Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 11 + 12

Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 12

Trong bài viết này, VnDoc xin giới thiệu Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 11 + 12 dành cho các em học sinh và quý thầy cô tham khảo giúp thầy cô và các bạn nâng cao hiệu quả dạy và học. Sau đây mời các em cùng làm bài nhé!


Time allowed: 30 minutes


I. Odd one out

1. A. cold

B. toothache

C. virus

D. flu

2. A. stand

B. common

C. check

D. wait

3. A. orange

B. durian

C. papaya

D. food

4. A. oil

B. plate

C. bowl

D. chopstick

II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentencebelow

5. The students are waiting__________ the teacher.

A. to

B. at

C. for

D. A & B

6. She needs___________ those medicines.

A. has

B. to have

C. having

D. to having

7. I had a horrible cold.

A. terrible

B. great

C. nice

D. common

8. The__________ of flu include a headache, a high temperature and aches in the body.

A. symptom

B. symptoms

A. also

B. either

9. Yesterday, they had a_________ check-up.

A. medical

B. medicine

C. medicines

D. medicinal

10. She is 145 centimeters____________.

A. tall

B. high

C. heavy

D. old

11. She will be back__________ a few minutes.

A. in

B. at

C. on

D. when

12. After you take some medicines, you will feel ___________.

A. well

B. better

C. good

D. B & C

13. I hate carrots. And I don’t like peas,_____________.

A. also

B. either

C. cure

D. cures

14. “I don’t like pork.” – “______________.”

A. So do I

B. So am I

C. I do, too

D. Neither do I

III. Choose the words or phrases that are not correct in Standard English

15. The (A) doctor wanted asking (B) her (C) a few (D) questions.

16. It say (A) on (B) her medical (C) record that she’s (D) 40 kilos.

17. He was (A) absent for (B) work because (C) of (D) illness.

18. I would (A) like some (B) peas and I’d like some (C) carrots, either. (D)

19. You eat (A) a variety (B) of foods without eat (C) too much (D) of anything.

20. The dirt (A) on (B) the vegetables (C) can make you sickness.(D)

IV. Read the following passage and choose the item (A, B, C, or D) that best answer each of the questions aboutit.

Yesterday, Jim had to go to the doctor because of an awful stomach-ache. The doctor asked him some questions. He told her that he had fish, rice and soup for dinner. He also ate some spinach, but his parents didn’t. The doctor said that the spinach could make him sick. Vegetables often have dirt from the farm on them. The dirt can make people sick. She said that he should wash vegetable carefully. And she gave Jim some medicine to make him feel better.

21. Why did Jim have to go to the doctor yesterday?

A. Because he felt sick.

B. Because he had a terrible stomach-ache.

C. Because he ate too much.

D. A &B.

22. What did he have for dinner?

A. He had some fish.

B. He had some rice and soup.

C. He had some vegetables.

D. All are correct.

23. Jim ate some fish and_________ his parents.

A. so does

B. so did

C. neither did

D. either

24. The word “them” in line 4 refers to____________.

A. dirt

B. farm

C. vegetables

D. parents

25. What did the doctor do?

A. The doctor asked Jim some questions.

B. The doctor said that Jim should wash vegetable carefully.

C. The doctor gave Jim some medicine to make him feel better.

D. All are correct.


I. Give the correct form or tense of the verb given in the bracket in eachsentence

1. Yesterday morning, Hoa and heraunt (go)_________ to the market.

2. I would like (buy)_________ some oranges and bananas.

3. Vegetables often (have)_________ dirt from the farm on them.

4. Be careful! Thechildren (cross)__________ the street.

5. Let’s (get)___________ some spinach and cucumbers.

II. Fill in the blank in each sentence with suitable words given in thebox




waiting room


6. Your__________ is 37oC.

7. __________is a room outside a doctor’s surgery where people wait to see the doctor.

8. It’s________ to feel nervous before an exam.

9. The students of Truong Chinh School are havinga medical____________.

10. Minh is about the same______________ as his mother now.

-------THE END OF TEST-------

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