Bài tập về câu so sánh trong tiếng Anh có đáp án

Bài tập câu so sánh trong tiếng Anh

Nhằm mang lại cho các bạn tài liệu đa dạng về ngữ pháp tiếng Anh, VnDoc.com xin giới thiệu đến các bạn Bài tập về câu so sánh trong tiếng Anh có đáp án do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải. Qua đây các bạn không chỉ được nâng cao kiến thức ngữ pháp mà còn trau dồi vốn từ vựng rất cần thiết cho quá trình học tập. Sau đây mời các bạn vào tham khảo.

I. Choose the correct answer.

1. Of the four dresses, I like the red one (better/ best).

2. Pat's car is (faster/ fastest) than Dan's.

3. John is (less/ least) athletic of all the men.

4. Does Fred feel (weller/ better) today than he did yesterday?

5. My cat is the (prettier/ prettiest) of the two.

6. This vegetable soup tastes very (good/ best).

7. David is the (happier/ happiest) person that we know.

8. This summery is (the better/ the best) of the pair.

9. Jim has as (few/ fewer) opportunities to play tennis as I do.

10. The museum is (the further/ the furthest) away of the three buildings.

II. Complete the following sentences with the appropriate form of the words in brackets.

1. Learning to speak a language is often much (easy) _____________________ than learning to write it.

2. This hotel must be (expensive)____________________ than the small one next door.

3. He is certainly (unusual)___________________person I have ever met.

4. His latest film is (interesting)_____________________ than his previous ones.

5. What is (difficult)_______________________ thing you have ever done?

6. Losing your credit card is (bad)_______________________ than losing your money.

7. Bringing up children is one of (hard)_____________________ jobs in the world.

8. When I saw her, she looked much (thin)______________________ than I remembered her.

III. Complete the sentences below, using the suitable comparison form of the adjectives from the box. One of these adjectives is used twice.

warm comfortable cheap intelligent

lucky simple boring hot difficult

1. This exercise is too easy – can't we try a ____________________ one?

2. England is too cold in spring – let's go to Spain where is ____________________.

3. She comes top in all exams – she must be _________________________ girl in the class.

4. The temperature in July reaches forty – four degrees – it's ______________________ month of the year.

5. Let's buy this video – it doesn't cost too much – it's ______________________ the other one.

6. When I passed my driving test, it was the _________________________ day of my life.

7. Lying down in bed is ___________________________ sitting on a hard chair.

8. I could hardly keep awake – it was _______________________________ film I've ever seen.

9. She's ______________________________ person I know – she is always winning prizes in lotteries.

10. I can't do this test – can you give me a ______________________________ one?

IV. Match the phrases in A with suitable ones in B and C to make meaningful sentences.


1. Jonathan is

2. My great-great aunt is

3. London is

4. Alaska is

5. The guitar player is

6. The Nile is

7. My parents' room is

8. The Mercedes is

9. Sarah is

10. June 21th is

A. the biggest state

B. the longest river

C. the best musician

D. the fastest runner

E. the biggest city

F. the oldest person

G. the most expensive

H. the longest day

I. the youngest

J. the biggest

m. in the group.

n. in my family.

o. in the team.

p. in the world.

q. in Britain.

r. in the USA.

s. of the four bedrooms.

t. of the five girls.

u. of the three cars.

v. of the year.

V. Rewrite the sentences, beginning as shown.

1. Yesterday the temperature was nine degrees, but today it is only six degrees.


2. I expected my friends arrived at about 4p.m. In fact they arrived at 2:30.

My friends________________________________________.

3. Jane cooks better than her sister.

Jane's sister______________________________.

4. Tom is the best football player in this team.

Nobody in this team________________________.

5. Nothing is faster than the speed of light.

The speed of light______________________.

6. Jack is younger than he looks.

Jack isn't______________________________.

7. I didn't spend as much money as you do.


8. I have never met anyone as interesting as he is.

He is____________________________________.

VI. Complete the sentences below, using Comparative + and + comparative

1. The company expanded rapidly. It grew (big) _____________________________ all the time.

2. Cathy got (bored) __________________________________ in her job. In the end, she left.

3. My bag seemed to get (heavy) ___________________________ as I carried them.

4. As I waited for my interview, I became (nervous) _________________________________.

5. As the day went on, the weather got (bad) _______________________________.

6. Healthcare is becoming (expensive) _________________________.

7. As the conversation went on, Tom became (talkative) __________________________.

8. These days, (many) _____________________________ people are learning English.

9. The company's share price went (high) ______________________.

10. Life got (good) _________________for boss Bob Watt as the company became (successful)____________.

11. Life in the modern world is becoming (complex) ____________________________.

12. When I get excited, my heart beats (fast) ___________________________.

13. The little boy seemed to get (upset)________________________.

14. It's getting (difficult)__________________________ to find a job.

15. The noise got (loud)_________________________ as we approached the house.

VII. Complete the sentences below, using the information in brackets.

1. The older you get, ______________________________________(You are understanding).

2. The younger you are, ____________________________________(you learn quickly).

3. The earlier we start, ________________________________ (it is good).

4. The bigger a supermarket is, __________________________________ (the choice is wide).

5. The more you learn, _____________________________________ (you know a lot about the world).

6. The more we practice a language, _________________________________ (we can speak fluently).

7. The more he plays sport, ______________________________________ (he looks healthy).

8. The higher the humidity is, ______________________________________ (people feel uncomfortable).

VIII. Complete the sentences below, using The comparative..., the comparative...

1. The crowd became increasingly angry at the long delay.

_____________________ the delay (was), ________________________ the crowd became.

2. The value of a picture depends on how famous the artist is.

________________________ an artist (is), ______________________________ the picture is.

3. How well I sleep depends on how late I go to bed.

____________________________ I go to bed, __________________________I sleep.

4. I don't spend much time with my family because I work so hard.

__________________________ I work, ____________________________ I spend with my family.

5. The traffic moves very slowly as more cars comes into the city.

__________________ cars come into the city, _______________________ the traffic moves.

6. How much you sweat depends on how hot you get.

____________________ you get, _________________________ you sweat.

7. It's hard to concentrate when you are tired.

_____________________ you are, _________________________ it is to concentrate.

8. How much petrol a car uses depends on how big the engine is.

_______________________ the engine (is), ______________________ the car uses.

9. If a knife is sharp, it is easy to cut something with.

________________________ a knife (is), _______________________ it is to cut something.

10. I became increasingly nervous about her fast driving.

______________________ she drove, _________________________ I became.

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