33 topics for TOEFL oral exams

33 TOPICS FOR ORAL EXAMS (For reference only)

Để giúp các bạn ôn luyện thật tốt cho kỳ thi TOEFL của mình, trong bài viết này, VnDoc xin giới thiệu 33 chủ đề luyện thi nói TOEFL dành cho các bạn tham khảo. Hy vọng những chủ đề dưới đây sẽ phần nào giúp bạn giải tỏa những khó khăn trong bài thi nói TOEFL. Sau đây mời các bạn tham khảo các chủ đề dưới đây.

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Topic 1: Describe a classmate or colleague you often meet or met.

I have a lot of friends, but Tam is one of my closest friends. He comes from Kim Dong District, Hung Yen province. He is the person who can share all kinds of difficulties and happiness in life. Not only is he helpful ,but also he is intelligent. He is also good at both teaching English and using computers. I first met him when we were at Hai Duong teachers' training colleague. Although we are living far from each other, I often contact with him by e-mail, chatting, or phone calls .Sometimes, on special occasions I come along his family and so does he. We often talk to each other about our family, hobbies and work .We are really good friends.

Topic 2: Describe a typical holiday in your country.

In our country, there are quite lots of different holidays every year, but in my opinion, I think Tet holiday is the most typical holiday for most Vietnamese people. Though we can live or work far from our family, we still try to get together at Tet. Tet holidays often occur in late January or early February. It is a good chance for us to have days off and have time to visit relatives or friends for giving good luck and best wishes to each other. For some people who are rich, they can go on a trip somewhere in Vietnam or in foreign countries to enjoy Tet holidays.

Topic 3: Describe your favorite festival or celebration.

I have some celebrations to celebrate and some festivals to enjoy every year. However, for me, my wedding celebration is the most important one that I never forget. I think it's the special celebration for not only me, but also my wife to recall the time we started our new happy life. Our celebration often happens in March every year. On this occasion, we often have a small party and offer gifts to each other. This celebration helps us live more happily and strengthen our love.

Topic 4: Describe something you use for your work or studies.

One of the most important things which I often use for my work or studies is my dictionary. It doesn't cost a lot of money, but it' really helpful. I often use it to look up new words or phrases whenever I need it. I think it's the most important thing that English learners must own it.

Topic 5: Describe a famous food from your hometown or country.

I think the sticky rice cake is one of the most famous foods which most Vietnamese people clearly know and like .It's called by the name "Chung Cake" by Northern people. It has a square shape which is covered with green leaves and sticky rice, beans, pork, peppers, salt inside. Vietnamese people like this cake because not only it's tasty, but also it is a special cake that is enjoyed at Tet holidays. I like this cake ,too.

Topic 6: Describe an item of clothing that you often wear.

For all my clothes I own. I like my red striped shirt most. It' s not only fashionable, but also it has a special meaning. My wife offered me that shirt on the occasion of my 35th birthday. I often wear it when I attend weddings, parties or whenever I am in good mood. I really like it.

Topic 7: Describe the transport system in a place you know about.

Nowadays, the transport system in our country is developing quite fast. In my neighborhood, there are many popular means of transport such as: motorbikes, bicycles, taxis, buses, but buses are the most popular means of transport that people use most. The main good point of this mean of transport is quite cheap and convenient, but it has bad points, too. Sometimes it doesn't have enough seats to sit or room to stand. Besides, we have to suffer some troubles from other passengers or the driver.

Topic 8: Describe a shopping street in your hometown.

My hometown is on the way of fast development. It has some busy shopping streets with many kinds of different goods. Near my house, there is a shopping clothes street which attracts a lot of people, especially young people. They come here not only for shopping clothes, but also for relaxing. I suppose that different clothes shops make our street more colorful and lively step by step.

Topic 9: Describe an activity in an English lesson that you enjoy.

I mostly enjoy activities in an English lesson, I like the Warm up activity best. Because this activity contains some funny games which make me excited and relaxed before I start my hard and long lesson . In this activity, I can revise some vocabularies, learn some more new words or get some relaxation... I suppose that we should have this interesting activity before we start a new lesson.

Topic 10: Describe a teacher who has influenced you.

Of all my teachers who taught me from my primary school to university, I admire Mr. Nguyen Viet Ky best. I was lucky to be his student when I attended a part time university in Hai Duong center of continuing education. He comes from English faculty of Hanoi university of languages and international studies. He is not only a well-qualified teacher who is especially good at teaching English but also has good influence on most of his students who he has ever taught. I think that he is also a good example of the people who can overcome hard difficulties in life and be very successful. In a word, I do admire him very much.

Topic 11: Describe your idea of an ideal house.

I suppose that houses are the most important thing for everybody. For my ideal house I would like it to be a typical house which has three floors and enough kinds of rooms for all my family members to live and enjoy. Those rooms would be 4 bedrooms, one living room, one dining-room and one study room which are all furnished with enough essential furniture. If I have a house like that, my life will be more comfortable. I will have more good conditions to take more care of my family and my work.

Topic 12: Describe an important decision that you made.

For all my decisions that I have ever made, I think that getting married to my lover is the most important decision in my life. Why is it so important? To answer this question, I suppose that this decision has changed my life a lot. I started my new life with most happy time and have a small family to take care of. I never regret my decision.

Topic 13: Describe a film that you enjoyed watching.

I have enjoyed lots of kinds of films, but the film with its name "The wave in the bottom river" written and composed by Le Luu, made a great impression on me. I first watched this film about 10 years ago on Hanoi television. This film is about the life of Nui - the main character of the film. He had a very difficult life after his mother died and then his father got married again. He was unlucky to have a father who has no responsibility, no feelings and a cold heart for his own children. This film ended with a happy ending when Nui has a small happy family. I think this film not only has a good plot, but also made a unforgettable impression on viewers thanks to some excellent performances of Xuan Bac who played a role as Nui.

Topic 14: Describe something you bought which you were not happy with.

I often satisfy with the things I bought, but the shirt that I bought last week I don't like it very much. I bought that shirt in the shop near my house. I was attracted by that shirt at the first look because its color was quite nice and it also fitted me. However, after being washed at the first time, that shirt became faded and now its color has changed a lot. I am absolutely disappointed with that shirt and I'm thinking about throwing it away.

Topic 15: Describe a singer or musician that you admire.

Music is one of my favorite hobbies. Of all the singers in Vietnam, I admire Trong Tan most. I think that he is the best singer of tradition music in Vietnam. He always attracts every audience and makes them satisfied by his clear and warm voice .Not only is he good at tradition music, but also he can sing songs which are about love, hometown, country very well. His songs really make me feel relaxed.

Topic 16: Describe something good about your personality.

To tell something about myself, I suppose that I have some good points. Firstly, I think that I am hard-working. I can work for a long time without having a rest, even I can do many kinds of work, include hard work. I not only spend time on my work ,but also on taking care of my family members. I also never mind doing the housework. For the second good point, I think that I am helpful, too. Helping other people is my favorite hobby. I am always ready to give someone a hand if he/ she needs my help. My two good points help me to have good friends around me and be successful in my life.

Topic 17: Describe a song that you like.

Music is one of my favorite hobbies. I like both Vietnamese and international songs. However, I like the song with its name "Love story" most. That song comes from the famous film which has the same name "Love story". It's an English song which tells us about the love of a nice couple in the film. I first heard that song when I saw the film "Love story" about ten years ago. That song not only has nice words, but also makes me recall the story of that film. I really like that song very much.

Topic 18: Describe a place of natural beauty that you have visited.

Last summer, I was lucky to have a chance to visit Sa Pa with my colleagues. It took us 10 hours by train and 1 hour by car to get there. I was very surprised at the cool weather and magnificent views there. Sa Pa is in Lao Cai province and it is near China. It is very famous for its cool weather in the summer and falling snow in the winter. Besides, Sa Pa has some local special food which attracts a lot of tourists every year. In Sa Pa, I visited some famous places such as Bac waterfall, Ham Rong mountain with some flower gardens. Sa Pa made a great impression on me and may be I will never forget this trip.

Topic 19: Describe a country you would like to visit.

I was lucky to have a good chance to visit Thailand last summer. This country is in the South East Asia and it's not very far from our country. It only took me four hours to get there by plane. I was really attracted by beautiful views and churches there. However, the most interesting thing that made a great impression on me is Thailand food. I must say that I like Thailand food very much, it's really tasty. Furthermore, I also attended some cultural activities there. I think it's a memorable journey and I hope I'll go there again one day.

Topic 20: Describe a skill you would like to learn.

A good teacher of English should be good at all four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. However, for me, I suppose that my speaking skill is the worst. I often find it very difficult to speak English although some ideas come to my mind. I don't know exactly why my speaking skill is so bad. Perhaps, I don't practice this skill often enough to speak English well. Besides, my vocabularies are not rich enough to help me speak English easily. I think that I should spend more time to improve my speaking skill.

Topic 21: Describe your favorite season or time of the year.

In the North of Vietnam, there are four seasons every year. However, I like fall most. In this season, the weather is often cool, so it is very convenient for outdoor activities. I can go fishing , go camping or play some sports such as football, badminton, volleyball. Besides, I can take part in some festivals in this season.

Topic 22: Describe an event that changed your life.

Everyone has different events that happen in different times and so do I. However, for me, my first daughter was born is the special event that has changed my life a lot. Being a father makes me have wonderful feelings and I have changed my mind and arranged my work suitably to have time to take care of my family as well as my daughter. I also have to be more responsible for my family by trying to earn as much money as possible and giving up some of my bad habits. I always try to be a good father who can bring happiness and good things for my daughter and my family as well.

Topic 23: Describe an advertisement that you have seen.

There are a lot of advertisements that appear on television everyday. However, the advertisement for Vinamilk has made a great impression on me by the way they advertise. I first saw this advertisement two months ago and it's about milk products of Vinamilk company. In this advertisement, there are some scenes of funny cows dancing on the grass. Not only do children like this advertisement, but also I like it very much.

Topic 24: Describe something useful you use everyday.

In our modern life, each item plays important and different roles. However, in my view, I suppose that my laptop is the most important thing. My laptop isn't too expensive, but I like it very much. Not only does it help me in my work, but also it helps me relax a lot. It can store important documents and helps me to prepare for work effectively. Moreover, I can read newspapers, listen to music, watch movies or send e-mails and chat with my friends by using it. I think it's really a good friend of mine.

Topic 25: Describe a gift or present you have received.

I think that getting a present usually makes us have happy feelings and so do I. Last month, on the occasion of my 36th birthday, I was very surprised to get a special gift from one of my former friends who hasn't kept in touch with me for a long time. I got that gift from the post office and when opened the box, I was very surprised and happy .They are some music disks that are my favorite ones. My friend remembered my birthday gave that present to me. It is a meaningful present.

Topic 26: Describe some help that you received.

I can't forget the time when I was at school in the secondary school. That year, my leg was broken when I rode my bike to school. I felt terrible and disappointed because I couldn't go to school by myself while my parents were very busy at work. Fortunately, one of my classmates who lives near my school volunteered to give me a lift to school everyday. I am very lucky to have a good friend like him who was never afraid of difficulties to help his friend. After two months later, my leg was recovered and I could do everything by myself, so I never forget that time and my good friend.

Topic 27: Describe someone who is famous in your country or describe a famous person you admire.

Of all the famous people in the show-biz, I admire Xuan Bac most. He is not only a famous actor, an MC, but also he is a famous comedian. I first knew him when I saw the film "The wave in the bottom river" which he played a role as the main character. I think that it is one of the most successful film which he has ever acted in. He is also famous for his sense of humor and that's why he attracts millions of viewers on TV. If I had a chance to meet him one day, I would invite him to take some photos with me and I would ask him for his signature.

Topic 28: Describe a city you would like to visit.

There are lots of famous cities all over the world. However, I would like to visit Paris most. That is a famous capital city of France which is attracted millions of tourists every year. Paris is famous for not only its beauty, but also its friendliness of people there. If I were in Paris, I'd visit Eiffel Tower, Sense river and Khai Hoan Mon square. Paris is also called to be the royal city of light, so nothing is more interesting for us to go shopping in the evening and enjoy the atmosphere there. Therefore ,I hope I will visit Paris one day if I have a chance.

Topic 29: Describe something difficult that you did well.

I will never forget the time when I was in hospital. It happened nearly 20 years ago when I was at high school. I suffered a serious disease before I graduated from high school and took an entrance exam to colleague. At that time I was very hopeless and didn't know what would occur. It took me one month to be in hospital,so I had to revise my lessons by myself on the bed in the hospital. Luckily, I passed my two important exams. I think it's really hard time in my life.

Topic 30: Describe something you would like to succeed in doing.

One of the fields which I would like to succeed in doing is that I would like to earn much more money to support my family and make my life more comfortable. Teaching is a job that doesn't give us enough money to support our minimum living. Therefore, I'd like to try chances in business. It will be difficult for me. I don't know whether I will be successful or not, but I hope this can improve my present life.

Topic 31: Describe a website that you have used.

One of the favorite websites which I often use is Google.com.vn. I think it is the most popular website that most people use everyday. This website helps us to search for websites or information that we need and so do I. I also use this website to find out information for my work and for my relaxation. I think it's really helpful for us.

Topic 32: Describe something expensive you would like to buy.

One of the most important things which I wish I would buy is a car. I think it is an important mean of transport in our modern life. It is quite safe and more convenient than other means of transports. With this car, I can go to work or take my family everywhere easily and safely. I don't have to care about the bad weather (sunny or rainy), besides it can protect me and my family from dangers of accidents that happen everyday.

Topic 33: Describe your favorite book.

Reading books is one of my favorite hobbies, but I'm very busy and I'm afraid that I haven't read a whole book for a long time. To be honest, I have no idea about one book - the title, the writer, the content of it. Recently, when I have time for reading, I often choose short funny stories for reading. Because this doesn't cost me a lot of time and it also helps me relax a lot. I think reading is one of the best ways to improve our knowledge.

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