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1. A. claimed B. warned C. occurred D. existed
2. A. germ B. gas C. gain D. goods
3. A. proud B. about C. around D. would
4. A. computers B. airports C. things D. calculators
5. A. health B. appear C. ready D. heavy
6. A. thunder B. erupt C. trust D. pull
7. A. plumber B. label C. garbage D. bottle
8. A. around B. how C. bought D. found
9. A. entrance B. paddy C. bamboo D. banyan
10. A. jeans B. caps C. pants D. shirts
11. A. cheerful B. machine C. chance D. champion
12. A. feature B. reason C. season D. pleasant
13. A. proofs B. regions C. lifts D. rocks
14. A. hungry B. under C. culture D. campus
15. A. shout B. tour C. about D. count
16. A. school B. scholarship C. children D. chemistry
17. A. tidal B. sight C. mineral D. describe
18. A. option B. question C. pollution D. collection
19. A. played B. asked C. watched D. stopped
20. A. cyclone B. sunny C. typhoon D. sky
21. A. design B. solar C. website D. sample
22. A. environment B. recycle C. dynamite D. littering
23. A. weather B. meat C. between D. beat
24. A. instead B. health C. dream D. dead
25. A. energy B. generous C. category D. suggest
26. A. received B. destroyed C. appeared D. erupted
27. A. ploughs B. contacts C. stops D. talks
28. A. century B. mention C. convenient D. ethnic
29. A. known B. down C. town D. brown
30. A. watching B. machine C. kitchen D. matches
31. A. celebrate B. festival C. respond D. wedding
32. A. repeats B. coughs C. lives D. attacks
33. A. bear B. hear C. clear D. dear
34. A. but B. unit C. Sunday D. compulsory
35. A. house B. hour C. heat D. hand
36. A. grandma B. disaster C. match D. damage
37. A. thank B. theater C. thousand D. therefore
38. A. disappointed B. provided C. polluted D. reduced
39. A. thick B. throw C. than D. thing
40. A. volcanoes B. introduces C. clothes D. describes
41. A. correct B. comprise C. consist D. comp
42. A. north B. south C. gather D. month
43. A. garage B. sewage C. garbage D. courage
44. A. covered B. installed C. described D. decorated
45. A. dormitory B. forward C. organization D. information
46. A. century B. convenient C. consist D. comfortable
47. A. plumber B. some C. luxury D. consume
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
48. A. Valentine B. imagine C. discipline D. magazine
49. A. hobby B. honest C. humor D. hole
50. A. cover B. category C. ancient D. decorate
1. I wish I _____ English well.
A. study B. studying C. studied D. to study
2. We _____ each other since 2013.
A. know B. knew C. have knew D. have known
3. Lan got to the bus station late _____ she couldn't catch the bus.
A. because B. but C. so D. however
4. She said she _____ Ha Long Bay the following day.
A. will visit B. will be visited C. would visit D. would be visited
5. You have never seen UFOs, _____?
A. had you B. have you C. haven't you D. has you
6. The day was so _____ that we decided to take a picnic lunch to the beach.
A. clearly and warmly B. clear and warm
C. clear and warmly D. clearly and warm
7. In Western countries, electricity, gas and water are not luxuries _____ necessities.
A. or B. with C. but D. and
8. My friend Paul, _____ sings Western folk songs very well, can compose songs.
A. who B. whom C. which D. whose
9. Everyone should learn _____ to swim.
A. where B. when C. how D. what
10. Your car is different _____ mine.
A. to , B. in C. from D. for
11. He looks _____ today than yesterday.
A. good B. well C. better D. goodly
12. Are you looking for my sister? - She isn't at home now. She _____ to the library.
A. went B. goes C. has gone D. is going
13. If it _____ fine tomorrow, we'll go shopping.
A. was B. were C. will be D. is
14. The little village is very quiet and _____.
A. peace B. peacefully C. peaceful D. peaceless
15. I can't reach the phone because I _____ a bath.
A. am having B. have C. was having D. be having
16. When she _____, I was reading upstairs.
A. was coming B. is coming C. came D. comes
17. Would you mind _____ me to take these chairs away?
A. help B. to help C. helped D. helping
18. I am sorry I can't help you now. I'm busy _____ my lesson.
A. to B. 0 C. with D. for
19. She doesn't enjoy looking _____ the children.
A. for B. in C. after D. at
20. My father has been working in a bank _____ we moved here.
A. for B. during C. since D. in
21. There is a _____ between the North and the South.
A. different B. differ C. differently D. difference
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22. I planned to have a swim this morning but the weather is so _____.
A. disappointed B. bored C. uninterested D. disappointing
23. We learn foreign languages _____ know more about other people and countries.
A. so that B. in order to C. just as D. for we
24. She will be disappointed _____ she gets the job.
A. but B. unless C. because D. if
25. He was absent from school _____ his illness.
A. because B. because of C. as D. for
26. Jimmy is not _____ to go to school alone.
A. young enough B. old enough C. enough old D. enough young
27. - “Would you like a glass of green tea?” - _____
A. Yes, let's B. No, thanks C. No, let's not D. No, I don't
28. You had a headache yesterday, _____?
A. hadn't you B. do you C. didn’t you D. did you
29. When we looked at the baby last night, he _____.
A. sleep B. slept C. sleeping D. was sleeping
30. Let's not go out today, _____?
A. shall we B. shan't we C. will you D. won't you
31. “You know, I've just got a job in a foreign company.” - “Have you? _____
A. Many happy returns! B. How much is it?
C. How is your boss? D. Congratulations.
32. Tet is a festival _____ occurs in late January or early February.
A. who B. which C. whom D. whose
33. If you want to improve your English, I suggest that you _____ some reading every day.
A. to do B. should do C. doing D. done
34. Could you tell me some _____ about your English school?
A. information B. inform C. informative D. informatively
35. I need to _____ my English to get a good job.
A. improve B. attend C. take D. give
36. The police officer stopped and asked us where_____.
A. were we going B. we are going C. we were going D. are we going
37. I got up late in the morning because my alarm clock did not _____.
A. take off B. turn off C. come off D. go off
38. Some designers have _____ inspiration from Vietnam's ethnic minorities to change the traditional ao
A. made B. brought C. taken D. done
39. She would tell you the answers if she ' them.
A. knew B. know C. knows D. had known
40. Your brother read this article on the website last night, _____?
A. didn't he B. can't he C. did he D. does he
41. “Thank you very much.” - _____
A. You're welcome. B. Are you worried?
C. Nothing. D. Not all.
42. Plastic bags will cause pollution _____ they are very hard to dissolve.
A. so B. but C. or D. because
43. _____ Lan has an exam tomorrow, she still watches TV.
A. Although B. However C. Therefore D. Because
44. Most children enjoy _____ cartoons on TV.
A. to watch B. watch C. watching D. watched

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