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Mã đề 123



Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.

Question 1: A. jumped B. traveled C. seemed D. starred

Question2: A. support B. pressure C. discuss D. mischievous

Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.

Question 3. A. polite B. teacher C. mother D. pilo

Question 4. A. fancy B. portrait C. endless D. require


I. Choose the best answer A,B,C or D to complete each of the following sentences.

Question 5: She often has a good relationship with her classmates.

A. gets on well with B. gets in with C. gets over D. gets acquainted with

Question 6: Peter uses language to ______ with one another.

A. communicate B. calculate C. compute D. stimulate

Question 7: Look! The boy ______ at the desk is Mary's boyfriend.

A. stand B. stands C. standing D. stood

Question 8: She said she ______ very busy the day before.

A. was B. were C. would be D. had been

Question 9: She loves to play volleyball.

A. is keen on playing B. is fed up with playing

C. is afraid of playing D. is getting bored with playing

Question 10: I have not written any letters home since I ______ here.

A. come B. came C. had come D. will come

Question 11: I don't have enough time. If I ______ more time, I ______ to see you.

A. have / will come B. had /would come

C. have had / will have come D. had had / would have come

Question 12: Chaplin was a comedian _______ was best known for his work in silent movies.

A. who B. which C. whose D. what

Question 13: Body language is a potent form of _______ communication.

A. verbal B. non-verbal C. tongue D. oral

Question 14: .Tim: "____________" – Jaycee: "Certainly"

A. Welcome back! B. What are you doing there?

C. I'm sorry I am late D. May I borrow a pencil , please?

Question 15: Jack: What an attractive hair style you have got, Mary!

Mary: _______

A. Thank you very much. I am afraid B. You are telling a lie

C. Thank you for your compliment D. I don't like your sayings

Question 16: Many people have objected to the use of animals in _____ experiments.

A. science B. scientist C. scientific D. scientifically

II. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting.

Question 17: I would have sent her a fax if I know her number yesterday.


Question 18: In the 19th century, it had taken two or three months to across North America by covered wagon.


Question 19: We stood on the bridge where connects the two halves of the building.


Question 20: The major goals of primary education is to achieve basic literacy and numeracy among all students.



I. Read the passage and choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete it.

What sort of job should you look for? Much depends ____(21)_____ your long-term aim. You need to ask yourself whether you want to specialise in a particular field, work your ____(22)_____ up to higher levels of responsibility or out of your current employment into a broader field.

This job will be studied very carefully when you send your letter of ____(23)_____ for your next job. It should show evidence of serious career planning. ____(24)_____ important, it should extend you, develop you and give you increasing responsibility. Incidentally, if you are interested in travelling, now is the time to pack up and go. You can do temporary work for a ____(25)_____ when you return, pick up where you left off and get the second job.

Question 21: A. for B. on C. of D. with

Question 22: A. path B. road C. way D. street

Question 23: A. applicants B. application C. form D.employment

Question 24: A. Less B. Even C. Almost D. Most

Question 25: A. day B. time C. while D. ages

Read the following passage and choose the best answer.

Education is not an end, but a means to an end. In other words, we do not educate children only for the purpose of educating them. Our purpose is to fit them for life. In some modern countries it has, for some time, been fashionable to think that by free education for all – whether rich or poor, clever or stupid – one can solve all the problems of society and build a perfect nation. But we can already see that free education for all is not enough; we find in such countries a large number of people with university degree; they refuse to do what they think "low" work; and, in fact, work with hands is thought to be dirty and shameful in such countries. But we have only to think a moment to understand that the work of a completely uneducated farmer is far more important than that of a professor; we can live without education, but we die if we have no food. If no one cleaned our streets and took the rubbish away from our house, we should get terrible diseases in our own towns.

In fact, when we say that all of us must be educated to fit us for life, it means that we must be educated in such a way that, firstly, each of us can do whatever work suited to our brains and ability and, secondly, that we can realize that all jobs are necessary to society, and that is very bad to be ashamed of one's work. Only such a type of education can be considered valuable to society.

Question 26.The writer of the passage thinks that _____________

A. education can settle most of the world's problems.

B. free education for all probably leads to a perfect world.

C. free education won't help to solve social problems.

D. all the social problems can't be solved by education.

Question 27.The writer wants to prove that _____________

A. our society needs all kinds of jobs.

B. our society needs free education for all.

C. a farmer is more important than a professor.

D. people with high education refuse to do what they think "low" work.

Question 28.According to the passage _____________

A. work with hands is dirty and shameful. B. work with hands is low work.

C. work with hands is the most important. D. we can't regard work with hands as low work.

Question 29.The purpose of education is _____________

A. to choose a system of education

B. to prepare children mainly for their future work

C. to let everyone receive education fit for him

D. to build a perfect world

Question 30.The passage tells us about _____________ of education.

A. the means B. the system C. the value D. the type


I. Rewrite the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the original sentences.

Question 31: It is believed that the thieves got in through the kitchen window.

→ The thieves _________________________________________________________

Question 32: " Congratulation on getting engaged, Sue, " said Harry.

→ Harry congratulated _________________________________________________

Question 33: He smokes too much; that's why he can't get rid of his cough.

→ If _________________________________________________________________

Question 34: We couldn't contact with him because we lost his phone number.

→ If _________________________________________________________________

II. Write about the job you would like to do in the future.( about 80- 100 words).

(From question 35 to question 40)










___THE END___

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