Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 12 Unit 2 Cultural Diversity

Tiếng Anh 12 Unit 2: Cultural Diversity

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- Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh lớp 12 Unit 2: Cultural diversity


Complete the following sentences with the IDIOMS in the box:

call it a day; kick the habit; a bed of roses; make ends meet;

black sheep; the apple of one’s eye; a blind date; once in a blue moon;

1. Marvin is the _____________ of the family. He’s been in college for seven years and still hasn’t graduated.

2. They've been married for fifteen years and, do you know, they first met on _________.

3. He has five kids, but his only daughter is clearly ______________.

4. My friend told me that he want to live __________ without hard work, winning the Jackpot made his dream come true.

5. My Dad is working in Scotland and he visits home ______________, every couple of years.

6. She is so lazy that she hardly able to __________ each month.

7. Doctors should try to persuade smokers to ___________.

8. After second heart attack, she decided it would be best to follow her doctor’s advice and __________.

Complete the following sentences with the VERB in the box:

composed; allowed; object; supposed; willing;

obliged; determined; concerned; conducted; confided;

1. He's eager and _____________ to please and follows my instructions without a fault..

2. Under the new law, parents are _____________ to register their new born babies within 60 days of their birth.

3. I'm _____________ to be meeting someone at the airport.

4. Susanna only had her learner's permit and wasn't _____________ to drive without her parents..

5. A call was made to the police, the teacher gave a statement and a search for the man was _____________.

6. I _____________ to seeing policemen in uniform holding hands in public - it's not a family way of life and we should support the family more.

7. He accordingly _____________ his estate to a trustee and gave him unusual powers.

8. For one thing, they were all _____________about possible environmental impacts of the proposals.’.

9. After the fire we were _____________to pick up the pieces and get the business back on its feet.

10. This paint is actually _____________ of several natural ingredients.


Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. The number of people we need to hire ______ (be) thirteen.

2. A number of people _________ (have) written in about this subject.

3. Pneumatic tyres ____________ (invent) in 1888 by John Dunlop.

4. His mother was angry because he __________ (not/ help) her with the shopping

5. No sooner _________________(they/ start) their walk than it started to rain.

6. Hardly ______________(I/ reach) the station when the train came.

Complete the following sentences with SINCE or FOR

1. He has been back ___________ two hours.

2. I haven’t seen him ___________ Christmas.

3. You’ve been watching TV __________ you came home from school.

4. Carol has been looking after the baby __________ over four hours.

5. The Healers have had Dusty ________ their old dog died.

6. We’ve been standing here _________ half past six.

7. Kate has been learning French _________ four years.

8. Grandfather has been living with us ________ quite some time.

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