

Linda: “________”

A. Be yourself.

B. Do it yourself.

C. Allow yourself.

D. Help yourself. 

10. Peter: “What a great haircut, Lucy!” Lucy: “________”

A. Thanks. It’s very kind of you to do this.

B. It’s my pleasure.

C. Oh, yes. It’s very unfashionable

D. You think so? I think it’s a bit too short. 

II. Câu giao tiếp trong đề thi THPT Quốc Gia qua các năm

ĐH D1 – 2012

1. Mary: " I"ll never go mountaining again". - Linda: "Me ............".

a. so b. too c. neither d. either

2. Mary : " Thank a lot for your help". - John: " ..................".

a. my happiness b. my excitement c. my delight d. my pleasure

3. Tom: " When are we leaving for the concert?" - Kyle: " ........................".

a. No problem b. certainly c. that's right d. straight away

ĐH A1 2012

4. Lora : "Do you mind if I turn on the fan?" - Maria: " .................."

a. Not for me b. Not at all c. Never mind d. Not enough

5. Tom: "Can I have another cup of tea?" - Christy: " ............."

a. Be yourself b. Do it yourself c. Help yourself d. Allow yourself

6. Ann: "Do you need any help?" - Kate: " ...............".

a. No, thanks, I can manage b. I haven't got a clue

c. That's all for now d. That's fine by me


7. Havy: " Thanks for your help, July" - July: " ............."

a. With all my heart b. Never remind me

c. It's my pleasure d. wish you


10." Mum. I've got 600 on the TOEFL test" " ................"

a. Good way! b. you are right c. Oh,hard luck! d. Good job!

11. John : "Do you think that we should use public transportation to protect our environment?"

Laura : " ..............."

a. Of course not, you bet! b. Well, that's very surprising

c. There is no doubt about it d. Yes, it's an absorb idea.

12. Lora: "your new blouse looks gorgeous, Helen!" - Helen: ." ................"

a. Thanks, I bought it at Macy's b. It's up to you

c. I'd rather not d. You can say that again

13. " Don't fail to send your parents my regards" - " ........................."

a. You are welcome b. Good idea, thanks c. Thanks, I'll d. It's my pleasure

14. " How do you like your steak done? - " .................."

a. I don't like it much b. very little c. well done d. very much

CD- 2009

15. "Would you like to join our volunteer group this summer?" - " ..............."

a. Do you think I would? b. I wouldn't thank you

c. Yes, you are a good friend d. Yes, I'd love to, thanks

16. " Wow, what a nice coat you are wearing!" " .........................."

a. Certainly, do you like it, too? b. I like you to say that

c. Yes, of course, it's expensive d. Thanks, my mother bought it for me.

17. " I can't speak English well enough to apply for that post" " ....................."

a. Me neither b. Me too c. Me either d. Me also

18. "Which hat do you like best?" - " ...................."

a. Yes, I like it best b. The one I tried on first

c. Which one do you like? d. No, I haven't tried any

19. "Our team has just won the last foot ball match." - " ........................."

a. Good idea. Thanks for the news b. Yes, I guess it's very good

c. Well, that's very surprising! d. Yes, it's our pleasure

DH- 2008

20. Janet: "Do you feel like going to the cinema this evening?" - Susan: "..........................."

a. I don't agree, I'am afraid b. You're welcome

c. That would be great d. I feel very bored

21. Laura: "What a lovely house you have!" - Maria: " ...................."

a. Of course not, It's not costly b. Thank you. Hope you will drop in

c. I think so d. no problem


22. "Would you mind lending me your bike?" " ......................."

a. Yes, Here it is b. Not at all c. Great d. Yes, let's

23. "Has an announcement been made about the eight o'clock flight to Paris?" " ........................."

a. Not yet b. Yes, It was c. I don't think that d. Sorry I don't


24. Anne: " Thanks for the nice gift". - John: " ......................"

a. In fact. I myself don't like it b. You're welcome

c. I'm glad you like it d. but you know how much it costs


25. Harry: "Are you ready, Kate? There's not much time left". - Kate: "Yes, Just a minute......................."

a. No longer b. I'm coming c. I'd be OK d. I won't finish

26. Sue: "Can you help me with my essay?" - Ropert: " ................................"

a. I think that, too b. Yes, I'm afraid not c. Not completely d. Why not?

27. Alfoso: "I had a really good time. Thank for the lovely evening".

Maria: "............................"

a. Yes, it's really good b. No,it's very kind of you

c. I'm glad you enjoyed it d. Oh that's right

TN- 2007

28. Tom " How did you get there? John :" ....................."

a. I came here last night b. I came here by train

c. The train is so crowded d. Is it far from here?

29. Helen: "Congratulations!" - Jane: " ......................."

a. What a pity b. You are welcome c. Thank you d. I'm sorry


30. Margaret: "Could you open the window,please?" - Henry: " ......................"

a. Yes, I can b. I'm,of course c. I feel sorry d. Yes, with my pleasure

31. Mr Black: "I'd like to try on these shoes,please" - Salesgirl : " ........................"

a. Why not? b. By all means,sir c. That's right,sir d. I'd love to

32. Ben : " ......................" - Jane: " Never mind"

a. Sorry for staining your carpet. Let me have it cleaned

b. Would you mind going to dinner next Sunday?

c. Thank you for being honest with me

d. Congratulations! How wonderful!

33. Bill : "Can I get you another drink?" - Jerry: " ............................."

a. No, it isn't b. Not just now c. No, I'll think it over d. I was given

34. Liz: " Thanks for the nice gift you bought to us!" - Jenifer: "..........................."

a. Not at all , don't mention it b. Welcome! it's very nice of you

c. All right. Do you know how much it costs? d. Actually speaking, I myself don't like it


35. John: "Would you like to have a get- together with us next weekend?" - Mickey: " ........................"

a. No, I won't b. No, I wouldn't c. Yes, let's d. Yes, I'd love to

36. Helen: "Would you rather go to the beach or to the mountain?"

Kim: " ......................."

a. That's very nice of you b. The beach definitely

c. I'd love to go d. Thanks for the mountains

37. George :" ............................" - Michelle: "Thank you for you compliment"

a. You've done your work b. This a present for you

c. I'm glad you're well again d. You look pretty in this dress


38: Sarah: " Oh my God, I've missed the bus!" - Christ: " ............ Another will come here in ten minutes".

a. I hope so b. Don't mention it c. Don't worry d. Thank you

39. Jack : "What's wrong with you?" - Jill: " ....................."

a.Thank you very much b. I'm having a slight headache

c. No,I don't care d. Yes, I was tired yesterday

40. Mary: "Do you mind if I sit here?" - Laura: " ........................."

a. don't mention it b. My pleasure

c. No, not at all d. Yes, why not?

DH A1-2013

41. Mai: "Do you want another serving of chicken soup?" - Scott: " ......................"

a. No way b. No comment c. No thanks d. No longer

42. Thanh: "Lan's the best singer in our school" - Nadia: "...................."

a. Yes, tell me about it b. I can't agree with you more

c. That's ok! d. Yes, please


43. Tom : ".............." Mike: " I won't say no".

a. How are things with you, Mike?"

b. What about playing badminton this afternoon

c. Mike, do you know where the scissors are?

d. What's your favorite, tea or coffee?

44. Stephane: "Oh, no! I left my boo at home, can I share your?"

Scott: " ..................."

a. No thanks b. No, not at all c. Yes, I do too d. Yes, sure!

DH A1 – 2014

45. Lucy: "You look really nice in that red sweater! - Sue: "......................"

a. How dare you! b. Thank you c. I'm afraid so d. Don't mention it

46. Kay: "I don't do that if I were you" - John : " ..................."

a. Wouldn't you? Why? b. It's out of question

c. I'd rather you didn't d. Would you, really?

D1- 2014

47. Phuong Thao: "You must have found reading my essay very tiring".

Ms Lan : " ............... I enjoyed it".

a. Not in the least b. Just in case c. at all costs d. you are welcome

48. Mike : "Need a hand with your suitcase, Jane?" - Jane: " ....................."

a. That's very kind of you b. Not a chance c. I don't believe d. Well done!

49. Dad: "Good luck with the exam, Minh!" - Minh: " .................,Dad"

a. By no means b. I wish so c. Thank you d. Never mind


50. Mike: "So, you have your fifth high-school reunion coming up? - Lane : " ............."

a. Oh, the school reunion was wonderful b. The food at the reunion was excellent

c. Yes, I'm really looking forward to it d. No, you're in no mood for the event

51. Ken: " Where is your studying group going to meet next weekend?

Tom: " .........................."

a. We are too busy on week days b. The library could be best

c. Why don't you look at the atlas d. Studying in a group is great fun!

52. - Peter: “Would you like some refreshment?”

- John: “I wouldn’t mind having ________________”

A. a few

B. few

C. little

D. a little

53. - Jane: “Do you fancy a coffee?”

- “_______________________”

A. Oh, yes. I’d love one.

B. Everything is OK

C. Why not?

D. Not at all

54. “How do you do?” - “___________________”

A. Very well, thanks.

B. I’m fine, thanks

C. Good morning

D. How do you do?

55. A: “Are you coming on Saturday?” - B: “________________”

A. I’m afraid I don’t

B. I’m afraid to

C. I’m afraid not

D. I’m afraid not to

56. “Congratulation! You performed so well in the contest”

“ ________________”

A. Thanks. But it’s just a matter of

B. Oh, it was nothing great luck

C. It’s my pleasure

D. Thanks. I’m glad you could make it

57. Customer: Can I have a look at the pullover, please?

Salesgirl: _________________________

A. It’s much cheaper

B. Which one? This one?

C. Sorry, it’s out of stock

D. Can I help you?

58. “Happy Christmas” - “_________________”

A. The same to you!

B. Happy Christmas!

C. You are the same!

D. Same for you!

59. “Would you like a Coke?” - “_______________”

A. Yes, I’d like

B. Yes, please

C. Yes, I do

D. Yes, I like

60. “When did you last meet Jane?” - “_____________________”

A. She was in Rome

B. We will meet again next month

C. I don’t remember

D. The first time was 2 years ago

61. “Didn’t you go to the cinema last night?” - “ _________________”

A. Yes, I lost the ticket

B. No. It was too cold to go out

C. Ok. That was a good idea

D. Yes, I stayed at home

62. “You have a good voice” - “ ________________”

A. I appreciate it

B. You’ve done a good job

C. Well done

D. Yes, of course

63. Lora has just bought a new skirt that she likes very much.

- Jane: “You look great in that red skirt, Lora!”

- Lora: “____________”

A. No, I don’t think so. B. Oh, you don’t like it, do you?

C. Thanks, I bought it at Macy’s. D. Thanks, my mum bought it.

64. John and Mary are talking about what to do after class.

- John: “____________- Mary: “Yes, I’d love to.”

A. Do you often have time for a drink after class?

B. Would you like to have a drink after class?

C. Do you often go out for a drink after class?

D. Would you like tea or coffee after class?

65. Paul and Daisy are discussing life in the future.

- Paul: “I believe space travel will become more affordable for many people in the future.”

- Daisy: “____________ .”

A. It doesn’t matter at all. B. There’s no doubt about that.

C. It is very kind of you to say so. D. I am sorry to hear that.

66. Jack is inviting Mary to his party.

- Jack: “Would you like to come to my party this weekend?”

- Mary: “____________.”

A. Yes, I’d love to B. No, don’t worry

C. You’re welcome D. I’m afraid so Question

67. Laura and Mitchell are talking about their school curriculum.

- Laura: “I think Art should be a compulsory subject.”

- Mitchell: “____________. Art helps develop creativity.”

A. I quite agree B. You must be kidding

C. I’m of the opposite opinion D. I don’t think that’s a good idea

68. Adam and Janet are at the school canteen.

- Adam: “____________”

- Janet: “Yes, please.”

A. Do you mind if I sit here? B. Can you pass me the salt, please?

C. It’s a bit hot in here, isn’t it? D. Would you like a cup of coffee?

69. Jenny and Jimmy are talking about university education.

- Jenny: “I think having a university degree is the only way to succeed in life.”

- Jimmy: “____________. There are successful people without a degree.”

A. That’s life B. That’s all right

C. I don’t quite agree D. I can’t agree more

70. John was in Hanoi and wanted to send a parcel to his parents. He asked a local passer- by the way to the post-office.

- John: “Can you show me the way to the nearest post office, please?”

- Passer-by: “____________”

A. Not way, sorry. B. Just round the corner over there.

C. Look it up in a dictionary! D. There’s no traffic near here.

71. David is talking to Lucy about her painting.

- David: “What a beautiful painting!”

- Lucy: “____________”

A. No problem B. It’s on the wall

C. I’m glad you like it D. You’re welcome.

72. Peter and Dane are talking about environmental protection.

- Peter: “We should limit the use of plastic bags.”

- Dane: “____________. We can use paper bags instead.”

A. I completely agree. B. It’s not true.

C. I don’t quite agree D. You’re wrong.

73. David is apologising to his teacher for being late.

- David: “Sorry I’m late! The traffic is so heavy.”

- Teacher: “____________. Come in and sit down.”

A. You’re so kind B. It’s alright C. Me neither D. Thank you

74. Peter and Mary are talking about social networks.

- Peter: “Using social networks may have negative effects on students.”

- Mary: “____________. It distracts them from their studies.”

A. I’m not sure about that B. I don’t quite agree

C. You’re wrong D. That’s quite true

75. Linda and Peter are talking about safe driving.

- Linda: “I think drink-driving should be severely punished.”

- Peter: “____________. It may cause accidents or even deaths.”

A. You must be kidding B. I don’t think so

C. I don’t understand what you mean D. I absolutely agree with you

76. A porter is talking to Mary in the hotel lobby.

- Porter: “May I help you with your suitcase?”

- Mary: “____________”

A. What a shame B. Me too C. You’re welcome D. Yes, please

77. John is having dinner at Linda’s house.

- John: “This roast beef is so delicious.”

- Linda:”____________”

A. sure. I’d love to B. I’m glad you like it.

C. No, don’t worry. D. I don’t either.

78. Joana and David, two lectures, are talking about library skills.

- Joana: “I think we should teach our students how to use the library.”

- David:”____________

A. You’re absolutely wrong B. You must be kidding

C. I couldn’t agree with you more D. That’s not a good idea

79. A shop assistant is talking to a customer.

- Shop assistant: “Do you need anything else?”

- Customer:”____________”

A. That’s all. Thanks B. Good job! C. With pleasure D. You’re welcome

80. Ann and Peter are talking about housework.

- Ann: “ I think children should be paid for doing the housework.”

- Peter: “____________. It’s their duty in the family.”

A. That’s what I think B. You’re exactly right

C. There’s no doubt about it D. I don’t think so

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