Bài tập ôn thi học kỳ 1 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11: Word Form

Bài tập ôn thi học kỳ 1 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11: Word Form

Cùng tham khảo Bài tập ôn thi học kỳ 1 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11: Word Form. Bài tập Word Form lớp 11 này sẽ giúp cho các bạn học sinh lớp 11 có thêm tư liệu tham khảo sẽ giúp bạn định hướng kiến thức ôn tập và rèn luyện kỹ năng, tư duy làm bài thi đạt được kết quả cao nhất.

Đề cương ôn thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11

Đề cương ôn thi Tiếng Anh học kỳ II lớp 11 (nâng cao)

Đề cương ôn tập Tiếng Anh lớp 11 cả năm

Bài tập Word Form lớp 11

Unit 1

1. Fashion is ___________changing. (constant)

2. We became ____________ of the stranger's behavior and contacted the police. (suspicion)

3. A true friendship is someone who is ___________and willing to share our interests and feelings. (selfish)

4. True friendship requires us to show trust and ____________. (loyal)

5. Goods are ____________displayed in the shop windows. (attract)

6. He had supported his family _____________until his death. (loyal)

7. All supporters cheered ______________for the home team. (enthusiasm)

8. Her belief in her husband was _______________. She never lost her belief in him. (change)

9. Many old people have very little _______________with modern technology. (acquaint)

10. The students are still ____________of working by themselves, so I must help until they are able to. (capable)

11. The weather is very ___________at this time of the year: the sun may shine brightly and then it may suddenly rain heavily.

12. It would be considered _____________to your friend if you told his or her secret to others. (loyal)

13. It is reported that three men were arrested on ____________of murder. (suspicious)

14. His _____________for music has stayed strong throughout his 23 years in radio. (enthusiast)

15. He showed unswerving _______________to his friends. (loyal)

16. We all have great _______________for the victims of the flood. (sympathize)

17. _____________is very important because uncertain people cannot have a lifelong friendship. (constant)

18. It was very _____________of him to offer us his room. (selfish)

19. The wine had made him ______________of thinking clearly. (capable)

20. Playing a game with the children is a good way of getting them _____________. (acquaint)

21. Inform the police immediately if you see anything _______________. (suspicion)

22. _____________ need time to develop. (friend)

23. An _____________ is a person that you know but who is not a close friend. (acquaint)

24. A ______________person is unlikely to keep a secret long. (talk)

25. Our relationship is based on _______________respect. (mutuality)

Unit 2

1. They _____________ their kids. (idol)

2. A lot of teenagers make Bi Rain their _______________. (idolize)

3. The task needs the skills of a suitably _______________ engineer. (experience)

4. She smiled to hide her slight ______________. (embarrass)

5. I _______________ prefer Pizza to hamburgers. (personal)

6. The romantic evening cruise will be a _______________experience. (memory)

7. I have a _______________suspicion that she knows more than she's telling us. (sneak)

8. Don't get the children too _______________. (excite)

9. The equator is an ____________ line around the middle of the earth. (imagine)

10. She was too ______________ to tell her husband the truth. (embarrass)

11. All the passengers were ________________ that the plane would crash! (terrify)

12. It was very ______________of you to break my ancient vase. (care)

13. Life in the village was so boring that people just waited and waited for something _________ to happen. (excite)

14. You must use your _______________ to guess what the movie really means! (imagine)

15. Don't worry! I promise I'll look after your dog ___________when you are on holiday. (care)

16. Why did you ask her about her last marriage? It was an ____________ question to ask in public. (embarrass)

17. I had a _______________ nightmare last night. (terrify)

18. The failure of the team was due to the _______________ of the defenders. (experience)

19. The crowd jumped up and down with _______________when Owen scored another goal. (excite)

20. The older my grandmother became, the worse her ______________ got. (memorize)

21. This is the sort of work that he is really _______________ in. (experience)

22. You'll need to be a little more _________________ if you want to hold their attention. (imagine)

23. People fled from the explosion in ______________. (terrify)

24. I _______________ think that we should do something immediately to change the situation that we are in. (person)

25. I have a _______________ suspicion that she knows more than she's telling us. (sneak)

Unit 3

1. They organized a party in _____________ of the year's success. (celebrate)

2. The 50th wedding anniversary is called the _____________ anniversary. (gold)

3. After they got _____________, she never remarried. (divorce)

4. We wish them every ______________ in their new life. (happy)

5. The light in the room is functional as well as ______________. (decorate)

6. The ______________ postponed the race because of heavy snow. (organize)

7. We're having a small family _____________ to mark our wedding anniversary. (gather)

8. I have no _____________ of changing jobs. (intend)

9. The food was good but the ______________ was very slow. (serve)

10. Nobody in the office had received an ______________ to the party. (invite)

11. It was a _____________ opportunity to study abroad when he won that scholarship. (gold)

12. A party was held at the _____________ of the school management. (invite)

13. Being a(n) ____________ mother is no longer a social stigma in Western societies. (marry)

14. The rice wine is a _____________ of this region. (special)

15. The interior _____________ of the house was designed by the owner himself. (decorate)

16. The school held a ______________ to mark twenty years of its foundation. (celebrate)

17. I enjoy swimming in the sea, ______________ in the early morning. (special)

18. These cars are remarkable for the ______________ of their engines. (quiet)

19. The furniture in their living-room was more _____________ than functional. (decorate)

20. Her _______________did not last long and she had to live on her own again. (marry)

21. Honesty is the base of any healthy ________________. (relate)

22. An _______________ smell of cooked food wafted into the room as I was home hungry from school. (invite)

23. It is difficult to give a definition of ______________; it all depends on each person. (happy)

24. Scientists have proven that lung cancer is directly ______________ to smoking. (relationship)

25. They talked ________________ so as not to wake the baby. (quiet)

Unit 4

1. Final-year students are _____________ anxious about getting work after graduation. (nature)

2. Some regions in the North of our country are very _____________. (mountain)

3. These students _____________spend their spare time at weekends taking care of the orphans. (volunteer)

4. High school students are among the many _____________ in the Green Summer program, whose purpose is to protect the environment. (participate)

5. Please make yourselves _______________ while I get dinner ready. (comfort)

6. The young girl, who died of cancer, had received many letters of support from her fellow ____________. (suffer)

7. I couldn't sleep because the bed was so _______________. (comfort)

8. The purpose of this program is to provide education for homeless and ____________ children. (advantage)

9. Children who are born into poor, large families may be ___________ disadvantaged. (education)

10. This charitable organization relies almost on ____________contributions. (volunteer)

11. If you're too trusting, other people will take ______________ of you. (disadvantaged)

12. Birds are ______________ enemies of many harmful insects. (nature)

13. Tom, whose parents are _____________ and barely literate, has a master's degree from London University. (educate)

14. _______________ is an adventure sport, which may be involved in dangers. (mountain)

15. When the audience had all sat ________________, the lecturer began his speech. (comfort)

16. The minister is said to have been brought up in an ___________ before being adopted by a rich married couple. (orphan)

17. Many ethnic groups live in the __________ region of the country. (mountain)

18. Since retiring from the company, she has done __________ work for a charity. (volunteer)

19. A new educational program has been set for _____________ children. (advantage)

20. Pollution can have _____________ effects on the balanced ecosystem. (disaster)

21. His sudden sickness prevented him from active ____________ in the competition. (participate)

22. I never feel _____________ when I stay in other people's house. (comfort)

23. The local government has asked various voluntary ___________ to help raise money for the new orphanage. (organize)

24. His office is very utilitarian in style, with no ______________. (decorate)

25. In their ____________ to find a solution, they may have overlooked certain financial difficulties. (eager)

26. On this _______________ occasion we salute the wonderful work done by the association. (memory)

27. Her ______________ to the cause is impressive. (loyal)

28. She felt _______________ about undressing in front of the doctor. (embarrass)

29. This war has caused widespread human _____________. (suffer)

30. If something comes ______________ to you, you are able to do it very easily and very well. (nature)

Unit 5

1. The company is making plans for _______________ into European markets. (expand)

2. After three years of the campaign, it is reported that only 10% of the population are still _______________. (literate)

3. Brazil has just announced its _____________ of polio, an infectious disease that affected thousands of children each year. (eradicate)

4. It's hard to understand this article thoroughly because it is full of ____________ terms. (technique)

5. Despite his poverty, the man acted _____________ and returned the wallet to its owner. (honor)

6. The office needs four more computers in order to work more _____________. (effect)

7. The fight against _______________ in the rural areas was not as easy as expected. (literate)

8. Some people think that aspirin is a(n) ______________ cure for headache. (effect)

9. We are very pleased with the high level of _______________ in the charity events. (participate)

10. Humor is often far more ______________ than shouting. (effect)

11. I can see an increasing _______________ in how she understands the world. (mature)

12. They started a campaign for illiteracy _______________ in the summer of 2000. (eradicate)

13. I am deeply _______________ to be invited to this momentous occasion. (honor)

14. We congratulate James on his well-deserved _______________to Chief Executive. (promote)

15. All the children are tested in basic _______________. (literate)

16. Did he do it ______________, or did you make him? (volunteer)

17. The Red Cross is in charge of _______________ of emergency relief. (provide)

18. We found the program ________________ and informative. (educate)

19. Debbie is a very _______________ girl. She makes friends easily whenever she goes. (society)

20. The traffic lights are controlled by a _______________ computer. (center)

21. He quit the job because it didn't offer any prospects of ______________. (promote)

22. If you try to work _______________ for one year, you will be able to get a promotion. (effect)

23. Her ideas have lost all _______________ to the modern world. She seems to be living in the past. (relevant)

24. They have organized many computer training courses for old people who are computer ________________. (literacy)

25. This drug seems ______________; the patient is getting well. (effect)

26. FIFA are very determined to carry out the ____________ of racism from soccer. (eradicate)

27. They are still conducting a campaign in some rural areas to promote adult _________. (literate)

28. This movie is for adults only. It is totally _____________to young children. (relevant)

29. The economic reforms have actually brought benefits, both _____________ and politically. (society)

30. I think Miss Thu has the ______________experience in this job. She's doing it well. (relevance)

31. In some parts of the world, people are still divided into different __________ classes. (society)

32. These chemicals are _____________ in killing insects, so most farmers refuse to buy them now. (effect)

33. Your son is rather uncommunicative. You should encourage him to socialize _______ more. (society)

Unit 6

1. The final competition included the _____________ of three classes. (represent)

2. He had difficulty ____________ the poem in front of the judges. (recite)

3. You will have to answer the questions on the ____________ within two minutes. (work)

4. The _____________ was sponsored by the students' Parents Society. (compete)

5. The company has decided to withdraw from some of its ____________. (sponsor)

6. The playgroup provides plenty of ____________ for the children. (stimulate)

7. Over 30,000 _____________ will run in the New York marathon. (compete)

8. The negotiation was attended by _______________ of several states. (represent)

9. The scheme aims to encourage increased ______________ in sporting activities. (participate)

10. The survey was based on direct ______________ of over 500 schools. (observe)

11. I felt extremely ______________when we lost. (disappoint)

12. She finds writing poetry deeply ______________. (satisfy)

13. The teacher's comments are designed to help improve your ____________and _____________. (know/understand)

14. The ______________ of further job losses comes at a bad time. (announce)

15. Lan always takes an _____________part in every class discussion. (act)

16. This book is not ______________ of all his works during his lifetime. (represent)

17. Did you hear the _____________ made by the President on television this morning? (announce)

18. The road was blocked for two hours after the accident, but traffic is now flowing ____________ again. (smooth)

19. Teaching is now a very _____________job; you have to try your best if you want to succeed. (compete)

20. Your _____________exam results are entirely due to your inattention in class. (disappoint)

21. It is illegal if an athlete takes drugs to improve his or her ____________. (perform)

22. You must send her a letter of _____________for what you have done. (apologize)

23. A ______________from our company will meet you at the airport on your arrival. (represent)

24. After months of working, we __________finished the project ahead of the scheduled time. (final)

25. Having read the book did not spoil my _____________of the movie. (enjoy)

26. The Nobel prizes are awarded _____________. (annual)

Unit 7

1. Disability is a physical _____________on your life. (limit)

2. Most governments in the Third World are trying to limit population __________. (grow)

3. These measures were designed to improve the _____________of traveling by airplane. (safe)

4. It's highly ___________that he'll win the scholarship. (probably)

5. Alarmingly, the hole in the ozone layer has ___________ in size this year. (double)

6. The government is making great efforts to promote the family ____________program throughout the country. (plan)

7. Despite the thick fog, the pilot managed to land the plane ___________. (safe)

8. I was asked to ______________my speech to ten minutes maximum. (limitation)

9. What is the _____________of our country? – "More than 80 million, I think. " (populate)

10. It won't take long to finish this work if we know how to do it __________. (science)

11. There are only a(n) ____________number of tickets available, so you must get them as soon as possible. (limit)

12. I walked in the heavy rain and began to tremble__________ with cold. (control)

13. My mother was the most _____________ during my father's illness. (support)

14. The water supply in this area is _____________, so you must use tablets to purify it before any use. (safe)

15. There is a _____________ need for qualified teachers at both primary and secondary levels (grow)

16. Every driver should know that '___________is a good friend; accidents are enemies. ' (safe)

17. The invention of the computer is considered the greatest ____________ achievement of our times. (science)

18. The measures to protect the environment must be compatible with economic _______ (grow)

19. I suddenly had a(n) ___________ urge to laugh. I couldn't stop it. (control)

20. In spite of a technological fault, the pilots landed the plane __________ in the end. (safe)

21. If you pay a suitable rate for ___________Internet access, you will be allowed to surf it as much as you want. (limit)

22. True ____________ of sports do not accept violence. (support)

23. She was very _____________during my father's illness. (support)

24. The ticket gives you _______________travel for seven days. (limit)

25. You must have a ______________ reason for not attending classes. (satisfy)

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