Bài tập tự luận tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 6 Global Warming

Bài tập Unit 6 lớp 11 Global Warming có đáp án

Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 6: Global Warming có đáp án nằm trong bộ đề Ôn tập Tiếng Anh lớp 11 theo từng Unit năm học 2020 - 2021 mới nhất trên VnDoc.com. Bài tập tiếng Anh 11 Unit 6 Global Warming có đáp án được biên tập bám sát chương trình học tại Nhà trường giúp học sinh lớp 11 củng cố kiến thức đã học về Từ vựng, cấu trúc câu Tiếng Anh hiệu quả.

I. Use the words / phrases from the box to complete the sentences.

greenhouse gases heat-related catastrophic vehicle emissions

diversity ecological balance capture

Example: The government must take measures to cut vehicle emissions.

1. The effects of climate change on humans and nature are ______

2. We need to preserve the ______ of wildlife because each species has an important role to play.

3. The increase in the earth's temperature can cause ______ illnesses which can be dangerous to people.

4. Carbon dioxide is one of the primary ______ that cause global warming.

5. Planting trees can contribute to reducing global warming as trees ______ and absorb CO2 in the air.

6. Climate change may lead to the extinction of many species and upset the ______

II. Combine the following sentences by completing the second sentences and using perfect gerunds.

1. It was said that the company had dumped hundreds of tons of waste into the river. But it denied that.

The company ____________________________________________________

2. These big companies had invested in wind and solar energy. The government praised them for that.

The government ____________________________________________

3. The mining industry in this region has discharged most of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. It is responsible for that.

The mining industry in this region is ____________________________

4. The melting of polar ice has made the number of polar bears much smaller. Local people blame it for that.

Local people blame ______________________________

5. The local businesses haven’t developed clean technologies in recent years. The public criticizes them for that.

The public criticizes ______________________________________________________

6. The world’s largest IT companies have powered their operations with 100 percent renewable energy. We admire them for that.

We admire __________________________________________________________

7. Greenpeace had supplied all public school districts with 100 percent renewable energy. Local communities in North Carolina thanked the organization for that.

Local communities in North Carolina ____________________________________

8. Salinity of water had caused significant damage to the crops and livestock in Ben Tre. Local people in Ben Tre blamed it for that damage.

Local people in Ben Tre ____________________________________________

9. Mary installed a wind turbine to provide energy for all lights and air-conditioners in the home. She remembers that.

Mary remembers _____________________________________

10. The burning of fossil fuels and other human activities has increased average global temperatures by 0.8 degree centigrade over the past 100 years. Scientists accuse it for that.

Scientists accuse ____________________________________________________

11. They have been unprepared for sudden floods last year. They remember that.

They remember

12. The US government had provided insufficient supplies for the flood victims. Local communities in New Orleans criticized the US government for that.

Local communities in New Orleans

13. Deforestation and overflowing dams have caused worse floods and storms in recent years. Local people in Quang Tri Province blame them for that.

Local people in Quang Tri Province

14. The US government caused various diseases and birth defects in Viet Nam with Agent Orange. But the US government denies that.

The US government denies

15. It was said that he had pumped salty water into the fields illegally. And he admitted that.

He admitted ___________________________________________________________

III. Rewrite the sentences, using perfect participles.

1. After I watched the documentary about wildlife, I made a donation to an environmental society.

2. After I ate my evening meal, I decided to go for a walk.

3. Because I had spent the whole day cleaning up my room, I needed to take a shower and have a rest.

4. Since the authorities had managed water resources irresponsibly, they had to deal with water shortages in the region.

5. After we had read the stories about people who reduced their carbon footprint, we started to change oi daily consumption habits.

6. Because the farmers had been told about the dangers of chemical fertilisers, they turned to bio-fertilisers.

7. After I finished all my homework, I watched my favourite film on TV.

IV. Combine the sentences, using perfect gerunds.

1. He risked his own life to rescue the little boy. He was really admired for that.

2. She raised $20,000 for wildlife protection. She was praised for that.

3. I have advised you on how to cut down your energy use. I remember that.

4. Some scientists have not reported the effects of climate change.

5. They are accused of that. They have acted irresponsibly towards the environment. They were criticised for that.

6. The factory has dumped a huge amount of rubbish into the river. It was fined for that.

7. He didn't keep his promise. He apologised for that.

V. Write sentences, using the words and phrases given. Change the word forms or add some words, if necessary.

1. global warming / increase / earth's average surface temperature / due to / warming effects / greenhouse gases /.

2. main cause / global warming / burning of fossi fuels natural gas, oil, and coal /.

3. even slight increases / levels / carbon dioxide atmosphere / can / cause significant / rise / temperature /.

4. there / connection / between / recent droughts and / climate change /.

5. farming / contribute / more than 30 percent / total greenhouse gas emissions /.

6. overuse / chemical fertilisers serious threat / environment /.

7. warming / earth's atmosphere cause ' sea-level rise /.

8. many animal species / in / danger of extinction / due to / loss / habitat / and / inability / adapt / climate change/.

9. global warming / may lead extreme weather events /, / include / heat waves / floods / powerful storms / which / affect / people's lives /.

10. every one / us / can / help / protect and sustain / our environment / changing / consumption habits /.

VI. A group of students is discussing what they should do to help to reduce their community's carbon footprint. Put the lines in their conversation in the correct order.

(a) Lan Well, what do you think we should do to help to reduce our community's carbon footprint?

(b) Mai I agree. And I think we should also try to use less paper.

(c) Minh In my opinion, we should start cutting down our energy use. If we use LED light bulbs or turi

off electronic devices when they are not in use, we can save a large amount of electricity.

(d) Lan Uh-huh. These things are very easy to do. What do you think, Mai?

(e) Mai This can help to save trees and forests since most paper products are made from wood. Do you agree with me, Lan?

(f) Minh Use less paper? What makes you think so?

(g) Lan Well, I don't think that will help much. I believe that we should start a reuse-and-recycle

campaign. Then we can help to reduce waste and pollution, and conserve natural resources

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