Mẫu đoạn văn Tiếng Anh theo các chủ đề cho trước

Với nhiều chủ đề khác nhau khi viết thư gửi cho người bạn thân thiết, tài liệu "Mẫu đoạn văn Tiếng Anh theo các chủ đề cho trước" sẽ giúp các bạn chuẩn bị và luyện tập kỹ năng viết Tiếng Anh hiệu quả, giúp các bạn phát triển khả năng viết, từ đó đạt thành công trong học tập và công việc, giúp các bạn ôn thi IELTS, TOEFL, THPT Quốc gia... hiệu quả. Mời các bạn tham khảo.

I. Cấu trúc một đoạn văn tiếng Anh ngắn

1. The topic sentence (câu chủ đề)

- Là câu đầu đoạn văn và cũng là câu quan trọng nhất trong đoạn.

- Câu này nêu vắn tắt nội dung mà đoạn văn sắp trình bày.

2. The controlling idea (Ý tưởng chủ đạo)

-Thường được đề cập trong câu chủ đề.

- Lật mở trọng tâm của cả đoạn văn.

- Giới hạn chủ đề của đoạn văn thành những vấn đề cụ thể.

- Các cụm từ dùng để diễn đạt controlling idea (Ý tưởng chủ đạo)

  • Two main types (2 loại chính)
  • Three groups (3 nhóm)
  • The following (như sau)
  • Several problems (nhiều vấn đề)
  • Several ways (nhiều cách)
  • Two aims (2 mục tiêu)
  • Results (các kết quả)
  • Several reasons (nhiều lí do)
  • Four steps (4 bước)
  • Two classes (2 nhóm)
  • These disadvantages (những bất lợi sau đây)
  • Three main causes (3 nguyên nhân chính)
  • Three characteristics (3 đặc điểm)
  • ...

Các tính từ dùng để diễn đạt controlling idea (Ý tưởng chủ đạo)

  • Suitable (thích hợp)
  • Unsuitable (không thích hợp)
  • Good
  • Unhealthy
  • Successful
  • Unsuccessful
  • Beneficial (có ích)
  • Bad
  • Harmful (có hại)
  • ...

3. The supporting sentences (các câu giải thích cho câu chủ đề)

- Đưa ra các ý chính để giải thích, chứng minh cho câu chủ đề.

- Các liên từ dùng để liên kết các ý chính trong phần thân bài:

  • Firstly........... Secondly.......... Lastly
  • In the first place (đầu tiên)........... Also (tương tự như thế)........... Lastly (cuối cùng)
  • Generally (nhìn chung) ........ Furthermore (hơn nữa) ........ Finally (cuối cùng)
  • To be sure (chắc chắn rằng) ........ Additionally (thêm vào đó) ......... lastly (cuối cùng)
  • In the first place (đầu tiên) .......... just in the same way (tương tự như thế) ......... Finally (cuối cùng)
  • Basically (Cơ bản thì) .............. Similarly (tương tự như thế) .............. As well (Đồng thời)

- Các liên từ để liên kết các supporting details

  • Consequently: Cho nên
  • It is evident that = It is apparent that = It goes without saying that = Without a doubt = Needless to say (rõ ràng rằng)
  • Furthermore: Hơn nữa
  • Additionally: Thêm vào đó
  • In addition: Thêm vào đó
  • Moreover: Hơn nữa
  • In the same way: Tương tự như vậy
  • More importantly/remarkably…: Quan trọng hơn, nổi bật hơn…

- Các từ dùng để diễn đạt một ý khác hoặc nêu chi tiết một ý trong phần thân bài:

  • In other words: Nói cách khác
  • Specifically: Nói một cách cụ thể

4. The concluding sentence (câu kết luận)

- Là câu cuối đoạn văn

- Nhắc lại ý chính đã nêu ở câu chủ đề bằng 1 cách viết khác, đưa ra kết luận dựa trên các lập luận đã đưa ra trước đó.

- Các liên từ dùng để kết thúc 1 đoạn văn:

  • Indeed
  • In conclusion
  • In short
  • In a nutshell
  • To summary

=> Các cụm này đều có nghĩa là : nói tóm lại thì, cuối cùng thì, nói một cách ngắn gọn thì...

II. Các đoạn văn tiếng Anh theo chủ đề

Viết 1 đoạn văn tiếng Anh đơn giản về các chủ đề sau đây:

1. Viết đoạn văn về ngày Tết bằng tiếng Anh có dịch

Lunar New Year Festival often falls between late January and early February; it is among the most important holidays in Vietnam. Officially, the festival includes the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd day in Lunar Calendar; however, Vietnamese people often spend nearly a month celebrating this special event. Tet Holiday gets its beginning marked with the first day in the Lunar Year; however, its preparation starts long before that. The 23rd day of the last Lunar month is East Day—a ritual worshiping Kitchen Gods (Tao Cong). It thought that each year on this day, these Gods go to heaven to tell Jade Emperor about all activities of households on earth. On New Year’s Eve, they return home to continue their duties as taking care of families. On New Year’s Day, the first ones who come to visit households—called first-foot—are very important and hence need to be well chosen, as they believed to hold in their hands the entire luck of the family in New Year (Tan Nien). After that, till the third day or even the fourth day of Tet, individuals meet relatives, friends, and colleagues, wishing them all kinds of good things like happiness, health, and success.

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2. Write about your hobby

Most of my friends like to stay inside to play video games, read books or watch TV, but I have a good hobby of going outside and playing sports. I play many different sports in my free time; some of them are soccer, swimming, volleyball and basketball. Sometimes I also ride the bikes or do board skating with my cousin in the park. In my opinion, doing sport is one of the rare hobbies that actually have good impacts on me. I am taller than most of my classmates thanks to swimming and basketball lessons that I take during summer time. My muscles are even stronger than my older brother, and I can last longer than most other people in any sport competition. Sports bring me a lot of benefits, and they are also fun things to do at the same time. I love the feeling of the cool water run through my face when I am swimming, and it seems like I am flying whenever I take a dive underwater. When I play soccer, it is very exciting for me or my teammates to score a goal even though we do not take part in any tournament. Both of my physical and mental health become better after I play sports, so it can be considered as the best things to do in my free time. Sports are like a part of my life besides other activities, and I will continue to play sports till I am too weak for them.

Xem thêm tại:

3 Write about your ideal lover in future

Each person must have the ideal partner for themselves. For me, my ideal partner is a good heart, honesty, and respect parents, hardworking, and educated. Moreover, she is also a pretty and attractive woman.

Firstly, I love my ideal partner very much because she is enough clever to keep my heart cheerful and always helps me when I need her, especially in my studies.

Besides that, my girlfriend is good heart and responsible when she always reminds me that education is very important because that is what determines our future.

Therefore I have to put my education first and when I have problems in studying, we can share with each other to solve together. Last but not least, my woman always respect my parents by greeting them, asking them whenever she helping them in some situations.

For my conclusion, when we want to choose the ideal partner for us, we must know the background of her life and characteristics so that we can choose a suitable lover in the future

4. Write about your favorite subject at school

When going to school, there are many subjects; however I still like literature the most. First, literature plays an important role in both education and daily life. Literature is not limit to a subject to be learnt at school. Furthermore, this subject teaches human about several aspects of life. From the very first step, student learns to write, read as well as describe things and people. Moreover, literature teaches one to be a responsible citizen and likeable personality. Literature is more than a subject, it’s an art and it can be applied directly into life such as: journalism, editor. People are not born to learn this unique subject, it needs long time to exercise to master. Besides, when learning literature people not only know more works of art but also understand culture, tradition of each country. Literature is the mirror reflecting human and their lifestyle. Studying literature means learning the way to love and live a true life. All in all, with great benefits of literature, it is necessary for each society especially developing countries.

Xem chi tiết tại:

7 Đoạn văn viết về môn học em yêu thích bằng Tiếng Anh có dịch

5. Write about your favorite sport

I love a quite strange sport for everyone, and it is ping pong. Not many people in Vietnam who are interested in ping pong, and it is also hard to find a place to actually have enough equipment to play it. Ping pong, or it also known as table tennis, consists of two or four players hitting a lightweight ball back and forth on a table. The table is divided in two halves by a net, and it marks the playing zone of each team. The basic rule for amateurs is pretty simple as players need to let the ball touch their side of the table one time before bouncing back. They then hit the ball back to their opponent’s side with a small paddle, and this time the ball also need to touch the other side of the table as well. A point is counted when a player fail to return back the ball, let it touch the net, or make it land outside of the table. Since it is played on a table, so the area is not big enough for us to wait and think about the next move. Therefore, we need to play it with fast reactions and nonstop motions. We only have one second to act the next step right after hitting the ball, and it does not take much time to complete a set. In a competition, and match usually consists of five or seven sets, and the first one to score 11 points wins a set. Many people do not take this sport serious, but I think it is a very good sport to train both of our physical and mental health as we need to be tough and have quick reactions at the same time.

Xem chi tiết tại:

6 đoạn văn mẫu về môn Thể thao mà bạn yêu thích bằng Tiếng Anh

Write about a sport/ game you like

6. Write about a person you love most

My mother is a person I admire most. She devoted a lot of time and energy to the upbringing of my two brothers and I. Despite working hard, she always made time to teach us many useful things which are necessary and important in our later lives. Moreover, she is a good role model for me to follow. She always tries to get on well with people who live next door and help everyone when they are in difficulties, so most of them respect and love her. I admire and look up to my mother because she not only brings me up well but also stands by me and gives some help if necessary. For example, when I encounter some difficulties, she will give me some precious advice to help me solve those problems. She has a major influence on me and I hope that I will inherit some of her traits.

Đoạn văn tiếng Anh tả mẹ: Bài viết tiếng Anh về mẹ

7. Write about the subject you hate most at school

Back in high school, the subject that I really hated was literature. I did not understand why others could write easily but I could not. Honestly, I really admired my friends because they always wrote long essays, and theirs all were full of feelings. When I look back now, I can figure out some reasons. First of all, I belonged to natural science. That was why I always got five scores for literature but maximum ones for math. The second reason was also the most critical factor that impacted negatively on my writing skill. I remember that I had to write unreal things in my essays. For instance, my teachers were not perfect but I had to describe them as angels. How could I write well when the lies always stopped my ideas? In my opinion, this was the worst teaching way because the teachers were killing students' self-expression and teaching their students how to tell lies. Fortunately, I was not good at writing, but I have never failed the exams because I always beat my brains out to finish my essays.

8. Write about your idol

Xem chi tiết tại:

9 Đoạn văn về người nổi tiếng bằng Tiếng Anh

9. Write about your plan for future

Everybody has a plan for future. Though future is uncertain and many times unpredictable, I believe that to some extent our future depends on our actions on past and present. In the future, I want to run a mega shopping mall business where my involvement would not be mandatory to run the daily business and I would enjoy my time by visiting different places of the world.

After I finished my graduation, I started working for a small company. Now I am working for a large multinational company I have planned to work till I become 36 and then I will take early retirement. The money I will inherit and the amount I am currently saving per month should allow me to start a business. I have planned to start a big shopping mall. I will have my close relatives as the employees and authorities of the business and initially I will work in this shopping mall for 2-3 years to make it run smoothly. When the business would go on with its own path, I will enjoy my vacation and would visit different renowned and beautiful cities of the world. I will visit Asia, Europe, Russia and many more places.

Hopefully, I will enjoy the retirement and the trips. Though I am not sure about the future but I have already planned for it. Because I believe proper planning and initiation is the half of the total task and fulfilling dream. I have already taken some steps towards achieving my future plan.

10. Write about your best friend

Xem chi tiết tại:

6 Đoạn văn ngắn Miêu tả bạn thân bằng Tiếng Anh

11. Describe your house

Xem chi tiết tại:

Đoạn văn Tiếng Anh miêu tả Ngôi nhà

12. Write about your family

Xem chi tiết tại

Viết đoạn văn giới thiệu về gia đình bằng tiếng Anh

13. Write about your pet

Xem chi tiết tại:

6 Đoạn văn miêu tả con vật bằng Tiếng Anh

14. Write about your favorite season

Xem chi tiết tại:

Tả mùa hè bằng tiếng Anh

Tả mùa thu bằng tiếng Anh

Đoạn văn tả một mùa trong năm bằng Tiếng Anh

15. Talk about your favorite music

Xem chi tiết tại:

Đoạn văn nói về dòng nhạc mà bạn yêu thích

16. Viết đoạn văn về quyển sách yêu thích

The book that I love most is “Hachiko - the waiting dog”. The book tells the story of the famous dog named Hachiko and friendship with his owner – professor Eisaburo. Hachiko lives with the professor’s family in Tokyo. Everyday, in the morning, Hachiko followed professor Eisaburo to the gas station when he commuted to work. And every afternoon, at 5 pm, no matter how sunny or rainy it was, the dog came to the gas station to wait for the professor comming back home. The way from home to the station and from the station to home was Hachiko’s the happiest time. Professor Eisaburo always confessed with Hachiko, talked and played with him. They had been together for a long time before a tragedy came up. As every day, Hachiko was waited for the professor coming back. But the professor had passed away because of a stroke when he was presenting on the stage. Not being discouraged, Hachiko still waited for the professor the following days regardless of any kind of weather. Once the professor’s wife sent him to the countryside far away from Tokyo, but Hachiko tried to escape and backed in the station to continue waiting until he died. This was a touching story and made me cry many times. I kept the book carefully and read again when I meet difficulties on school. The book helps me release stress and depression. Thanks to the book, I can learn a precious lesson.

Xem chi tiết tại:

9 Đoạn văn về quyển sách yêu thích bằng Tiếng Anh

17. Write about your favorite film

Xem chi tiết tại:Viết về bộ phim yêu thích bằng tiếng Anh

Write a review of your favourite film

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