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Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 3

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I. Choose the word that has underlined part pronounced differently from the others.
1. A. drive
B. think
C. find
D. mind
2. A
. watch
. clean
. talk
. miss
3. A. character B. choice C. change D. teacher
4. A. meat B. treat C. beat D. ready
II. Choose the best answer
1. Every day I spend two hours ___________ English.
A. practise B to practise C. practising D. practised
2. The skiers would rather __________ through the mountains than go by bus. travel by train B. travel by train C. traveled by train D. traveling by train
3. He likes _________ part in sports, so he joins the football team of the school.
A. to take B. to taking C. takes D. took
4. I don't remember___________ the front door when I left home.
A. to lock B. lock C. locked D. locking
5. Children enjoy ___________ to ghost stories on Halloween night.
A. telling and listening B. tell and listen C. to tell and listen D. to tell and to listen
6. They decided ___________ to Japan for their summer holiday.
A. going B. to go C. go D. to going
7. His parents think it's time for him___________ married.
A. gets B. get C. to get D. got
8.Peter's father ordered __________ not to stay out late again.
A. him B. to him C. that he D. for him
9. Smoking is bad for your heath. You had better_________ it up.
A. to give B. give C. giving D. to be giving
10. I hope you don't mind my__________ so late at night.
A. telephoning B. to telephone C.telephone have telephoned
11. It took three and a half hours _________ to Singapore.
A. to fly B. flying C. to be flown D. fly
12. She refused ___________ them . help C.having helped D.helping
13. My parents can't _________ seeing me at home all day.
A. stop B. stand C. start D. hate
14. ___________is a popular sport in Europe.
A. To ski B. Skiing C. Ski D. To skiing
15. There are many ways of _______ ourselves in a big city.
A. enjoy B. enjoying C. enjoyment D. to enjoy
16. I never feel like _______ early on Monday morning.
A. getting up B. get up C. gets up D. to get up
17. It is not easy ________ a high-paid job.
A. find B. finding C. finds D. to find
18. Would you like the doctor _________ ?
A. coming B. to come C. come D. comes
19. There is no need ______ the door of the meeting room tonight.
A. to lock B. to be locking be locked D. locked
20. My husband wants me _______ this letter before afternoon.
A. to post B. posting C. post D. posts
21. I hate _______ the dirty dishes after a meal.
A. wash B. washing C. to wash D. to be washing
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
22. She doesn't like going _______ in the sea in summer.
A. to swim B. to be swimming C. swimming D. swim
23. I am afraid of _______ by the strong wind.
A.taking away B.take away C.being taken away D.being taking away
24. Do you ______ me to type this letter for you?
A. want B. love C. enjoy D. fancy
25. Human beings must stop ______the environment.
A. to pollute B. polluted polluted D.polluting
26. We walked for ten kilometers and then we stopped _______ a rest.
A. to have B. have C. having D. has
27. It is raining hard. We had better _______ at home tonight.
A. staying B to stay C. stay D. to be staying
28. Before starting __________ for this company, I spent a year _______ .
A. work/travel C.working/travel D.working/traveling
29. I _______ play with dolls when I was small.
A. enjoyed B. hated C. started D. used to
30. It _______ him two hours to finish the exercise.
A. take B. took C. to take D. taking
31. I had no difficulty ______ to her English.
A. listen B. to listen C. to listening D. listening
32. We are ______ buying a new motorbike.
A. considering B. deciding C. expecting D. thinking
33. If the earth stops ______ around the sun, there will be no light on earth.
A. move B. to move C. moved D. moving
34. We need to stop _________ at what damage we have done to the nature and try ________it
before it's too late.
A. looking/ to fix B. to look/ to fix look/ fixing D.looking/ fixing
35. If we don't do anything ___ the ice on the poles from melting, the earth will be flooded one day.
A. for stop B. to stopping C. to stop D. stop
36. Unless we ______ throwing garbage into the river, it will be polluted.
A. stop B. don't stop C. will stop D. won't stop
37. The pollution rate in this area seems ______ slowly.
A. increase B. increasing C. to increase D. to be increase
38. Your hair is too long now. It needs _________ .
A. to cut B. cutting C. being cut D. to be cutting
39. We all enjoy _________ English.
A. learn B. to learn C. learning D. learned
40. I expected them _______ me a job.
A. offer B. offering be offered offer
III. Dùng GERUND hoặc TO INFINITIVE để hoàn thành các câu sau:
1. I can't think of (go) _____ to visit her in hospital without (buy) ______ some plowers.
2. The examiner gave the students some time (think) ________.
3. The play is programmed (start) ________ at 7 a.m, so we have decided (meet) _______ at 6.30.
4. I am looking forward to (see) _____ the film again.
5. I intend (study) ______ English (understand) ______ American business methods.
6. She still plans on (marry) ______ him even after he refused (buy) ________ her an engagement ring.
7. I cannot resist (eat) ______ fish and chips when I am in England.
8. She enjoys (go) _____ to parties and (dance) _____ in the discos all the night long.
9. I stopped (live) _______ in London when I realized it was time for me (move) ______.
10. Don't forget (turn) _______ off the heating before (leave) ______ the house.
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
11. I understand (buy) ______ red roses for your girlfriend on St. Valentine's Day was a bit old-
12. You should think about (save) ______ until you have enough money.
13. We all dislike (have) ______ (work) _______ even though we are all anger (spend) ______
money on (have) ______a good
time and (get) ______ the things we want.
14. You mustn't mind (take) ______ trouble over the cooking if you want your guests (enjoy) ______
their meal.
15. I like (watch) _______ the clouds at sunset because it seems (relax) _______ and puts me in the
right frame of mind (sleep) ______.
IV. Choose the underlined part among A,B,C or D that needs correcting.
1. I’d like to thank your brother for your help.
2. I only just managed to stop myself to shout at him.
3. You can congratulate yourself about having done an excellent job.
4. I decided changing jobs because my boss makes me work overtime.
5. Peter apologized for brake the vase.
V. Read the letter below and choose the best options to fill in the blanks.
When I (1) _________ a little boy I used to wander in the woods by the river flowing (2)
_________ my village. In spring, I (3) _________ watching a variety of bushes and plants grow
in the sunlight and listened to newly-born birds chirp in their nest high on the trees. In summer, I
(4) _________ watch different kinds of kites fly high in blue sky and listen to buffalo boys play
their bamboo flutes (5) _________ they rode their water buffaloes.
1. A. was B. am C. were D. be
2. A. in B. at C. through D. above

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