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NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019 ĐÁP ÁN
1. Listen to a radio talk about Canada. Fill each of the gaps with no more than two
words. You will listen TWICE.
Most large cities have (1) ________________.
It is popular to see restaurants serving (2) ____________________.
Food is reasonably priced and of (3) _________________.
For shopping, there are a lot of huge (4) _______________.
Souvenirs include jewellery, (5) ____________ and maple syrup.
2. Listen to a talk between Tom and Lena about having a native-like accent. Decide if
the statements are true (T) or false (F). Circle T or F. You will listen TWICE.
1. Lena is busy because she is trying to practise pronunciation.
2. Tom thinks pronunciation is important in communication.
3. Tom thinks a foreigner shouldn’t have British accent.
4. People from Singapore and Malaysia also have British accent.
5. Tom suggests Lena should practise the language skills and learn more vocabulary.
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1. Read the passage. Circle A, B or C to answer each question.
First explorations into the planets
Human’s dream of stepping into the outer space has been long ago and Jules Verne - a
famous fiction writer of the 19
century was the first to describe such journeys.
However, it was not until 14 September 1959 when the first artificial object - Lunar 2 -
reached the moon. It was a journey of around 36 hours. Then on 3 February 1966 Luna
9 - an unmanned space mission - achieved a soft landing on the moon and transmitted
photographic data to Earth. Lunar 10 - a robotic spacecraft mission entered lunar orbit
on April 3, 1966. On 20 July 1969, the first manned landing on the moon was made by
Neil Armstrong. After his journey, a series of journeys to other planets were made.
The first flyby - the flight of a spacecraft near a planet to record data - of Venus was
made by Mariner 2 in 1962. Other flybies include that in 1965 for Mars by Mariner 4,
1973 for Jupiter by Pioneer 10, 1974 for Mercury by Mariner 10, 1979 for Saturn by
Pioneer 11, 1986 for Uranus by Voyager 2, 1989 for Neptune by Voyager 2.
1. Jules Verne was the first ______.
A. to dream of flying into space
B. to enter the moon
C. to describe space journeys
2. Lunar 2 was the first artificial object to ______.
A. orbit the moon
B. reach the moon
C. land on the moon
3. Lunar 9 ______.
A. was launched eight years after Lunar 2
B. was launched with a human
C. could send photographic data to Earth
4. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true of Lunar 10?
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A. It was launched with a robot.
B. It was launched in the same year with Lunar 9.
C. It landed on the moon.
5. A flyby is a flight of a spacecraft ______.
A. near Venus, Mars and Mercury to take pictures
B. made near a planet to gain data of the planet
C. made in 1962, 1974 and 1898
2. Read the following passage and answer the questions. Circle A, B or C.
A Chinese tourist on holiday in Egypt was shocked to see graffiti in Chinese on a 3,500-
year-old monument in Luxor. A photo of the graffiti was soon on his blog on the Internet.
People in China couldn’t believe it!
They were angry and there was a big hunt to find the person responsible.They could find
him easily because the message wasn’t very imaginative or clever. It was basically Ding
Jinhao was here’. That was enough for Internet users to find this particular Ding Jinhao, a
teenager in Nanjing. His parents were quick to tell a local newspaper that their son was very
sorry for his actions.
Ding’s graffiti was a terrible idea. It is a serious crime to write on a historic monument in
Egypt. You can go to prison for a year for doing it. But in the past, people could write on
monuments and no one was angry about it. At Giza there is an example of graffiti on a
temple wall from 1244 BC. It says ‘Hadnakhte came to make an excursion and amuse
himself on the west of the Memphis, together with his brother, Panakhti’.
1. Why was it easy to find Ding Jinhao?
A. Because it was on a monument.
B. Because he wrote it on his blog.
C. Because it was basic and clear.
2. What is the attitude today to tourist graffiti in Egypt?
A. People can’t believe it.

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