Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 1 Friendship hệ 7 năm

Tiếng Anh Unit 1 lớp 11 Friendship

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Soạn Unit 1 lớp 11 Friendship hệ 7 năm

Choose the words which contain the sound /tʃ/ and /dʒ/

education, engineer, damage, mutual, computer, children, teach, Christmas, machine, village, religion, hamburger, enjoy, dirty, schedule, literature, information, question, orchestra, cheap, pleasure, feature, imaginary, jealous, cheese, jacket, geometry, green, purchase, suggest, instruction, essential, nature, fortunate.

/tʃ/ ____

/dʒ/ ____

Complete these sentences with the correct form of the word in the box.

constant capable selfish loyal suspicion

acquaint enthusiast sympathize hospitable friend

1. His ________ for music has stayed strong, throughout his 23 years in radio.

2. He showed unswerving ___________ to his friends.

3. We all have great __________ for the victims of the flood.

4. __________ is very important because uncertain people cannot have a lifelong friendship.

5. It was very ___________ of him to offer us his room.

6. We were delighted by the wonderful _________ of the local people.

7. The wine had made him ________ of thinking clearly.

8. Playing a game with the children is a good way of getting them _________.

9. Inform the police immediately if you see anything ___________.

10. ________ need time to develop.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. I didn't have enough time ________ (finish) my work yesterday.

2. As she drove past his house, she noticed him _____ (run) away from home.

3. I was relieved ________ (find out) that I had passed the exam.

4. She made her son _______ (wash) the windows before he could go outside ______ (play) with his friends.

5. She lets her children __________ (stay) up very late.

6. We had nothing __________ (do) except look at the cinema posters.

7. We both heard him _________ (say) that he was leaving.

8. It made him angry __________ (wait) for people who were late.

9. I couldn't understand what the passage said, so I had my friend ______ (translate) it for me.

10. It's important _______ (start) the meeting on time.

11. There are too many people here for me ________ (talk) to all of them.

12. It took ages ________ (download) the pictures from the Internet.

13. Whenever I have free time, I like ______ (watch) the basketball team _______ (practice).

14. She sent me an e-mail _________ (inform) me that the meeting had been canceled.

15. It was a thrill _____ (see) my brother ______ (win) the chess tournament last year.

Combine the given idea into one sentence. Add to when an infinitive is required.

1. use/ scissors/ tool are/ for/ sharp/ very young children

2. wrong/ consider/ they/ smoke/ it/ in public places

3. let/ I/ stay/ think/ them/ should/ the weekend/ until/ we

4. climb/ the first/ oxygen/ who/ Everest/ without/ person/ was?

5. noticed/ run/ him/ from/ away/ she/ home

6. made/ the film/ laugh/ right from/ them/ the first few minutes.

7. I'll/ look at/ the plumber/ have/ the central heating boiler

8. the answer/ you/ it/ work out/ clever/ of/ was

9. the tourists/ back/ when/ be/ the guide/ didn't/ tell/ at the coach

10. hear/ enough/ the guide/ clearly/ everyone/ didn't/ loudly/ for/ speak

Choose the correct answers.

1. Instead of buying a new pair of shoes, I had my old ones _________ .

a. repair b. to repair c. repairing d. repaired

2. It's possible _______ a train across Canada.

a. take b. to take c. taking d. to be taken

3. Now that we've finished painting the house, there is nothing left ________.

a. to do b. for doing c. to be done d. for being done

4. Before we leave, let's have Shelley ________ a map for us so we won't get lost.

a. draw b. to draw c. drawing d. drawn

5. I can hear a cat ________ at the window.

a. scratches b. to scratch c. scratching d. was scratching

6. I think your mother should let you __________ your own mind.

a. make up b. to make up c. making up d. made up

7. The police never found the money __________in the robbery.

a. stealing b. be stolen c. steal d. stolen

8. Do you know what made so many people _________ their home?

a. evacuate b. to evacuate c. evacuated d. be evacuated

9. ________ bread, you usually need flour, salt, and yeast.

a. Make b. To make c. Making d. For make

10. We saw our favorite ballet _________ at the theater last night.

a. perform b. performing c. performed d. in performing

11. He was never heard _________ 'thank you' in his life.

a. say b. to say c. saying d. said

12. I was delighted ________ my old friends again.

a. to see b. seeing c. seen d. to be seen

13. _________ to friends is nice but __________alone is also enjoyable.

a. Talk / to be b. To talk / be c. Talk / be d. Talking / being

14. I'd rather _________ to Elvis than the Beatles.

a. listen b. to listen c. listening d. listened

15. I can make myself _________pretty well in English.

a. understand b. to understand c. understanding d. understood

Complete each of the sentences with an appropriate preposition.

1. A selfish person is incapable __________ true friendship.

2. He was accused _________ being disloyal _________ the government.

3. How much time do you spend ________ homework?

4. Good friendship should be based ______ mutual understanding.

5. Do you keep in touch _________ any school friends?

6. Some adults have a total lack ______ sympathy _______ young people.

7. He's more concerned ______ what people think about him than anything else.

8. She had been briefly acquainted ______ him more than 20 years earlier.

9. She thought _________ him very often.

10. Some people take __________ interest with enthusiasm, but they are soon tired ________it.

Rewrite the sentence or join the pairs of sentences beginning with the word(s) given.

1. He worked out the answer. It was clever of him.

It was__________________________.

2. Marie always pays her bills regularly. She's careful that way.

Marie is always__________________________.

3. He was crossing the road. I caught sight of him.

I noticed_____________________.

4. When we finally heard that David had arrived, we were very relieved.

We were relieved______________________.

5. Why have you thrown up your job? You're mad.

You are___________________________.

6. Jimmy got into his car and drove away. I saw this.

I saw________________________.

7. It is disappointing that we haven't heard from Molly.

We are____________________________.

8. Contacting her at work is usually quite easy.

She is_______________________________.

9. The house shook violently and all of us felt that.

All of us felt__________________________.

10. Can you sign the papers please? They are ready now.

The papers are_______________________________.


Choose the words which contain the sound /tʃ/ and /dʒ/

/tʃ/: mutual, children, teach, literature, question, cheap, feature, cheese, purchase, nature, fortunate

/dʒ/: education, engineer, damage, village, religion, schedule, imaginary, jealous, jacket, geometry, suggest

Complete these sentences with the correct form of the word in the box.

1 - enthusiasm; 2 - loyalty; 3 - sympathy; 4 - Intimate; 5 - unselfish;

6 - hospitality; 7 - incapable; 8 - acquainted; 9 - suspicious; 10 - Friendships;

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1 - to finish; 2 - running; 3 - to find out; 4 - to play; 5 - stay;

6 - to do; 7 - say; 8 - to wait; 9 - translate; 10 - to start;

11 - to talk; 12 - to download; 13 - to watch - practicing; 14 - to inform; 15 - to see - win;

Combine the given idea into one sentence. Add to when an infinitive is required.

1 - Scissors are too sharp for very young children to use.

2 - They consider it wrong to smoke in public places.

3 - I think we should let them stay until the weekend.

4 - Who was the first person to climb the Everest without oxygen?

5 - She noticed him running away from home.

6 - The film made them laugh right from the first few minutes

7 - I’ll have the plumber look at the central heating boiler.

8 - You was clever to work out the answer of it.

9 - The guide didn’t tell the tourists when to be back at the coach

10 - The guide didn’t speak loudly enough for every one to hear

Choose the correct answers.

1 - d; 2 - b; 3 - c; 4 - a; 5 - c;

6 - a; 7 - d; 8 - a; 9 - b; 10 - c;

11 - b; 12 - a; 13 - d; 14 - a; 15 - d;

Complete each of the sentences with an appropriate preposition.

1 - of; 2 - of - to; 3 - on; 4 - on; 5 - with;

6 - of - forward; 7 - about; 8 - with; 9 - of; 10 - up - of;

Rewrite the sentence or join the pairs of sentences beginning with the word(s) given.

1 - It was clever of him to work out the answer.

2 - Marie is always careful of paying her bills regularly

3 - I noticed him crossing the road

4 - We were relieved to hear that David had arrived

5 - You are mad to throw up your job

6 - I saw Jimmy get into his car and drive away.

7 - We are disappointed not to hear from Molly.

8 - She is usually quite easy to contact at work

9 - All of us felt the house shaking violently

10 - The papers are ready for you to sign

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