Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 3 Becoming Independent

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I. Choose the word which is different from the other in the position of primary
1 A. confident B. approach C. communicate D. contribute
2 A. enquire B. enroll C. responsibly D. housekeeping
3 A. protective B. fulfill C. motivated D. priority
4 A. schedule B. struggle C. deadline D. remind
5 A. management B. discourage C. advertise D. overcome
II. Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.
6. It's time for you to stop relying _______ your parents.
A.on B. in C. at
7. She strives _____________ a balance between studies and relationships.
A. on B. at C. for
8. Yoga and meditation help to improve the ability to cope ________ stress and
A. about B. with C. for
9. He must have suffered ________ the flu for a long time.
A.from B. at C. in
10. ________ The quality of being able to be trusted to do what somebody wants or
A. reliability B. responsibility C. decisiveness
11. ________ Doing everything on your own without others' help
A. self- esteem B. self- confident C. self-reliant
12. She was excited ________ a letter from her mother last week.
A. to receive B. receive C. receiving
13. We are very surprised to ________ Peter at the party.
A. seeing B. see C. seen
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14. She has the ________ well with work pressure.
A. able to cope B. ability for coping C. ability to cope
15. It is important ________ us to hand in the report on time.
A. to B. for C. of
16. It is ________ of him to help the poor.
A. generous B. generously C. generosity
17. I was not allowed to stay outside overnight.
A. I didn't have to stay outside overnight.
B. I had no permission to stay outside overnight.
C. I must stay outside overnight.
18. Don't expect that everyone will agree with you. That is unreasonable.
A. Everyone is reasonable to agree with you.
B. It is unreasonable to expect that everyone will agree with you.
C. It is unreasonable not to expect that everyone will agree with you.
19. My sister is able to solve every problem quickly.
A. My sister has the ability to solve every problem quickly.
B. It is hard for my sister to solve every problem quickly.
C. My sister’s ability to solve every problem quickly.
20. Don't touch that button. It is dangerous.
A. It is dangerous not to touch that button.
B. It is dangerous to touch that button.
C. It is dangerous not to touch that button.
21. I don't know how to use this washing machine.
A. I don't know the way how to use this washing machine.
B. I don't know the way to use this washing machine.
C. I don't know the way of use this washing machine
III. Complete the sentences using the given words/ phrases.
enroll approaching expense enquired
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22. Tom invests a great _____________ in this project in hope that he can be
23. Jane_____________ a lot about the reading assignment.
24. We could see the train _____________ in the distance.
25. Please tell me about the course as soon as possible so that I can _____________
IV. Reading the passage and do these following tasks.
Becoming independent
Many young people strive to be independent. That means you are able to take care
of yourself, and you don't have to rely on anyone else. However, to live
independently, you need a number of life skills in order not to depend on your
parents and older brothers or sisters. One of the most important skills is time
management which can help you build your confidence and self-esteem. With good
time management skills, you can perform your daily tasks, including your
responsibilities at school and at home with pleasing results. Moreover, you will not
feel stressed when exam dates are approaching. These skills can also help you act
more independently and responsibly, get better grades at school and have more time
for your family and friends.
Developing time-management skills is not as challenging as you may think. Firstly,
make a plan for things you need to do, including appointments and deadlines. Using
a diary or apps on mobile devices will remind you of what you need to accomplish
and when you need to accomplish it. Secondly, prioritize your activities. You need
to decide which tasks are the most urgent and important and then, concentrate on
these first. This way, you may not be at a loss to deal with too much work at the
same time. Thirdly, develop routines because routines, when established, take less
time for you to do your tasks.
Time management skills are not hard to develop; once you master them, you will
find out that they are great keys to success and you can become independent.

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