Viết đoạn văn miêu tả cách thức giao tiếp hiện đại bằng Tiếng Anh

Hướng dẫn viết đoạn văn tiếng Anh 8 Global success miêu tả cách thức giao tiếp hiện đại bao gồm đoạn văn về cách thức giao tiếp hiện đại khác nhau bằng tiếng Anh giúp các em ôn tập hiệu quả.

Topic: Write a paragraph (80-100 words) to describe a way of morden communication. You can use the ideas in 4 or your own ideas.

(Viết một đoạn văn (80-100 từ) miêu tả một cách thức giao tiếp hiện đại. Em có thể dùng các ý ở bài 4 hoặc dùng ý tưởng của riêng mình.)

Write a paragraph to describe a way of modern communication số 1

Từ vựng

- Share a quick piece of information: Chia sẻ một thông tin nhanh

- Confirm an appointment: Xác nhận cuộc hẹn

- Lengthy conversation: Cuộc trò chuyện kéo dài

Text message, one of the most popular ways of communication, is an electric communication sent and received by mobile phone. It gives us a kind of freedom that calling doesn’t. For example, when you need to share a quick piece of information, confirm an appointment, or send a message that doesn’t require a lengthy conversation, texting is more efficient. In addition, it allows users to use audio recordings when I want to transmit the most important information. I think, in the future, it still will be a common way to communicate with friends, family and colleagues

Write a paragraph 80 100 words to describe a way of modern communication số 2

Thanks to the rapid development of modern technology, there are various means of communication nowadays. Using social media platforms is one of the most popular ways of modern communication. It allows people to connect and communicate with each other instantly. The way isn’t depended on users’ geographical location. Furthermore, people can share videos, pictures, videos and videos with their friends with just a few clicks. Next, it can provide people with an open space to exchange knowledge, viewpoints and other stuff. I have joined some discussions on those sites and thanks to that, I have developed a good habit of viewing an issue from various angles. However, it is also time-consuming. Users cannot manage their time well, which leads that their study and work will be badly affected too. To sum up, beside its disadvantage, social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and interact with each other in the modern age.

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