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Exercise 1
1. He drives so quickly that I am afraid that one day he will_______ someone crossing the
a. crash down b. knock down c. turn over d. run across
2. Hello. Is that 956782? Please put me_______ the manager.
a. across b. up c. over d. through
3. The three friends all_______ for the same job.
a. requested b. intended c. applied d. referred
4. I don’t think he will ever get_______ the shock of his father's death.
a. over b. through c. by d. off
5. The company is aiming to push_______ its share of car sales to 25% over the next two
a. on b. up c. out d. though
6. The child hurt himself badly when he fell _______ the bedroom window.
a. out from b. out of c. down d. over
7. Don’t worry about trying to catch the last train home, as we can easily_______ you up
for the night.
a. take b. set c. put d. keep
8. I am late because my alarm clock didn't _______ this morning.
a. come on b. ring out c. go off d. turn on
9. He's such a naughty child' it's amazing what his mother lets him_______ away with.
a. go b. make c. do d. get
10. The factory paid_______ nearly a million pounds to their employees injured in the
a. out b. in c. off d. back
11. My daughter often_______ to see me at lest once a week.
a. calls up b. drops in c. goes up d. comes on
12. I think he is unwell; he was complaining_______ a headache this morning.
a. of b. at c. from d. against
13. I saw a thief take Tom's wallet so I ran _______ him, but I couldn't catch him.
a. into b. over c. near d. after
14. If it's raining tomorrow, we shall have top put_______ the match till Sunday.
a. off b. away c. in d. on
15. There was a big hole is the rod which _______ the traffic.
a. kept down b. held up c. stood back d. sent back
16. She applied for training as a pilot, but they turned her _______ because of her poor
a. up b. back c. down d. over
17. These old houses are going to be _______ soon.
a. laid out b. run down c. knocked out d. pulled down
18. I can'_______ what he's doing, it’s so dark down there.
a. see through b. make out c. look into d. show up
19. Having looked the place _______, the gang went away to make their plans.
a. over b. through c. down d. out
20. Take the number 7 bus and get_______ at Forest Road.
a. up b. down c. off d. outside
Exercise 2
VnDoc - Ti tài liu, văn bn pháp lut, biu mu min phí
1. If you want to join this club, you must_______ this application form.
a. make up b. write down c. do up d. fill in
2. The water company will have to _______ off water supplies while repairs to the pipes
are carried out.
a. take b. cut c. set d. break
3. Come_______, children! Get your coats on or you'll be late for school.
a. along b. to c. across d. over
4. She tried to prevent the dog_______ running into the road.
a. to b. for c. from d. against
5. The doctor told him to keep_______ sweets and chocolate to lose weight.
a. at b. up c. back d. off
6. Tom was slow to catch_______, but gradually he began to understand.
a. in b. on c. away d. out
7. I haven’t time to speak to him now, you'll have to put him_______
a. off c. back c. aside d. away
8. You know I'll always stand_______ you if you are in trouble.
a. for b. up c. by d. with
9. I disapprove_______ people smoking in public places.
a. on b. at c. with d. of
10. She found it is hard to _______ up to the fact that she would never be famous.
a. come b. face c. get d. keep
11. For the first few minutes she was leading the race, then she began to fall_______
a. out b. through c. back d. off
12. The job offer was too good for him to turn_______
a. down b. out c. off d. away
13. His son's death was a terrible shock and it took him a long time to _______ it.
a. get round b. come through c. go over d. get over
14. Please come_______ and see us some time-you're always welcome.
a. to b. round c. about d. away
15. She put _______ speaking to him as long as possible.
a. over b. away c. off d. back
16. He filled in the necessary forms and _______ for the job.
a. appealed b. asked c. requested d. applied
17. She went _______ a bad cold just before Christmas.
a. down with b. in for c. over d. through
18. They had never come_______ such a beautiful little village before.
a. at b. across c. off d. long
19. When the tenants failed to pay their bills, the authorities decided to cut_______ the gas
supply to the flats.
a. out b. down c. off d. across
20. The doctor advised me not to take_______ so much work in future.
a. to b. over c. after d. on
Exercise 3
1. The police have warned tourists to look_______ for pickpockets in the town centre.
a. out b. up c. down d. forward
2. I wouldn't_______ of going to a party unless I hadn't been invited to.
a. intend b. dream c. rely d. depend
3. If you want to be healthy; you should cut_______ on your smoking.
VnDoc - Ti tài liu, văn bn pháp lut, biu mu min phí
a. up b. down c. out d. through
4. Their aim is to_______ up a new political party.
a. strike b. stand c. set d. show
5. He was busy when I phoned but I hung_______ until he was free.
a. back b. off c. to d. on
6. I'm not sure how old he is but he must be _______ for 70.
a. going by b. getting up c. getting on d. going off
7. I absolutely_______ with everything that has been said.
a. agree b. accept c. admit d. approve
8. The man who lives opposite us sometimes comes _______ for a cup for coffee.
a. on b. over c. off d. to
9. The butcher cut some steak, _______ it up and handed it to me.
a. closed b. wound c. strung d. wrapped
10. In order to _______ with his studies he worked though the summer.
a. take b. catch on c. catch up d. take up
11. A god friend will stand _______ you when you're having trouble.
a. by b. out c. against d. in
12. The meeting had to be put_______ until a later date.
a. away b. on c. off d. up
13. The teachers at the school went_______ with flu one after the other.
a. out b. down c. off d. under
14. The smell was so bad that it completely_______ us off our food.
a. set b. took c. got d. put
15. We expected him at eight but the finally_______ at midnight.
a. came to b. turned out c. turned in d. came off
16. The hall was very crowded with over fifty people_______ into it.
a. pushed b. packed c. stuck d. stuffed
17. He took the trouble to write_______ the complete list for us.
a. on b. through c. off d. our
18. He had to go to the bank to_______ some money for his holiday.
a. pay up b. pay back c. draw out d. draw in
19. A new study group has been _______ by the United Nations
a. set up b. set on c. put up d. put on
20. David always_______ over to my house after he had done his homework.
a. passed b. gone c. went d. came
Exercise 4
1. If you want to have a pet you must be ready to look _______ it for several years.
a. at b. for c. after d. over
2. I can put_______ with most things but I cannot stand noisy children
a. on b. up c. off d. aside
3. Don't _______ up yet, you will soon be able to play the trumpet well.
a. give b. catch c. break d. turn
4. Some drivers seem to expect everyone else to get_______ their way.
a. off b. after c. away from d. out of
5. My uncle took_______ golf when he retired from work.
a. on b. after c. up d. over
6. The deer_______ for the shelter of the forest when there are people about.
a. get b. make c. go d. take

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