Bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh lớp 12 Unit 1, 2, 3

Đề kiểm tra giữa kì 1 môn tiếng Anh lớp 12 có đáp án

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I. Hãy chọn MỘT từ có phần gạch dưới được phát âm khác với các từ còn lại trong mỗi câu sau:

1. A. roses B. villages C. likes D. matches
2. A. worked B. stopped C. forced D. wanted
3. A. saints B. tends C. pools D. stays
4. A. waited B. mended C. objected D. faced
5. A. confused B. faced C. cried D. defined

II. Hãy chọn MỘT từ có dấu trọng âm chính nằm ở vị trí khác với các từ còn lại trong mỗi câu sau:

1. A. confide B. maintain C. oblige D. certain
2. A. conical B. sacrifice C. approval D. counterpart
3. A. message B. enter C. discuss D. middle
4. A. garbage B. pressure C. ready D. believe
5. A. secret B. secure C. market D. weekend

III. Hãy chọn MỘT phương án trả lời đúng nhất cho mỗi câu sau:

1. The nurse is always kind and gentle to us. She is a very _________ person.

A. caring

B. careful

C. careless

D. care

2. Tam is willing to help his mother with the household _________.

A. chord

B. chores

C. jobs

D. choir

3. Phở, a kind of noodle, is one of her favourite _________ when she visits Vietnam.

A. courses

B. plates

C. bowls

D. dishes

4. "Men make house and women make it _________ " is a popular saying.

A. family

B. garden

C. home

D. room

5. The Internet enables users of computers to _________ information in a variety of forms.

A. share

B. divide

C. cut

D. tell

6. Many problems have _________ since the beginning of the school year.

A. brought up

B. come up

C. brought out

D. come out

7. The guidelines in this book can help you become a _________ speaker.

A. confide

B. confident

C. confidence

D. self-confidence

8. _________ programmers known as hackers often try to break into large computer systems.

A. Mischief

B. Misbehavior

C. Mischievous

D. Misunderstanding

9. The engineer admitted the failure _________ and decided to try another method.

A. frank

B. quick

C. always

D. frankly

10. Many workers switch from the day _________ to the night one with difficulties.

A. light

B. shift

C. hour

D. period

11. Since I _________ a child, I have solved Math puzzles.

A. am

B. was

C. have been

D. had been

12. Janet _________ to get online to go for an Internet shopping for an hour.

A. is trying

B. was trying

C. has been trying

D. would be trying

13. Until Alan began his marital life, he _________ his dirty socks on the floor.

A. always leaves

B. always left

C. has always left

D. had always left

14. My sister and her husband _________ to my house for dinner tomorrow evening.

A. come

B. going to come

C. came

D. are coming

15. I’ll give you my answer when I _________ you next Sunday afternoon.

A. see

B. saw

C. will see

D. am seeing

16. Tom: “I don’t have my glasses. I can’t read the menu” - Jane: “_________”

A. I’m going to read it for you

B. I will read it for you

C. I have read it for you

D. I will be reading it for you

17. While we _________ on the phone, the power _________ out.

A. talked - went

B. were talking – was going

C. were talking –went

D. talked – was going

18. Phone me at 8 o’clock. We _________ dinner by then.

A. will be finishing

B. will have finished

C. have finished

D. had finished

19. Many Indian men said that it was unwise to _________ in their wives.

A. trust

B. hide

C. declare

D. confide

20. The survey was to find out the young people’s attitudes _________ love and marriage.

A. towards

B. above

C. beneath

D. with

21. Belgian officials are discussing this with their French_________.

A. friends

B. colleagues

C. co-workers

D. counterparts

22. Catherine rejected many suitable men before settling on Tom.

A. said no to

B. accepted

C. met

D. saw

23. I’ve never felt able to _________ in my sister.

A. see

B. think

C. confide

D. consider

24. In English, the subject precedes the verb.

A. comes first

B. comes before

C. be in front

D. comes after

25. Carney has a _________ commitment to write two new books in th next four years.

A. agreed

B. contractual

C. contract

D. contracted

26. The China was set blue with gold _________.

A. rim

B. edge

C. border

D. side

27. Career Officers _________ contact with young people when they have left school.

A. keep

B. maintain

C. carry

D. lost

28. The minister was obliged to report at least once every six months.

A. must

B. had to

C. required

D was compulsory

29. He sacrificed a promising career to look after his handicapped daughter.

A. gave

B. threw away

C. gave up

D. let it go

30. The tall conical roof is open at the top, so that a circle of sunlight shines down into the pool.

A. shaped like a cone

B. having the shape of a rectangle

C. shaped like a square

D. circle

31. It is said that he _________ studying English for nearly one year.

A. has been stopped

B. has stopped

B. has been stopping

D. has stopped

32. It was lucky for me to have taken all the document home; otherwise it _________ stolen.

A. would have been

B. must be

C. had to be

D. was

33. Since the new regulations _________ in their school last month, there has been a remarkable decrease in the number of problematic students.

A. came into force

B. were put into being

C. came true

D. were put into force

34. Jack said that he was amused because he _________ his poorly done test paper to be marked again.

A. had never expected

B. has never expected

C. never expects

D. will never expect

35. Parents should _________ much attention to their children’s self-study at home.

A. get

B. attract

C. pay

D. buy

36. “I am going to your house”, he said to me.

A. He said to me he is going to your house.

B. He told me he was going to your house.

C. He told me he was going to my house.

D. He told me he is going to your house.

37. “I will take you to my house.", he said to Mary.

A. He told Mary he will take her to my house.

B. He told to Mary he would take her to his house.

C. He told to Mary he would take you to my house.

D. He told Mary he would take her to his house.

38. “Are you sorry for what you did?”, the mother said to her son.

A. The mother told her son if you were sorry for what you had done.

B. The mother asked her son if he was sorry for what you had done.

C. The mother asked her son if he was sorry for what he had done.

D. The mother asked her son if he was sorry for what he did.

39. “Do you want to buy any second-hand books?”, she asked me.

A. She asked me if did you want to buy any second-hand books.

B. She asked me if you wanted to buy any second-hand books.

C. She asked me whether he wanted to buy any second-hand books.

D. She asked me whether I wanted to buy any second-hand books.

40. “We can go to the airport by taxi.", they said.

A. They said they could go to the airport by taxi.

B. They said they can go to the airport by taxi.

C. They said we can go to the airport by taxi.

D. They said we could go to the airport by taxi.

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