Trắc nghiệm về câu so sánh trong tiếng Anh có đáp án

Câu so sánh trong tiếng Anh - Comparisons

Nằm trong bộ đề ôn tập Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh, bài tập tiếng Anh chuyên đề Câu so sánh có đáp án gồm nhiều câu hỏi trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh khác nhau giúp bạn đọc củng cố kiến thức đã học về các cấu trúc câu So sánh hiệu quả.

Exercise 1

1. Peter is the______ student in my class.

a. taller than

b. so tall as

c. the tallest

d. tallest

2. The deep oceans contain some of the______ of all living creatures.

a. strangest

b. strange

c. as strange as

d. stranger

3. Jane is not______ her brother.

a. more intelligent as

b. intelligent as

c. so intelligent as

d. so intelligent that

4. He drives as______ his father does.

a. careful as

b. more carefully

c. the most careful

d. carefully as

5. What's the______ film you've ever seen?

a. good b. best c. better d. the best

6. Jane is______ age as Mary.

a. as same

b. the most same

c. the same

d. more same

7. I'll be there______ I can.

a. sooner as

b. no sooner as

c. as soon as

d. soonest as

8. Hotels have developed______ restaurants.

a. as rapidly as

b. so rapidly that

c. as rapid as

d. as rapid than

9. Commercial centres are______ they were many years ago.

a. as popular than

b. the most popular.

c. more popular than

. most popular than

10. Computer are considered as ______ tools today

a. much modern than

b. the most modern

c. modern as

d. more modern

11. A supermarket is______ a shopping centre.

a. less convenient as

b. not so convenient than

c. less convenient than

d. the most convenient as

12. Vietnam becomes______ to foreign tourists.

a. most and most attractive

b. the more attractive

c. much and ore attractive

d. more and more attractive

13. Can Tho is______ from Saigon than Bien Hoa is.

a. farther

b. further

c. far

d. farer

14. Bao Yen sings______ than this singer.

a. well

b. better

c. gooder

d. more good

15. Of all the ball-point pens, which one do you like______?

a. best

b. the best

c. most

d. the most

16. The______ we start, the sooner we will be back.

a. early

b. earliest

c. earlier

d. more early

17. The sooner, the______

a. better

b. best

c. good

d. more good.

18. The harder this farmer works, ______ he becomes.

a. the poorest

b. the poorer

c. the more poor

d. poorer

19. My father is______ as yours.

a. old

b. as old

c. older

d. so old

20. HCM city is______ than Hanoi.

a. large

b. largest

c. more large

d. larger

Exercise 2

1. She is the______ daughter in the family.

a. older

b. more old

c. eldest

d. oldest

2. She speaks English as______ as you.

a. clear

b. clearly

c. clearness

d. very clear

3. HCM city is ______ than Nha Trang

a. more large

b. as large

c. not so large

d. larger

4. Your pencil is ______ as mine.

a. as sharp

b. not sharp

c. sharper

d. sharp

5. This car is ______ than mine.

a. less expensive

b. as expensive

c. more rich

d. not so expensive

6. The______ he is, the more miserable he gets.

a. richer

b. more riches

c. more rich

d. none is correct

7. He is the______ student in this class.

a. very intelligent

b. most intelligent

c. more intelligent

d. less intelligent

8. Despite its smaller size, the Indian Ocean______ the Atlantic Ocean.

a. as deep as

b. is the same deep as

c. deeper as

d. is as deep as

9. Sharon______ from other women I know.

a. different

b. as different

c. differs

d. more different

10. This one is prettier, but it costs______ as the one.

a. as much as

b. twice as much

c. as many

d. twice as many

11. You can take______ books as you want.

a. as many

b. as much

c. so much

d. too many

12. Of the two sisters, Linda______

a. is beautiful

b. the most beautiful

c. is more beautiful

d. is so beautiful as

13. Tuition at an American university runs______ one thousand dollars a semester.

a. so high as

b. as high to

c. as high as

d. as high than

14. ______ I get to know her, the more I like her.

a. For more

b. More

c. The more

d. The most

15. I would have paid______ for my car if the salesman had insisted, because I really wanted it.

a. as much twice

b. much twice

c. twice as much

d. times two

16. The______ students do not always do well in tests.

a. brighter

b. more bright

c. more brighter

d. brighter more

17. The noise in Rome is ______ worse than in Florence.

a. much

b. far

c. A and B are wrong

d. A and B are correct

18. ______tobacco was sold in 1983 as in 1982,

a. Not as much

b. Not as many

c. Not much

d. Not many

19. He eats with chopsticks______ the Chinese.

a. such

b. as if

c. like

d. as

20. Instead of slowing down, he drove______

a. more fastly

b. faster

c. more faster

d. faster more

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