Bài tập về từ nối trong tiếng Anh

Bài tập về từ nối trong tiếng Anh

Trong bài viết này, VnDoc xin giới thiệu Bài tập về từ nối trong tiếng Anh với nhiều câu trắc nghiệm giúp các bạn củng cố kiến thức về điểm ngữ pháp tiếng Anh quan trọng này. Sau đây mời các bạn cùng luyện tập nhé!

Cách dùng từ nối trong Tiếng Anh

Các từ nối thông dụng trong tiếng Anh

Các cụm từ nối mang tính quan hệ nhân quả trong Tiếng Anh

0. ....B.... I get angry and upset, I try to take ten deep breaths.

A. Until B. Whenever C. Therefore D. For

1. ........Paul brings the money for our lunch, we'll go right down to the cafeteria.

A. Since B. As soon as C. Now that D. Until

2. My mouth is burning! This is.....spicy food that I don't think I can finish it.

A. such B. so C. very D. too

3. Both my books.....from my room last night.

A. were stolen and my wallet B. and my wallet were stolen

C. and my wallet was stolen D. were and my wallet was stolen

4. When...a dictionary, you need to be able to understand the symbols and abbreviations it contains.

A. having using B. use C. to use D. using

5. Bats are fascinating..........have many interesting and amazing qualities.

A. animals. Therefore, they B. animals, they

C. animals. They D. animals. Because they

6. While.......to help Tim with his math, I got impatient because he wouldn't pay attention to what I was saying.

A. I am trying B. having tried C. I try D. trying

7. .....extremely bad weather in the mountains, we're no longer considering our skiing trip.

A. Due to B. Because C. Since D. Due to the fact that

8. Emily is motivated to study.........she knows that a good education can improve her life.

A. therefore B. because of C. because D. so

9. Sonia broke her leg in two places.____, she had to wear a cast and use crutches for three months.

A. In as much as B. Consequently C. For that D. Because

10. Our village had.......money available for education that the school had to close.

A. so little B. such little C. so much D. such much

11. Hundreds of species of Hawaiian flowers have become extinct or rare......land development and the grazing of wild goats.

A. now that B. due to C. because D. for

12. Tom Booth is one of the best players in the country. We have won all of our games.....he joined our team.

A. when B. the first time C. since D. due to

13. Joe seemed to be a good mood,........he snapped at me angrily when I asked him join us.

A. yet B. so C. for D. and

14. ............Jane arrives, we will have finished this group project.

A. By the time B. Until C. Now that D. Since

15. For the most part, young children spend their time playing, eating, and......a lot.

A. they sleep B. sleeping C. sleep D. they are sleeping

16. Joan worked in a vineyard last summer.....money for school expenses.

A. because to earn B. so she earns

C. for she earned D. so that she could earn

17. ............unprepared for the exam, I few sure I would get a low score.

A. Being B. Having C. Because D. Upon

18. Ever since......Ted the bad news, he's been avoiding me.

A. telling B. told C. I told D. having told

19. ........my daughter reaches the age of sixteen, she will be able to drive.

A. Having B. Since C. One D. Because

20. Matt will enjoy skiing more the next time he goes to Mt. Baker........he has had skiing lessons.

A. so that B. before C. now that D. and

21. ......it's warm and sunny today, why don't we go to the park?

A. Therefore B. Due to C. As long as D. For

22. The first time I went swimming in deep water, I sank to the bottom like a rock.____ I've learnt to stay afloat, I feel better about the water, but I still can't swim well.

A. As soon as B. The first time C. When D. Now that

23. It's obvious that neither the workers.........to fight the new rule.

A. nor the manager intend B. intend nor the manager

C. nor the manager intends D. intend nor the manager intends

24. Timmy doesn't do well in school..........his inability to concentrate on any one thing for longer than a minute or two.

A. as B. due to C. because D. therefore

25. After..........to 45 minutes of an extremely boring speech, I found myself nodding off.

A. was listening B. listen C. listening D. having listen

26. Why did I stay until the end? I am never going to stay a watch a bad movie again!___ I am in that situation, I'm going to leave the theater immediately.

A. The next time B. Now that C. After D. Until

27. Erin likes to swim, jog, and....tennis.

A. plays B. play C. to play D. playing

28. Since.......to a warmer and less humid climate, I've had no trouble with asthma.

A. upon moving B. I moving C. moving D. I move

29. Tony spent.......money buying movie tickets that he didn't have enough left to buy a short drink or candy bar.

A. such B. a lot of C. too much D. so much

30. You should learn how to change the tire on your car......you can handle an emergency situation if necessary.

A. so that B. when C. for that D. Therefore

31. Cars have become much more complicated. _____, mechanics need more training than in the past.

A. Because B. Therefore C. So that D. For

32. Not wanting to be late my first day of class, .......to school after I missed my bus.

A. so I ran B. because I ran C. I ran D. therefore, I ran

33. It was raining ........ I couldn't go outside.

A. because B. so hard that C. so that D. too hard that

34. The Northern Hemisphere has mostly westerly winds.........the rotation of the earth toward the east.

A. due to B. because C. therefore D. so

35. .......the need to finish this project soon, I want you to work on this overtime for the next few days.

A. Because B. So that C. Because of D. In as much as

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