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Choose the best answer among A, B, C, D to complete each sentence:

1. Children are _____ with these horror films.

A. Terrify B. terrifying C. terrified D. Terribly

2. They tried to win but their efforts are _____

A. Success B. successful C. successfully D. unsuccessful

3. I think that up to now there has not been a real _____ between men and women.

A. Equal B. equally C. equality D. equalize

4. I had never expected to get the job. I was really _____ when I was offered it. (amaze)


5. The earthquake caused terrible _____

A. Destroying B. destroyed C. destruction D. destroys

6. We were all _____ at his progress.

A. Surprise B. surprisingly C. surprised D. surprising

7. He was very _____ with the results of his exam. (disappoint)

A. Disappointingly B. disappointed C. disappointing D. disappointment

Fill in the blank with the correct adjective.

8. Are you _____ in football? (interest)


9. This opportunity will allow students to gain _____ experience.

A. Value B. values C. valuably D. valuable

10. The movie on T. V last night made me _____

A. Boredom B. bored C. bore D. boring

11. Some customers were very _____ about the return policy.

A. Confuse B. Confuses C. confusing D. confused

12. You look _____. Do you have any problem?

A. Worried B. worrying C. worries D. worrier

13. Customers who purchase more than 50 euro’s worth of items can receive door to door delivery service at no ______ charge

A. Additional B. addition C. adding D. additionally

14. These _____ will conserve the earth’s resources. (INNOVATE)

A. Innovate B. innovation C. innovations D. innovative

15. A lot of people believe that well-paid jobs are _____ in the city.

A. Plenty B. plentiful C. abundant D. B&C

16. Sometimes I have some _____ which can’t be explained.

A. Fell B. felling C. feel D. feelings

17 . I’m _____. Why don’t we go out? (bore)

A. Bored B. boring C. bore D. boredom

18. John has passed all his exams. Isn’t it _____ ? He never studies. (surprise)

A. Surprise B. surprisingly C. surprised D. surprising

19. My friends were _____ when I told them that funny joke. (amuse)

A. Amusing B. amused C. Amusement D. Amusingly

20. The _____ retail price for the shoe polish is $99, roughly 25% lower than other shoe polishes currently on the market.

A. Suggest B. Suggested C. suggesting D. suggestion

21. My nephew was _____ by the clown.

A. Amusing B. amused C. Amusement D. Amusingly

22. Physical _____ are good for our health.

A. Activities B. activists C. actions D. acts

23. The motivations for the birth of ASEAN were the desire for a _____ environment.

A. Stable B. stability C. stably D. stabilize

24. Their _____ has lasted for more than 20 years.

A. Friendly B. friend C. friends D. friendship

Fill in the blank with the correct adjective.

25. It was a really _____ experience. Afterwards everybody was very _____. (terrify / shock)

Terrifying - shocked

26. You shouldn’t _____ others if you also have a lot of mistakes.

A. Critic B. critical C. criticize D. critically

27. He was _____ when he saw the spider.

A. Frightening B. frightened C. frighten D. frightfully

28. It is _____ to drive on the left in Vietnam.

A. Legal B. legality C. legalistic D. illegal

29. I’m sorry, I can’t come tonight. I’m completely _____

A. Exhausted B. exhaust C. exhaustedly D. exhausting

30. The sick man still finds it _____ to stand without support.

A. Discomfort B. comforting C. uncomfortable D. comfortable

31. He fell off the bike, but his _____ were not serious. (INJURE)

A. Injure B. injured C. injury D. injuries

32. After such a long walk I was really _____ (tire)

A. Tirelessly B. tired C. tiring D. tiredness

33. You should spend your money _____

A. Economy B. economically C. economic D. economical

34. All of us were _____ in the film on TV last night.

A. Interest B. interesting C. interestingly D. interested

35. The discussion’s keynote speaker focuses on _____ impacts of future technology on education

A. Variety B. variably C. variation D. various

36. The cost of the _____ must be paid by the buyer.

A. Carry B. carrying C. carried D. carriage

37. Everybody was listening. They were _____ in the story.

A. Interested B. interesting C. interest D. interests

38. I feel so _____ and sleepy today because I worked late last night.

A. Tiredness B. tiring C. tired D. tire

39. We got _____ after we had worked for four hours in the field.

A. Exhausted B. to exhaust C. exhaust D. exhausting

40. A careful analysis of the _____ products on the market indicated that our product lacked innovation and optional features.

A. Completing B. Completed C. completes D. completion

41. You should write a letter of _____ to that institute.

A. Inquire B. inquiry C. inquisition D. inquisitor

42. They say the economical situation is _____ (worry)

A. Worried B. worrying C. worries D. worrier

43. One of the tasks of the Red Cross is to support local _____ care projects

A. Health B. healthy C. healthful D. healthily

44. They are going to _____ the pool to 1.8 meter.

A. Deep B. depth C. deepen D. deeply

45. Our Design Department has recently purchased the most _____ software available, with the aim of greatly increasing our design capabilities.

A. Sophisticate B. sophisticating C. sophisticated D. sophistication

46. Why don’t you call the _____ if the lights don’t work?

A. Electricity B. electric C. electrician D. electrics

47. Hoa was _____ at my invented story.

A. Amuse B. amused C. amusing D. amusement

48. My brother can repair electric _____ very well.

A. Apply B. applicator C. application D. appliances

49. Read the book _____ and you can find the information you need.

A. Care B. careful C. carefulness D. carefully

50. Let me get an _____ form and we can fill in.

A. Appliance B. applicant C. applying D. application

51. You will have to work hard if you want to _____.

A. Succeed B. successfully C. success D. successful

52. Is there anything _____ to do at the weekend? (excite)

A. Exciting B. excited C. excitedly D. excitement

53. To become a novelist, you need to be _____.

A. Imagine B. imagination C. imaginative D. imaginarily

54. Western women are more _____ than Asian women.

A. Depend B. dependent C. independent D. independently

55. There are small _____ between British and American English.

A. Differences B. different C. difference D. differently

56. He draws cartoons for a _____ magazine.

A. Humour B. humorous C. human D. humorously

57. Liz was very _____ when she had to wait for Harry for half an hour. (annoy)

A. Annoying B. annoyed C. annoyingly D. annoyance

58. In the future, many buildings will be _____ by solar energy.

A. Hot B. hoter C. hottest D. hotter

59. The rhinoceros, whose numbers have dropped alarmingly recently, has been declared a(n) _____ species.

A. Endanger B. endangered C. dangerous D. danger

60. She thinks wild animals are _____ but not all of them are dangerous. (frighten)

A. Frightening B. frightened C. frighten D. frightfully

61. Further information on _____ public assistance such as cash benefits and self-sufficient programs can be obtained from Administration’s office.

A. Extend B. extensive C. extent D. extension

62. She looked very _____ when I told her we had to change the plan.

A. Confuse B. confuses C. confusing D. confused

63. Tam is very _____ with his school result.

A. Disappointment B. disappoint C. disappointed D. disappointing

64. After running 50 miles, the runners were _____

A. Exhausted B. exhaust C. exhaustedly D. exhausting

65. The children are _____ with watching the same programme every day.

A. Bored B. boring C. bore D. boredom

66. The girls are _____ of the long journey.

A. Tirelessly B. tired C. tiring D. tiredness

67. Customers must present the _____ identification to complete a transaction.

A. Necessity B. necessarily C. necessitate D. necessary

68. I’m _____ of spiders.

A. Frightening B. frightened C. frighten D. frightfully

69. . I think I could do with a _____ holiday. (relax)

A. Relaxing B. relaxed C. relax D. relaxation

70. I’m feeling _____ , so I’m going to go home, eat some chocolate, and go to bed early with a good book.

A. Depressed B. depressingly C. depressing D. depression

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