Giải bài tập SBT Tiếng Anh lớp 11 chương trình mới Unit 5: Being part of ASEAN

Giải bài tập SBT Tiếng Anh lớp 11 chương trình mới Unit 5 xin giới thiệu đến các bạn Giải bài tập SBT Tiếng Anh lớp 11 chương trình mới Unit 5: Being part of ASEAN do sưu tầm và đăng tải dưới đây giúp các bạn học tập tốt môn học, đồng thời là tài liệu củng cố kiến thức, chuẩn bị cho những bài kiểm tra và bài thi của bạn.

Pronunciation - trang 34 Unit 5 Sách Bài Tập (SBT) Tiếng anh 11 mới

1. Practise saying the following sentences. Mark the intonation: rising or falling.

Thực hành nói những câu sau đây. Đánh dấu ngữ điệu: tăng hoặc giảm.


Is Viet Nam on the Indochinese Peninsula?


Viet Nam shares borders with China, Laos and Cambodia.


Ho Chi Minh City is one of the biggest cities in Viet Nam.


Is Vietnamese the official language of Viet Nam?


There are 54 ethnic groups living in Viet Nam.

Đáp án:

Rising intonation: 1,4 Falling intonation: 2, 3, 5

2. Practise reading aloud the following sentences, using suitable intonation.

Tập đọc to các câu sau, sử dụng ngữ điệu phù hợp.

1. Most of the mineral resources of Viet Nam are in the north.

2. Is the majority of the Vietnamese population engaged in agricultural work?

3. The Mekong and the Red River Deltas are big rice-growing areas.

4. Is the culture of Viet Nam one of the oldest in the region?

5. Dragons and turtles are important symbols in Vietnamese culture.

Vocabulary & Grammar - trang 35 Unit 5 Sách Bài Tập (SBT) Tiếng anh 11 mới

1. Look for the names of five more ASEAN countries in the word puzzle. Write them down in the spaces below.

Hãy tìm tên của năm nước ASEAN khác trong câu đố chữ. Viết chúng xuống trong các không gian dưới đây.

Đáp án:

Giải bài tập SBT tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 5

2. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

Hoàn thành các câu với các từ trong hộp.







1. The ________ of Viet Nam is "Independence - Freedom - Happiness".

2. Being a regional ________ for many years, ASEAN is now striving for greater integration.

3. The ASEAN member states decided to launch its charter when they recognised the need for a ________ .

4. The ASEAN Charter helps to define the bloc's ________ in the region.

5. ASEAN members aim to build a friendly and united community promoting________ , peace and development.

6. There are measures to strengthen economic________between ASEAN member states.

Đáp án:

1. motto 2. association 3. constitution

4. identity 5.stability 6. cooperation

3. Match 1 -6 with a-f to make meaningful sentences.

Nối 1-6 với a-f để tạo các câu có ý nghĩa.

Đáp án:

1. f 2. d 3. b 4. e 5. c 6. a

4. Use the present simple or continuous form of the verbs in brackets to complete the sentences.

Sử dụng thì hiện tại đơn hoặc hiện tại tiếp diễn của các động từ trong ngoặc đơn để hoàn thành câu.

1. We___________ (have) a good time at the concert to welcome the delegation of ASEAN officials.

2. My classmates___________ (want) to participate in the competition on ASEAN held at school.

3. I___________ (love) dancing Lamvong, the national folk dance of Laos.

4. The ASEAN countries___________ (wish) to promote economic growth, social progress and cultural development.

5. Look! Lan___________ (smell) the flowers her boyfriend sent her from Da Lat.

6. We___________ (think) of spending our holiday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Đáp án:

1. are having 2.want 3. love

4. wish 5. is smelling 6. are thinking

5. Underline the wrong verb tense or form and correct the mistake.

Gạch dưới thì hoặc hình thức động từ sai và sửa lỗi.

1. I like Thai food. It is tasting delicious.

2. The students see their teacher this afternoon to discuss the ASEAN Week at school.

3. Tuan is thinking that being an ASEAN member is important for the development of Viet Nam.

4. Now Nam looks at the documents, trying to find answers to the questions about ASEAN.

5. I'm not sure now. I have second thoughts about studying in Singapore.

6. Two students from our class succeeded in win prizes in the competition on ASEAN and the ASEAN Charter.

Đáp án:


is tasting —► tastes


see —► are seeing


is thinking —► thinks


looks—► is looking


have —► am having


win —► winning

Reading - trang 37 Unit 5 Sách Bài Tập (SBT) Tiếng anh 11 mới

1. Read the following text about the ASEAN Para Games. Match each paragraph with its heading.

Đọc các văn bản dưới đây về các Hiệp định Para Games của ASEAN. Nối từng đoạn với tiêu đề của nó.

Paragraph A

Paragraph B

Paragraph C

Paragraph D

Paragraph E

1. The 7thASEAN Para Games

2. History of the ASEAN Para Games

3. ASEAN and its activities

4. Objectives of the ASEAN Para Games

5. Viet Nam's team at the 7thASEAN Para Games

A. Formed on August 8th1967, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was originally a group of five countries. Nowadays, ASEAN is a united bloc often countries, which promotes many cultural and sports events besides political and economic cooperation. The ASEAN Para Games for athletes with physical disabilities is a good example.

B. The ASEAN Para Games aims at promoting sports for people with disabilities in the region and increasing public awareness of disabled sports. Regional Para sports events offer opportunities for building friendship and cooperation among disabled people in ASEAN member states.

C. The ASEAN Para Games is held about every two years after the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) in an ASEAN member state.The first ASEAN Para Games took place in 2001 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This was the first major sports event of the ASEAN Para Sports Federation (APSF). The second ASEAN Para Games was organised in 2003 in Viet Nam. The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth ASEAN Para Games were held in the Philippines,Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia respectively.

D. Athletes with disabilities from the ten ASEAN members and East Timor attended the 7thASEAN Para Games in 2014 in Myanmar. They competed in 12 sports: archery, athletics, boccia, chess, football 5-a-side, football 7-a-side, goalball, powerlifting, swimming, table tennis, sitting volleyball and wheelchair basketball. Indonesia finished first andThailand, which had dominated the Games for more than a decade, dropped to the second place. Malaysia was third and Viet Nam retained the fourth position.

E. There were about 120 Vietnamese athletes at the 2014 ASEAN Para Games. They took part in six events. Even though the Vietnamese delegation was not among the top three, the 7thASEAN Para Games could be considered a successful event for Viet Nam. The Vietnamese athletes with disabilities tried very hard and set several ASEAN, Asian and world Para Games records.

Đáp án:

A. 3 B. 4 C. 2 D. 1 E. 5

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