CD mp3 - Tape scripts Listening Tiếng Anh 6 thí điểm

CD mp3 - Tape scripts Listening Tiếng Anh 6 thí điểm

Đây là bộ CD kèm theo Sách giáo khoa Tiếng Anh 6 thí điểm được Nhà xuất bản Giáo dục Việt Nam biên soạn. Sách được biên soạn theo đường hướng giao tiếp, giúp học sinh sử dụng ngữ liệu (ngữ âm, từ vựng, ngữ pháp) để phát triển kĩ năng giao tiếp bằng Tiếng Anh thông qua bốn kĩ năng nghe, nói, đọc và viết, trong đó ưu tiên phát triển 2 kĩ năng nghe và nói.

Bài tập ôn hè môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6

Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 6 Thí điểm Unit 4: My Neighbourhood

Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 6 Thí điểm Unit 5 - Natural wonders of the world

Unit 1: My new school (Page 13)

Hi. My name's Susie Brewer. I'm eleven years old. I'm now in grade 6 at PLC Sydney. I like it here, as I like to study in a girls' school. The teachers at my school are nice and very helpful, and my favourite teacher is Susan McKeith. She teaches us Math. I have three hours to study Vietnamese in the afternoon. Usually I do my homework at break time. We wear our uniform every day, but today we aren't, as we're going to have an outing to Taronga Zoo.

Unit 2: My home (Page 23)

Nick's mum: Nick's staying in the Tiger room. We're staying in the Bear room. There is a big bear near the door. The bear is actually a fireplace. In the far corner, there is a window. The shelves are right in front of it. Next to the shelves is a big bed. There's a wardrobe next to the bed.

Nick's dad: Oh, there are also 2 other windows in the room. In front of these windows, there's a sofa, a table and two stools. We like the room because it's comfortable.

Unit 3: My friends (Page 32)

Phuc's parents: ... so how was the first day?

Mr Lee: is was good. Today we have a bike ride to the mountains and visit Dao people village.

Phuc's parents: Interesting... How about tomorrow? Are you going somewhere?

Mr Lee: Oh yes. Tomorrow morning we're having a treasure hunt. In the afternoon we're visiting a milk farm to see how milk and butter are made. After that we're opening the public speaking class. The kids are talking about their favourite country in the world.

Phuc's parents: That's fun! And on the third day?

Mr Lee: Oh, that's something special. There's the World Foods Festival at the camp in the morning when the kids compete for prizes. That's our "Kids Cook" Contest. They're cooking their own unique dish. And in the afternoon we're having a big party by the pool!

Phuc's parents: Really? Sounds great!

Review 1 (Page 37)

An: Mi, are you at home alone?

Mi: No. Everybody is at home.

An: Where is your Mum? Is she cooking in the kitchen?

Mi: No. She's watering the plants in the garden.

An: And where is your dad?

Mi: He's in the living room.

An: What's he doing?

Mi: He's listening to the radio.

An: What about your younger brother? Is he with your mum?

Mi: No. He's sleeping in the bedroom. My cousin, Vi, is here too.

An: What's she doing?

Mi: She's watching TV.

Unit 4: My Neighbourhood (Page 45)

A: Excuse me. Where is the supermarket?

B: Go to the end of this street. It's on your right.

A: And where is the lower secondary school?

B: It's in Le Duan Street. Take the second right and it's on your left.

A: Great! Where can I have some coffee?

B: "Quynh" Café in Tran Quang Dieu Street is a good one.

A: How can I get there?

B: First turn left, then turn right. Go straight. It's on your left.

A: How about an art gallery?

B: First take the third left. Then go to the end of Le Loi Street, and it's on your right.

Unit 5: Natural wonders of the world (Page 55)

Travel Agent: We have some great deals. I recommend Ha Long Bay, Hue, Mui Ne or Nha Trang.

Nick: Wow! I love the beach. Can we go to Mui Ne, Mum?

Nick's Mum: well let's think, Nick. Can I see a picture of the hotel in Mui Ne?

Travel Agent: Yes, here you are.

Nick's Mum: which is cheaper, Mui Ne or Ha Long Bay?

Travel Agent: Mui Ne is cheaper but I think Ha Long Bay is more interesting.

Nick's dad: Yes, you're right. I think I want go to Ha Long Bay. It's better than Mui Ne.

Nick: Oh.

Travel Agent: Yes, it's rainy in Mui Ne at this time of the year. You must take umbrellas and waterproof coats.

Nick's mum: Ok, let's book Ha Long Bay please!

Unit 6: Our Tet Holiday (Page 65)

Mai: Mum, shall we buy a branch of peach blossoms?

Mum: Yes, dear. We'll buy a beautiful one.

Mai: And how many Banh Chung shall we buy?

Mum: We won't buy Banh Chung, dear. This year, we'll make them at home.

Mai: Wow... I like cooking Banh Chung. I will help you with that.

Mum: Yes, sure. And I'll buy some new clothes for you and your brother.

Mai: Thank you, Mum. Shall we buy something for Dad, too?

Mum: Yes, we'll buy a new tie for him.

Mai: Should we buy something for grandma and grandpa?

Mum: Yes, of course, dear. We will get them some sweets and...

Mai: And some fruit...

Mum: No dear, we shouldn't buy fruit. It's too early. We should wait until the 30th.

Mai: Yeah, Mum. And don't forget to buy some chocolate biscuits for us.

Mum: No, I won't, dear. I will buy you the most delicious biscuits.

Review 2 (Page 69)

Travel Agent: Now we have an exciting program for you...

Mai's mother: So we'll have five days... not too much shopping... Do you think we can visit somewhere natural?

Travel Agent: Oh yes. On the first day you will go to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve...

Mai: The tallest hill in Singapore is there, isn't it?

Travel Agent: Yes, it is. Did you read that on our website?

Mai: Yes, I did. And we will go to Sentosa? Bin and I saw the video on the internet.

Travel Agent: Of course. You must visit Universal Studios. It's really fun.

Mai's father: That's great! We also want to go to Chinatown also. You know, it will be the Tet holiday then...

Travel Agent: So you will go at Tet? You must book the air tickets early because it's a busy time of the year. There'll be many festive celebrations and you'll really enjoy yourselves.

Unit 7: Television (Page 13)

... And here are some interesting TV programmes for you. The musical Green, Green Summer on Channel 1 stars at eight o'clock. At the same time on Channel 2 is The Red Spotted Squirrel. Home and Garden follows at eight twenty-five. Today you'll learn how to make a house for your dog. Channel 3 offers you a touching film of friendship, The Lonely Giraffe. The film starts at eight thirty. After that, you can discover the famous old town of Inca in Peru. However, it comes on quite late, at ten o'clock. We hope that you can choose a programme for yourself. Enjoy and have a great time.

Unit 8: Sports and Games (Page 23)

Hello. My name's Hai. I love sports. I play volleyball at school and I often go cycling with my dad at the weekend. But my favourite sports is judo. I practice at the judo club three times a week.

My name's Alice. I'm twelve years old. I don't like doing sport very much, but I like watching ice skating on TV. My favourite hobby is playing chess. My friend and I play chess every Saturday.

Hi. I'm Bill. I'm in grade six at Rosemarrick Lower Secondary School. After my lesson, I like to play computer game. The game I like best is "Angry Bird". I often play it for half an hour before dinner. I hope that I can create a new kind of computer game in the future.

My name's Trung. I've got a lot of hobbies. I like playing the guitar and I love to watch football on TV. I don't do much sport, but I often go swimming with my friends on hot days.

Unit 9: Cities of the world (Page 33)

Sweden's capital city is built on 12 islands and has a 700 years-old history.

The oldest part of Stockholm is the Old Town. Here you can visit the Royal Palace, one of Europe's largest and most dynamic palaces.

There are about 3.000 people living in the Old Town today and It's a place with cafés, restaurants, shops and museums, including the Nobel Museum.

Stockholm is also the city where Nobel Prizes, except for the Nobel Peace Prize, are awarded each year. On the 10 December, the day when Alfred Nobel died, the Nobel Prize winners receive their awards from the Swedish King – a Nobel diploma, a medal, and 10 million Swedish crowns per prize.

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