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Period 19th
Full name: ……………………………………… Class 10A4
PART A: Trc nghim (8,0 điểm)
Choose the word that has the different underlined part from the others.
1. A. mature B. back C. dad D. matter
2. A. determine B. dynamite C. alive D. organize
Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others in each group
3. A. people B. classmate C. lesson D. devote
4. A. mother B. mature C. sister D. tragic
Choose the best answer.
5. When I was a child, I _____ fishing with my grandfather regularly.
A. had gone B. went C. used to go D. was going
6. Suddenly our car broke down, so we had to stop _____ out what happened with it.
A. finding B. to find C. found D. find
7. That man admits _____ the jewels.
A. stealing B. to steal C. stole D. steal
8. You should let her _____ your motorbike.
A. borrowing B. to borrow C. borrowed D. borrow
9. It’s time you _____ off the television.
A. turning B. to turn C. turned D. turn
10. I _____ my exercises by the time Alan _____.
A. did/had come B. had done/came C. was doing/came D. was doing/had come
11. I don’t think that’s a good decision. It’s necessary for you _____ to your parents.
A. talk B. talking C. to talk D. talked
12. _____ allows students to acquire knowledge about living things.
A. Geography B. Biology C. Chemistry D. History
13. Marie Cuire was _____ a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911.
A. afforted B. won C. awarded D. received
14. _____ is the action of putting seedlings into the field.
A. Transplanting B. Ploughing C. Harrowing D. Pumping
15. ‘Are you married or single?’ is used to ask for person’s _____.
A. present address B. marital status C. occupation D. place of birth
16. What is Mr. Vy’s …….……? - He is a peasant.
A.job B. profession C. career D. All are correct
17. We study past and present events in Viet Nam and around the world in .......…….. classes.
A.Geography B.History C. English D. Maths
18. Which of these expressions is commonly used when people start a conservation?
A.Goodbye. B.See you later. C Hello. D.What are you ?
19. I was born in Thanh Hoa. Thanh Hoa is my ....................... .
A.date of birth B. place of birth C.present address D. surname
20. Helen: “Congratulations!” - Jane: “___________”
A. What a pity! B. Thank you. C. I’m sorry. D. You are welcome.
Choose the word that has the closest or opposite meaning with the underlined word or
21. She earned a degree in Physics with flying colours. (closest)
A. sucessfully B. relievedly C. impossibly D. badly
22. The contented smile on her face shows that she’s passed the exam. (closest)
Doc - Ti tài liu, văn bản pháp lut, biu mu min phí
A. interested B. disappointed C. satisfied D. worried
23. She was a brilliant student. (opposite)
A. surprising B. intelligent C. dull D. hard-working
24. She harboured the dream of a scientific career which was not possible for women at that
time. (opposite)
A. traveled away with C. lost the directions in
B. transferred into D. abandoned the dream
Choose the word or phrase that needs correcting. (1,25ms)
25. We haven’t seen(A) Jim since(B) he has returned (C) the countryside.(D)
26. I decided(A) to quit(B) my job because my boss makes(C) me to work (D) overtime.
27. I’m(A) not in a hurry(B), I don’t mind(C) to wait (D).
Question 5: Read the passage and then choose the best answer. (1,25ms)
The relationship between a teacher and a student can be good or bad, helpful or harmful.
Either way, the relationship can affect the students for the rest of his life.
In order to have a good teacher-student relationship, it is important that the teacher and the
student respect each other. If the teacher is too strict, he frightens the student. The student will
not learn well. On the other hand, if the teacher is too friendly and permissive, the student may
become lazy and stop working hard. The teacher’s attitude and approach should be between
these two extremes. He should encourage the students without forcing or punishing him to learn.
He needs patience and understanding. It is part of the teacher’s job to help develop a good
positive attitude in his students. As for the student, in order to have a good relationship with his
teacher, he must always show his proper respect. He should be eager to learn and willing to
work hard. If he learns from the teacher modestly, he will be able to profit fully from his
teacher’s knowledge and assistance.
28. The relationship between a teacher and a student is considered very important because it
A. can be either good or bad B. it’s very harmful to the student
C. makes the student unsafe D. has great influence on the student’s life
29. One of the most important factors for a good teacher-student relationship is the mutual
A. responsibility B. respect C. support D. understanding
30. In order to have a good teacher-student relationship, the teacher _____.
A. should force the student to learn B. needs patience and understanding
C. should be too friendly and permissive D. ought to strict
31. In order to have a good teacher-student relationship, the student should not _____.
A. show his proper respect B. be a hard-working person
C. be eger to learn D. underestimate the teacher’s knowledge
32. According to the passage it’s true that _____.
A. the student always profit fully from his teacher
B. the student must thank for his teacher’s knowledge and assistance
C. the student must never show his proper respect to his teacher
D. the teacher himself needs to develop a good positive attitude
PART B: T luận (2,0 điểm)
Rewrite the following sentences as directed.
1. My sister goes to school by bike every day.
How _________________________________________________________ ?
2. Will you lend me your car?
Doc - Ti tài liu, văn bản pháp lut, biu mu min phí
Would you mind _____________________________________________
3. You’d better not smoke here.
I want you ___________________________________________________
4. We worked very hard for the test. Then we passed it.
Before ____________________________________________________.
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