Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 1 A Visit From A Pen Pal

Tiếng anh 9 Unit 1: A Visit From A Pen Pal

Nằm trong bộ đề Để học tốt tiếng Anh lớp 9 do VnDoc đăng tải, tài liệu trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh Unit 1: A Visit From A Pen Pal giúp các bạn nhanh chóng hệ thống lại các nội dung cơ bản của bài học, từ đó tiếp tục làm quen thử sức với các dạng bài tập nâng cao, mở rộng.

I. From each number, pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. continent

B. depend

C. send

D. pretend

2. A. says

B. prays

C. plays

D. days

3. A. climate

B. pride

C. quit

D. primary 

4. A. may

B. can

C. stay

D. say

5. A. boxes

B. washes

C. watches

D. goes

II. From each number, pick out one word which has the stress on the first syllable.

1. A. scientist

B. alive

C. industrial

D. advice

2. A. individual 

B. reputation 

C. experience 

D. scientific

3. A. television 

B. decoration 

C. introduction 

D. expectation

4. A. achievement 

B. pesticide 

C. minimize 

D. dynamite

5. A. prevent 

B. protect 

C. pollute 

D. purpose

III. Choose the word or the phrase or sentence that best completes each unfinished sentence below or that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence if it is substituted for the underlined word or phrase.

1. There used to ________ a movie theatre here, but it closed a long time ago.

A. be               

B. to be            

C. being          

D. been

2. The children are playing ________in the schoolyard.

A. happy            

B. happiness         

C. happier         

D. happily

3. I wish they ________here tomorrow.

A. will come         

B. would come        

C. came          

D. to come

4. John ________write the letter to me last year.

A. is used to        

B. was used to        

C. used to          

D. used

5. It is difficult ________English in some weeks.

A. to speak          

B. speaking         

C. speaks       

D. speak

6. The capital of Malaysia is ________.

A. Hanoi             

B. Paris            

C. Kuala Lumpur      

D. Seoul

7. What is the traditional dress of Vietnamese women? It's ________ .

A. the suit           

B. the shirt          

C. the Ao dai         

D. the blouse

8. Rice is ________in tropical countries.

A. to grow          

B. grown             

C. grow             

D. grew

9. Two department stores them this year

A. have been built    

B. have built           

C. has been built      

D. has built

10. Nga is ________English for her work.

A. to study         

B. studied              

C. studying         

D. study

11. He arrived in England ________Monday evening.

A. in                

B. at                 

C. of                 

D. on

12. An wishes that he ________his parents.

A. would visited      

B. can visit           

C. could visiting         

D. could visit

13. Let's ________ to the cinema.

A. going             

B. to go                

C. go             

D. goes

14. I look forward to ________you.

A. see              

B. to see               

C. seeing             

D. saw 

15. Millions of Christmas cards ________last month.

A. were sent          

B. sent              

C. send               

D. are sent

16. I ________English here since I graduated from Qui Nhon University.

A. teach              

B. taught             

C. have taught          

D. am teaching

17. He ______with his friends in an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City since last week.

A. living              

B. has lived           

C. lived                

D. live

18. We come to USA ________English.

A. study              

B. learning            

C. to learn            

D. studying

19. She ________try to learn English for her job.

A is                  

B. has                

C. must              

D. was

20. I wish you ________us someday.

A. visit               

B. will visit              

C. visited           

D. would visit

21. I wish you ________me with my work last Monday.

A. help                

B. will help             

C. had helped        

D. would help

22. I remember ________her somewhere.

A. see                

B. seeing                

C. saw              

D. to see

23. Excuse me. Can I ________in this a area?

A. smoke              

B. smoking               

C. smoked          

D. to smoke

24. Can you turn ________the light? It is too dark.

A. on                 

B. off                     

C. down            

D. up

25. We have lived in Ha Noi________ 4 years.

A. since               

B. for                    

C. on              

D. till

26. We will go________a picnic next week.

A. in                 

B. at                     

C. on                

D. to

27. Are you a stamp ________?

A. collecting          

B. collector                 

C. collect            

D. collection

28. I want everybody to listen ________.

A. care              

B. careful                  

C. careless             

D. carefully

29. Ann's birthday is ________February 14th.

A. in                

B. on                      

C. for                

D. at

30. This isn't my first visit to London ________here before.

A. I'm               

B. I'm going to                

C. I've been         

D. I was

31. It's very crowded here. I wish ________.

A. there were a few people                         

B. there weren't so many people

C. there is no one                                

D. there was somebody here

32. I've known him ________I left school.

A. when              

B. before                    

C. until                 

D. since

33. Maria's English is excellent. She speaks English ________.

A. very perfect         

B. perfective                

C. perfectively           

D. perfectly

34. Is he an actor________a singer? An actor.

A. and                 

B. or                     

C. but                   

D. so

35. Dickens is my ________English novelist

A. preferable          

B. favorable               

C. favorite                 

D. likeable

36. I'm looking ________to hearing from you.

A. at                 

B. after                    

C. over                  

D. forward

37. Please let Tim ________ with you.

A. go                 

B. going                   

C. to go                    

D. goes

38. ________air is one of many problems we have to solve.

A. pure                

B. polluted                 

C. dust                   

D. pleasant

39. He ________to find a job but he had no luck.

A. hardly tried          

B. tried hardly              

C. hard tried              

D. tried hard

40. Ba________ go to Dalat in summer when he was young.

A. use to              

B. used to                 

C. is used to                

D. is used

41. He wishes he________ a pilot.

A. were                

B. is                       

C. will be                

D. can be

42. He________ English for 4 years.

A. learns               

B. learnt                  

C. has learnt                 

D. will learn

43. Young people are fond of ________ Jeans.

A. to wear              

B. wearing                 

C. wore                   

D. worn

44. She sings very________

A. beauty              

B. beautiful                

C. beautify                

D. beautifully

45. She asked me where I ________ from.

A. come                

B. came                  

C. to come                

D. coming

46. Could you please stop________ so much noise?

A. make               

B. making                 

C. made                   

D. to make

47. Be________! He is looking at you.

A. care                

B. careful                 

C. carefully                  

D. carelessly

48. Remember to turn ________ the lights before going to bed.

A. of                  

B. off                       

C. on                      

D. up

49.Maryam and Lan are pen pals, they ________ two times a week.

A. correspond          

B. write letter                

C. meet                

D. phone each other

50. Ha Noi is a ________ city.

A. Beauty               

B. beautiful                

C. beautifully             

D. friendly

IV. Each line has a mistake find and correct it

1.How about go for a walk on Sunday?

2.We are having a birthday party on Saturday evening next weekend.

3.She would like going out with her Mom.

4.Let's me help you do home work. – No, thanks. I can manage.

5.Bell started experimented with rays of transmitting speech.

6. Everybody in my neighborhood are happy about new changes

7. This test is more easy than that one.

8. We've learnt to play the piano for 2005.

9. I used to working for this company when I graduated.

10. We have the same idea with your Dad in the discussion.

V. Read the following passage and choose the best answers.

Tet is a national and .................... (1) festival in Vietnam . It is occasion for every Vietnamese to be reunited to think .................(2) their past activities and hope for good luck in the new year.

Before Tet all houses .................. (3) whitewashed and ...................... (4) with colourful lights . Everybody is looking ......................... (5) to a better life. In the new year's eve, children are smartly dressed . ......................... (6) are hoping to receive money put in small red envelopes as they are wishing longevity to ................... (7) grandparents and parents. Wrong doings should ...................... (8) avoided on these days .

1. A. traditional      

B. modern           

C. compulsory         

D. convenient.

2.  A. about    

B. with                

C. after                 

D. for

3.  A. was                

 B. were               

C. are                    

D. is

4.  A. decorate   

B. decorating       

C. to decorate       

D. decorated

5.  A. for             

B. forward            

C. after                 

D. at

6.  A. them          

B. who                

C. these            

D. they

7.  A. his               

B. her                  

C. my                     

D. their

8.  A. take           

B. not             

C. we                       

D. be

VI. Give the corect form of word.

1- To Huu is a famous______________ (poetry).

2- His ________________ are interesting.(poet)

3- The internet has ________________ (surprise) developed in Vietnam.

4- I like watching the news best because it is very ________________ (inform) .

5- They have________________ the Ao dai by printing lines of poetry on it. (modern)

6- Liz likes the________________ and the beauty of Ba's village. (peaceful)

7- You must be __________ when you open that door . (care)

8- We can see many __________ on TV everyday . (advertise)

9- I watch the news everyday because it very __________ . (inform)

10- He didn't feel happy because he worked __________ . (success)

11- Our school has a lot of __________ teacher (qualify)

12- She received a lot of __________ from her mother . (encourage)

13- He was very __________ of the work he had done . (pride)

14- Do you have a __________ costume in your country . (nation)

15- The children are more __________ in cartoons . (interest)

16- Every student was very __________ about the holiday . (excite)

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