Đề luyện thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh năm 2020 - 2021 số 21

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Nằm trong bộ Đề thi vào 10 môn tiếng Anh năm 2020 - 2021, đề thi tiếng Anh tuyển sinh lớp 10 có đáp án dưới đây do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải. Đề thi chuyển cấp lớp 10 môn Anh có đáp án với lượng kiến thức gói gọn trong chương trình SGK tiếng Anh 9 mới giảm tải giúp các em ôn tập Từ vựng - Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh trọng tâm hiệu quả. 

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Mark the letter to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the others.

1. A. bend  B. lend C. wome D. spend
2. A. gather  B. ethnic  C. there  D. although

Mark the letter to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the others in the position of primary stress.

3. A. essential B. furniture  C. opposite  D. fortunate
4. A. adolescense  B. adulthood  C. cognitive  D. concentrate

Mark the letter to indicate the word whose underlined part that needs correction.

5. The name(A) Bai Chay can (B) be explain (C) in a historic story (D).

6. It is packed of(A) several restaurants specializing (B) in (C) seafood, a water-puppet theater and a theme park (D).

7. There is(A)also surfing (B) and motorboats for those people (C) love (D) sports.

Mark the letter to indicate the correct answer.

8. According to the weather…………...HCMC will be sunny.

A. typhoon

B. tornado

C. earthquake

D. Forecast

9. Tom used to…………...his homework in the evening.

A. do

B. did

C. doing

D. done

10. Mount Pinatubo, a…………...in the Philippines erupted in 1991.A. earthquake

B. volcano

C. typhoon

D. thunderstorm

11. The people in my village cannot…………....this traditional craft because they cannot earn enough money for their daily life.

A. help out

B. live up

C. live on

D. work on

12. The opportunity on making an English presentation makes everyone feel more…………..in speaking English.

A. worried

B. tense

C. confident

D. frustrated

13. English today is the most………….. spoken language in the world.

A. widely

B. early

C. worldwide

D. largely

14. I try my best to learn English well because I have just been recruited to work for a ………….. company

A. multination

B. multinational

C. multimedia

D. multicultural

15. If we are in the orbit, we…………...no weight.

A. had

B. would have

C. would have had

D. will have

16. It rains cats and dogs.………….., Mr. Nam has to go to work.

A. But

B. So

C. Therefore

D. However

Mark the letter to indicate the most suitable response.

17. – How do you feel about your English now? - …………..

A. All right.

B. I’m fluent in English now.

C. English is not my mother tongue.

D. English the official language in the world.

18. Bill, chocolate is not good for your health? -…………..

A. OK. I’ll buy chocolate for you

B. But it’s my favorite food.

C. But you don’t like chocolate, do you?

D. But it’s too expensive

Mark the letter to indicate the word(s) CLOSET in meaning to the underlined word(s).

19. Parents interpret facial and vocal expressions as indicators of how a baby is feeling.

A. translate


C. read

D. comprehend

20. He didn’t bat an eye when he realized he failed the exam again.

A. didn’t show surprise

B. didn’t want to see

C.didn’t care

D. wasn’t happy

Mark the letter to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s).

21. We offer a speedy and secure service of transferring money in less than 24 hours.

A. uninterested

B. unsure

C. slow

D. open

22.There is growing concern about the way man has destroyed the environment.

A. ease

B. attraction

C. consideration

D. speculation

Read the passage and choose the best answer.

I live in a small village (23)____ Henfield - there are about 500 people here. I love it because it is quiet and life is slow and easy. You never (24) ____ queue in shops or banks. The village is clean - people (25) ____ it and don’t throw their rubbish in the streets. The air is also clean because there’s not much heavy traffic. It’s much more friendly here than in a city . Everyone knows everyone and (26) ____ someone has problem, there are always people who can help .There aren’t many things I don’t like about Henfield. One thing is that there’s not much to do in the evening - we haven’t got any cinemas or theaters. Another problem is that people always talk about (27) ____ and everyone knows what everyone else is doing. But I still prefer village life to life in a big city.

23. A. was

B. is

C. called

D. name

24. A. had

B. should

C. wait

D. have to

25. A. look after

B. find

C. think

D. look for

26. A .if

B. and

C. so

D. but

27. A. another

B. every one

C. each other

D. any one

Read the passage and choose the best answer.

Out in the Pacific Ocean, 3,700 kilometers from Los Angeles, are the islands of Hawaii, the fiftieth state of the United States, with its area of 16,700 square kilometers.

The first Hawaiians arrived from other Pacific islands sometime around 100 AD. Then in 1778, Captain Cook visited Hawaii. He put the islands on his maps of the Pacific Ocean. Then more ships knew Hawaii and began stopping there for supplies.In 1820, a small group of people from the eastern United States came to teach the Hawaiian people about Christianity. They started farms to grow sugar cane and pineapples. Because there were not enough people to do all the farm work, farm owners brought in Asians - Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos. Later Koreans, Portuguese, and Puerto Ricans also came. More people came from the US mainland and from other Pacific islands, and Hawaii became an island with traditions from several countries. People from the various nation groups have married each other, so today the groups are partly mixed.Hawaiians are very friendly and always welcome visitors. They celebrate traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino holidays as well as holidays from The United states. Hawaii is known as the Aloha State. “Aloha” mean “hello”, “goodbye”, and “I love you” in Hawaiian.

28. Hawaii is ............... square kilometers in area.

A. 3,700

B. 1,820

C. 16,700

D. 2,500

29. More ships knew Hawaii through .......... and stopped there for supplies.

A. Japanese visitors.

B. Christopher Columbus.

C. Captain Cook’s maps

D. Christians.

30. In the early 19th century, many Asians were taken to Hawaii ............

A. to go fishing

B. to be holidaymakers

C. to visit attractions

D. to do the farm work.

31. Today the various national groups are .............

A. completely mixed

B. living in different societies.

C. partly mixed

D. completely separated.

32. According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. Captain Cook came to Hawaii in 1778.

B. All Hawaiian people have come from Asia .

C. Hawaii is the fiftieth state of the United States.

D. Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean 3,700 kilometers from Los Angeles.

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