Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi lớp 9 cấp huyện môn tiếng Anh năm học 2018-2019 - Đề số 902

Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi lớp 9 môn tiếng Anh

VnDoc.com xin gửi đến các bạn Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi lớp 9 cấp huyện môn tiếng Anh năm học 2018-2019 - Đề số 902 được sưu tầm và đăng tải dưới đây rất hữu ích cho các bạn chuẩn bị cho kì thi học sinh giỏi cũng như kì thi học kì 1 sắp tới. Mời các bạn vào tham khảo và thử sức.


Trường THCS………..



(Thời gian 90 phút)

Choose the best option among A, B, C, or D provided to finish each of the following sentences.

1. ________ eight musicians in the band.

A. They will consist

B. They are being

C. There is

D. There will be

2. We are very grateful________ your help.

A. to

B. at

C. with

D. for

3. He________ wear a pair of glasses.

A. used to

B. used

C. use

D. use to

4. Do you remember Mrs. Goddard, ________ taught us English composition? - I certainly do.

A. who

B. whom

C. that

D. which

5. It was too small. It wasn't________.

A. enough big

B. big enough

C. fairly big

D. rather big

6. There is too much noise in this room. I can't understand what________.

A. is the professor saying

B. is saying the professor

C. that is the professor saying

D. the professor is saying

7. Don't forget________ home as soon as you arrive at your destination.

A. to call

B. calling

C. having called

D. to be called

8. They wanted to know if the woman had died of the rare________.

A. illness

B. pain

C. ache

D. hurt

9. New York, Tokyo and Paris are all________.

A. big cities

B. capital cities

C. central cities

D. in Europe

10. I'll see you________.

A. short

B. after

C. next

D. later

11. Go and sit________ Richard.

A. beside

B. next to

C. by

D. all are correct

12. This is the boy________ father is an architect.

A. who

B. his

C. whose

D. which

13. I________ English for 6 years now.

A. am studying

B. will have studied

C. have been studied

D. have been studying

14. My uncle has given up________.

A. smoke

B. smoking

C. to smoke

D. smoked

15. Have you been Ho Chi Minh city?

A. Until you not

B. Already not

C. Still not

D. Not yet

16. I've got a new grammar book. - ________.

A. How many cost?

B. How much price?

C. How much is it?

D. How much you pay?

17. At four o'clock Mr. Huchinson still had some________ to do in his garden.

A. work

B. job

C. effort

D. take

18. He has always been generous and he still________.

A. has been

B. was

C. is

D. has

19. Thank you for________ me.

A. invite

B. invited

C. inviting

D. invitation

20. The lesson is________ difficult that nobody can understand it.

A. so

B. such

C. very

D. a lot

21. That umbrella is________.

A. our

B. our's

C. ours

D. to our

22. What________ to the beggar?

A. did happen

B. was happened

C. happening

D. happened

23. Please smoke in the________ room.

A. smoke

B. smokes

C. smoking

D. smoked

24. We've got________ food in the house.

A. plenty of

B. plenty

C. lots

D. very much

25. Up to now I________ a lot of information about her.

A. would learn

B. have learnt

C. have learn

D. will learn

26. Mrs. Smith, ________ husband is a diplomat, gives cooking lessons.

A. whom

B. who

C. whose

D. who's

27. He was arrested. He________.

A. escaped

B. was caught

C. was stopped

D. was seen

28. He heard a noise________ coming from the bar.

A. which was

B. who was

C. that is

D. which is

29. I live a few yards________ the bus stop.

A. off

B. away

C. from

D. with

30. We________ in this village 10 years ago.

A. have lived

B. were living

C. used to live

D. lived

31. I have a lot of books, ________ which I haven't read.

A. many of

B. most of

C. some of

D. all are correct

32. I'm sorry. I haven't got any money. I've________ my wallet at home.

A. missed

B. left

C. let

D. forgotten

33. If someone________ into the store, smile and say, "May I help you?"

A. comes

B. came

C. would come

D. could come

34. The children have gone________.

A. for shopping

B. to shop

C. shopping

D. to make shopping

35. Life on earth________ destroyed unless nuclear tests stop.

A. would be

B. will

C. will be

D. is

36. The doctor succeeded________ the patient's life.

A. when he saves

B. saving

C. to save

D. in saving

37. She eats too much and now she is________.

A. weighed

B. weight

C. overweigh

D. overweight

38. Lots of people________ yoga to relax.

A. give up

B. take up

C. do

D. make

39. The people________ thought he was a bit strange.

A. which he worked with

B. with which he worked

C. with whom he worked

D. he worked with

40. A musician is a person________ music.

A. who plays

B. whose

C. who play

D. which plays

41. Do you know a good________ to paint my house?

A. painting

B. paint

C. who

D. painter

42. Please don't touch anything________ the police arrive.

A. when

B. if

C. unless

D. until

43. These apples are different________ the ones you bought yesterday.

A. from

B. with

C. at

D. about

44. He spent a lot of time________ reading books.

A. on

B. at

C. in

D. no word is needed

45. They treat women________ more equally than people in the North.

A. very

B. too

C. so

D. much

46. Many Welsh people speak English as their________ language.

A. home

B. first

C. family

D. mother

47. Even if you can't stop driving altogether, at least try to cut________.

A. off

B. down

C. up

D. out

48. The crowd at a football match are often________.

A. excite

B. excited

C. exciting

D. being excited

49. If there________ gravity, water wouldn't run downhill.

A. aren't

B. isn't

C. wasn't

D. weren't

50. Your brother is very tall. What is his exact________?

A. size

B. length

C. height

D. measure

_______THE END_______

KEY Test 10

I- 1. A 2. D 3. A 4. A 5. B 6. D 7. A 8. A 9. A 10. D 11. D 12. C 13. D

14. B 15. D 16. C 17. A 18. C 19. C 20. A 21. C 22. D 23. C 24. A 25. B

26. C 27. A 28. A 29. C 30. D 31. D 32. B 33. A 34. D 35. C 36. D 37. D 38. B 39. C 40. A 41. D 42. D 43. A 44. D 45. D 46. D 47. B 48. B 49. D 50. C

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