Trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 7 Saving Energy

Bài tập tiếng Anh Unit 7 lớp 9 Saving Energy có đáp án

Mời quý thầy cô giáo và các em học sinh cùng tham khảo bộ sưu tập Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 7 Saving Energy có đáp án. Các tài liệu trong bộ sưu tập sẽ cung cấp các bài tập trắc nghiệm Unit 7 tiếng Anh 9 giúp các em học sinh củng cố vốn kiến thức về ngữ pháp và từ vựng đã được học.

I. Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.


A. compare

B. area

C. many

D. stamp


A. model

B. solid

C. solar

D. profitable


A. bulb

B. consumer

C. plumber

D. luxury


A. chopstick

B. chat

C. champagne

D. chair


A. recent

B. efficient

C. faucet

D. receive

Xem đáp án
1 - D; 2 - C; 3 - B; 4 - C; 5 - B;

II. Choose the words that has a different stress pattern from the others.


A. account

B. compare

C. conserve

D. chopstick


A. faucet

B. hobby

C. household

D. install


A. communicate

B. effectively

C. efficiency

D. innovation


A. innovation

B. separation

C. installation

D. environment


A. economic

B. limitation

C. reputation

D. infrastructure

Xem đáp án
1 - D; 2 - D; 3 - D; 4 - D; 5 - D;

III. Choose the best answer to complete these following sentences.

1. We decided not to go out for meal _________ we were too tired.

A but B. because C. so D. and

2. My shoes are dirty. I'd better take them ________before I come in.

A. aways B. up C. on D. off

3. If you want to save money, you should ________ the amount of water your family uses.

A. increase B. reduce C. adapt D. repair

4. Who is going to __________ your children when you're at work?

A. look for B. look up C. look after D. look out

5. Mary's eyes are weak, __________, she has to wear glasses.

A. but B. however C. and D. therefore

6. If there is a mechanical problem, we suggest _________ the manufacturer directly.

A. contact B. contacting C. to contact D. be contacted

7. Our energy will soon come to an end if we don't__________ it.

A. use B. save C. spend D. take

8. The children like to put ___________- nice clothes when they go out.

A. in B. off C. into D. on

9. I like bananas, __________my brother doesn't.

A. because B. but C. and D. even though

10. Please turn __________ the gas. I want to cook my lunch.

A. over B. on C. in D. over

11. He is tired ________ he stayed up late watching TV.

A. so B. because C. but D. and

12. Her parents saw her _________ at the railway station.

A. in B. for C. up D. off

13. Can you turn................ the light? It's too dark.

A. on B. off C. in D. for

14. What are you looking..................... ? My picture book. I've lost it.

A. for B. off C. in D. on

15. There are............ saving methods and inventions to use solar energy.

A. energy B. energize C. energetic D. energetics

16. I had to pay much money this month for the international....................

A. calls B. calling C. W call D. called

17. A new air-conditioner will be................... this morning.

A. installed B. to install C. installing D. to install

18. Scientists are looking for an..................... way to reduce energy consumption.

A. effective B. affection C. effect D. effectively

19. We can ______ easily in the daylight.

A. read B. to read C. reading D. readed

20. She won't take all these suitcases______ she likes to travel light.

A. because B. but C. so D. therefore

21. They are completely short of water now. A number of people have died because of this____

A. shortage B. short C. shorten D. shortly

22. She is very tired. ______, she has to finish her homework.

A. however B. so C. and D. moreover

23. Is he an actor ______ singer?

A. or B. and C. with D. so

24. He's tired ______ he took a rest before continuing the work.

A. so B. and C. but D. if

25. She forgot ______ off the gas before going out.

A. turning B. turn C. to turn D. turned

26. I suggest ______ money for the poor people in our neighborhood.

A. saving B. to save C. save D. saved

27. Who looks ______ your children when you are away from home?

A. after B. at C. for D. to

28. We decided not to go out for meal ______ we were too tired.

A. but B. because C. so D. and

29. My shoes are dirty. I'd better take them ______ I come in.

A. away B. up C. on D. off

30. If you want to save money, you should ______. the amount of water your family uses.

A. increase B. reduce C. adapt D. prepare

31. In order to save electricity, an ordinary 100-watt light bulb can be replaced by ______.

A. a 1000-watt light B. a lamp C. an electric bulb D. an energy-saving bulb

32. Who is going to ______ your children when you're at work?

A. look for B. look up C. look after D. look out

33. Mary's eyes are weak, ...... , she has to wear glasses.

A. but B. however C. and D. therefore

34. If there is a mechanical problem, we suggest ....... the manufacturer directly.

A. contact B. to contact C. contacting D. be contacted

35. ....... put on the guests on the first floor?

A. Why don't we

B. I suggest

C. How about

D. Let's

36. My mother has just bought a house _______________ is full of roses.

A. whose garden

B. the garden

C. the garden of it

D. the garden whose

37: Today young generation is still fond ................... wearing jeans.

A. about

B. with

C. of

D. on

38. Lan dropped his watch when he was............... the bus.

A. turning off

B. getting off

C. taking off

D. going off

40. I’ll bring a raincoat....................... it rains

A. so

B. in case

C. but

D. since

41. They sell jeans…………the world.

A. over all

B. all over

C. at over

D. over at

42. A new bridge is going …………. built in this area.

A. be

B. to be

C. be to

D. to have

43. Many students go there on weekends to have a rest after a ……week.

A. working hard

B. hardly

C. hard working

D. worked

44. They have _____ been here.

A. next week

B. already

C. yesterday

D. tomorrow

45. Would you please _____ me where the post office is?

A. say

B. explain

C. point

D. tell

46. My uncle _____ Paris two or three times.

A. is visiting

B. has visited

C. was visiting

D. often visits

47. _____ breakfast?

A. Did you have just

B. Are you just having

C. Have you just had

D. Do you just have

48. Have you ever been _____ New York, Jack?

A. at

B. for

C. to

D. by

49. Tom has had flu for the last three says. He _____ now.

A. has seen the doctor

B. is seeing the doctor

C. sees the doctor

D. was seeing the doctor

50. My father has gone to Can Tho _____ business.

A. for

B. on

C. by

D. because

Xem đáp án

1 - B; 2 - D; 3 - B; 4 - C; 5 - D;

6 - B; 7 - B; 8 - D; 9 - B; 10 - B;

11 - B; 12 - D; 13 - A; 14 - A; 15 - A;

16 - A; 17 - A; 18 - A; 19 - A; 20 - A;

21 - A; 22 - A; 23 - A; 24 - A; 25 - A;

26 - A; 27 - A; 28 - B; 29 - D; 30 - B;

31 - D; 32 - C; 33 - D; 34 - C; 35 - A;

36 - A; 37 - C; 38 - D; 40 - B;

41 - B; 42 - B; 43 - C; 44 - B; 45 - D;

46 - D; 47 - C; 48 - C; 49 - C; 50 - A;

IV. Each sentence has a mistake find and correct it.

1. I wish I can go to the cinema with you tonight.

2. He asked me if I know that man over there.

3. We are used to live next door to each other at one time.

4. Printing was invented by the Chinese.

5. There was little traffic, so the journey didn't take very long.

6. The number of the books in the library have risen to over five million.

7. If I had his phone number here, I will give it to you immediately.

8. My aunt has begun taught English for twenty years.

9. He became interest in reading while he was working in the city library.

10. My father has retired three years ago and he is now living on his pension.

Xem đáp án

1 - can thành could;

2 - know thành knew;

3 - live thành living;

4 - True;

5 - little thành a little;

6 - have thành has;

7 - will thành would;

8 - taught thành teaching;

9 - interest thành interested;

10 - has retired thành retired;

V- Read the following passage. Put a circle round the letter of the correct word or words to use in each blank.

When the man first learns how to make a fire, he began to use fuel for the first time. The first fuel he used was probably wood. As time passed man eventually discovered that substances such as coal and oil (1) __________.

Coal (2) _________ very widely as a source of energy until the end of the 19th century. With the coming of the industrial revolution, it was soon realized that production (3) _________if coal was used instead of wood. Nowadays, many of the huge factories and electricity generating stations (4) _________ to function if there was no coal.

In the last forty or fifty years, however, the use of coal (5) _________ as a result, there have been changes in the coal industry. It (6) _________ that more people (7) _________ coal if oil and gas were not readily available.

There is mote than enough coal in the world for man's needs for the next two hundred years if our use of coal (8) _________ Unfortunately, however, about half of the world's coal (9) _________ Mining much of it (10) _________ very expensive even if it was possible to use new equipment.

1. A- are burning B- would burn C- have burn D- were burnt

2. A- not used B- did not use C- not using D- was not used

3. A- doubles B- had doubled C- will double D- would double

4. A- were unable B- would be unable C- will be unable D- are unable

5. A- has declined B- will decline C- declines D- would decline

6. A- believed B- is believing C- believing D- is believed

7. A- would use B- used C- use D- will use

8. A- did not increase B- would not increase

C- does not increase D- may not increase

9. A- would never use B- may never be used

C- may never use D- would never be used

10. A- was B- used to be C- would be D- has been

Xem đáp án

1 - B; 2 - D; 3 - D; 4 - B; 5 - A;

6 - D; 7 - A; 8 - C; 9 - B; 10 - C;

VI. Choose one sentence that is closet in meaning to the root

1. While we’re on vacation, Mary will look after the dog

A. We’re going to buy a dog for Mary after returning from our vacation

B. If we go on vacation, Mary will take our dog

C. Mary will pay attention to our dog while we’re on vacation

D. Mary will take care of our dog while we’re on vacation

2. We couldn’t go swimming because the sea was too rough

A. The sea was not calm. However, we still went swimming

B. We could go swimming because of the rough sea

C. We went swimming although the sea was very rough

D. The sea was very rough. Therefore, we couldn’t go swimming

3. “Why don’t you use energy-saving bulbs, Mr. Son?” said Nam

A. Nam remined Mr. Son to use energy-saving bulbs

B. Nam asked Mr. Son not to use energy-saving bulbs

C. Nam suggested that Mr. Son should use energy-saving bulbs

D. Nam had Mr. Son replace energy-saving bulbs

Xem đáp án
1. D; 2 - D; 3 -C

Put the following words in the correct order to make meaningful sentence

1. solar energy/ save/ fossil fuels/ resources/ instead of/ we/ natural/ by/ can/ using/ ./


2. should/ the amount/ your/ uses/ you/ of/ family/ reduce/ electricity/ ./


3. showers/ can/ neighbor/ because/ water/ my/ talking/ save/ suggests/ they/ ./


4. the sun/ the roof/ solar panels/ on/ of/ the energy/ installed/ a house/ from/ are/ to receive/ ./


5. before/ you/ energy/ preparing/ turning on/ the kitchen/ save/ food/ by/ in/ carefully/ the stove/ can/./


6. love/ TV/ do/ has to/ homework/ would/ to/ but/ his/ Minh/ watch/ he/ ./


Xem đáp án

1. We can save natural resources by using solar energy instead of fossil fuels.

2. You should reduce the amount of electricity your family uses.

3. My neighbor suggests taking showers because they can save water.

4. Solar panels are installed on the roof of a house to receive the energy from the sun.

5. You can save energy in the kitchen by preparing food carefully before turning on the stove.

6. Minh would love to watch TV but he has to do his homework.

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